The Machine


After the accidentally successful mission of traveling to an Alternate Reality had been achieved by Avery Alison, Aurora thought that the Secret Project that both she and her partner Dr. Paisley Clarke had been working on was as good as finished. However, it appeared fate had other plans in store for the Machine Project.

Shortly after the dust had settled and Avery had resumed work after healing from a curse incurred from the Alternate Reality she had inadvertently traveled to, Ash, the artificial sentience construct developed by Aurora and Dr. Paisley, reported some rather interesting findings.

Avery’s visit and subsequent return to their Present Reality had created a Universal String between the two worlds and as a result, it was theoretically possible for Aurora and her partner to explore the Alternate Reality further through the path created by Avery.

Dr. Clarke was especially excited to hear the news as it meant that their project could proceed after all but Aurora had mixed feelings about it because she felt that it would only encourage Avery to attempt to recreate the success of the previous expedition by traveling to other alternate Realities that would certainly have dire consequences. Aurora knew Avery would have no regard for her own life provided that the latter was convinced that it was in the best interest of her son’s safety.

Aurora was seemingly unsure of how she and Dr. Clarke would get the Director on-board considering the risks but her project partner was more confident in the Director’s ability to see beyond her own personal concern for Avery and look at the project’s potential. Dr. Clarke’s optimism proved true when the Director green-lit an expedition to the Alternate Reality the second Ash found a safe way for the explorers to get to and return from the Reality.

The Machine Project budget was increased exponentially and all necessary arrangements for the expedition team were made including full psychiatric and psychological evaluations, physical examinations (to check the suitability of each team member) and simulations being run. Within the short span of two months, Ash had determined a safe route and a wormhole to the Alternate Reality in question was opened.

The expedition team were ecstatic to enter the Alternate Earth and documented everything they experienced. They noted many differences between that version of Earth such as the surface being a lot wetter than Earth’s as well as its gravity being significantly less than that of Earth which allowed them to jump and remain suspended in the air for some length of time.

They took as many samples of the new Earth as they could and noted that even the quality of air was different there with that version of Earth containing gases not found on their Present Earth as well as some certain well known gases being more abundant in that version of Earth. They sent drones scouring every inch of the new Earth while planning for more future expeditions to other sections of the Earth.

The team was weary of the ‘lizard people’ Avery had described whom they presumed were hostile to them. They also kept their eyes peeled for more Shtriga, ensuring explorations were only ever conducted by minimum of two people at a time and periodically checking in on each other.

After several hours of unencumbered research, they finally encountered the lizard-men who came carrying weapons of a strange design and intended functionality. A vicious fight ensued leading to heavy causalities on both sides. The surviving members of the team all managed to escape and used stand-your-ground tactifully until they were able to be successfully extracted.

The evac-and-extraction team gathered as much information as they could as well as carrying back some corpses of the slain lizard men while destroying any corpses of their slain brothers and sisters to eliminate the chances of the lizard men learning anything more about them. The corpses of the slain lizard men were immediately quarantined and autopsies were conducted to determine differences between them and humans back in the Alternate Reality.

Every footage gathered and every testimonial gathered from both the expedition and extraction teams was analyzed by a wide variety of experts, dissecting each piece of information and coming up with a database of information known.

All government agencies heads including the Head of State were eventually called for a meeting and briefed on the Project. The meetings became ever so often and information learned during each successive expedition was communicated, broken down and analyzed critically.

It was soon suggested that a Universal Translator for the Alternate Reality and its languages was developed in the hopes of understanding the strange tongue of the lizard men which was proving to be a headache for linguistics experts to decipher properly. The Translator was hoped to help humans fully communicate with the lizard people and gain their cooperation so that explorations were more meaningful.

The Linguists in charge of the project eventually turned to Avery in the hopes that her time in the Alternate Reality would enable her to have an easier time deciphering the complex tongue of the lizard a viable start in development of the Translation.

At first reluctant to involve Avery in the task, the Director eventually gave in with mounting pressure emerging from the other government department heads and the President herself breathing down her neck.

What the linguists discovered about Avery was astounding. She had been going through periodic therapy sessions since reinsertion to her Present Reality. During that time, Avery had been asked to keep a journal because the memories that she had possessed of the Shtriga that had infected her had began to fade. Avery had faithfully updated her journal and interestingly, had written using an unknown language which only she could comprehend.

Avery was stunned when she presented her journal notes to the linguists wondering why they did not comprehend simple English. She soon learned that she had in fact been writing in a different language altogether which no language translator could adequately translate. It was discovered that the language used was similar to a Proto-Germanic language but was still vastly different due to uses of consonants not found in any existing language on Earth.

“I- I don’t understand. How can I be writing in a language no one in this world understands? I’m curse-free. I shouldn’t be able to,” Avery stated terrified.

“It appears your interaction with the Alternate Reality expanded your Mind to perceive the languages of that Reality, Ma’am,” the lead linguistic in the project, Dr. Amina Yosef disclosed to her.

As evidence, Dr. Yosef used earlier IQ tests conducted on Avery since reinsertion to her Present Reality that showed that Avery had gained several IQ points. Avery’s consciousness was found to have been expanded and the Wernicke’s Area of her brain had been enhanced somehow so that she could comprehend languages even better than most humans.

To add weight to her hypothesis, further IQ tests were administered to Avery which proved Dr. Yosef right.

“This must have been a consequence of traveling to the Alternate Reality and connecting with the Universal Consciousness there… It expanded your own consciousness and it has even had an impact on your brain. Your brain has the capability to comprehend languages even from an Alternate Reality,” Dr. Yosef explained.

“I don’t know about that doc… My IQ may have improved somewhat but… well, I don’t feel any smarter,”

“That doesn’t change the fact that you are in fact, smarter. Protector Alison, for the sake of progress, we ask you to at least try and decipher the lizard people language. People’s lives are at stake unless we can find a way of reassuring the lizard people that we want nothing more than peace,”

“Who’s to say that they want the same? They are extremely hostile. They wanted to cut me up the second they found me!”

“They may not be very different from us. Wouldn’t we do the same if we found an alien who looked and sounded nothing like us?”

Avery shrugged but agreed to listen to recordings of the lizard people talking resorting to shutting her eyes periodically and intently paying attention to the recorded speeches. Avery doodled idly on the provided blank sheets for several moments after words, her brain working to understand the strange language.

After an hour or so, she began to form actual words on the sheets of paper provided and from the words deciphered, the linguistics team was able to infer meaningful data and process it into information. It was learned that the lizard people had determined that Avery’s people were ‘demons summoned by the pales’ sent to destroy true Lemurians. They were planning on conducting Mass genocide to purge ‘the pales’ until the latter called off their demons.

“You see! I told you those things are hostile. They are planning on destroying their own kind because of an unfounded belief that we are demons they summoned,”

“Protector Alison, what do you mean by saying that they plan on destroying their own kind?”

“Didn’t we just learn that the lizard people plan on committing Mass genocide on the pales? The Pales are lizard people too just… I think they are born with a defect where they grow a pale pink and are less scaly than the other Lemurians but they are lizard people too,” Avery stated and then gasped, marveling at how she knew all that information about the Alternate Reality.

“So these lizard people are what are referred to as Lemurians?”

Avery nodded somehow knowing instinctively that she was right.

“They… they call their continent Lemuria. They… they are like us only rather than develop into mammals like us, they evolved into reptiles. They dominate the vast majority of people in that planet Earth and like us, some of them are born with a form of albinism and like us, the albinos there, the pales, are largely discriminated against and treated with disdain,”


The Machine shall continue to unyield more secrets still. What more shall the team learn? What shall become of the pale Lemurians? Stay tuned to find out. Links to previous parts are listed below. Enjoy!

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