The Battle At Mariamne


Oracle Zuri stared daggers at Emperor Brodus in his momentary confusion. A deep, low growl escaped from her and the Earth shook violently, echoing her anger. He surely deserved to die, she thought. The monster before her had taken many precious lives and was solely responsible for the enslavement of thousands of Moon Faeries.

As the Earth continued to tremble violently, a deep sink hole opened up in the ground dangerously close to where the Emperor and his guards were lying in shocked panic. They all grabbed a hold of whatever object was within reach to prevent falling into the sink hole but two of the Emperor’s defenders were not so lucky and fell through the hole and deep into a lava pit several meters below.

Zuri wanted to tell Brodus that she hated him and all other terrorists that were like him. She was practically breathless as the fury she felt towards him increased in intensity. She opened up her mouth to say the words, to tell the Emperor that she would take great pleasure in ending his life and yet the words got stuck on her throat and simply would not come out no matter how hard she tried.

The Emperor soon began to gain more confidence and let go of the tree trunk he had been clinging onto for dear life, floating above the sink hole and smirking widely at Zuri.

“You don’t have the gall to end me after all,” he brazenly mocked Zuri.

“Perhaps I enjoy seeing you squirm more,” Zuri countered.

The Emperor laughed maniacally. “You are a terrible liar, Oracle Zuri and less of the great adversary I envisioned you to be. Taking you down is going to be a walk in the park,”

Protector Jaali growled and used all the power he could muster to try and cause Brodus to fall into the sink hole. The Emperor made quick work of his feeble attempts and laughed mockingly as he stated, “Your Protector on the other hand, well, he has no qualms about killing me…”

“Oh no, Protector Jaali knows how dangerous I am. That’s just the thing about Protectors, right? They’d do anything for their charges, even sell their souls to the Entity. Say, Protector Jaali, how does it feel? Knowing that I can so easily destroy your sole purpose for existing without so much as getting a single scratch from her?”

“Don’t be so cocky, Brodus. I may not be able to kill you but that has absolutely nothing to do with you and everything to do with who I am as a person. It is my destiny to defeat you and unlike you, I do not automatically turn to murder as an option,” Zuri countered.

“Oh how noble of you great and powerful Oracle Zuri but you forget one crucial thing- I have the power to eventually control you and bend you to my will. I may not have succeeded today but that does not mean that it cannot be done…”

“In fact, a vision of a possible future confirms my ability to do just that. And believe me, I shall ensure that the vision I have described will come to pass. I shall show you just how to use that incredible power you possess which you are grossly under-utilizing,”

“I will never let that happen!”

Brodus laughed and stated, “You couldn’t even defeat me without the help of whatever ominous bright light you brought into this fight. Tell me, for how long shall you continue to hide behind those misguided fools that fight in your name? What was the purpose of accepting the mandate of your power if you can only afford to sit back and observe those who are truly brave fight for you?”

“Being an Oracle is about a lot more than just possessing the title. We die honorably to seeing that her true purpose is fulfilled. You has only ever served his own selfish desires wouldn’t know the first thing about a noble cause or why warriors fight and die for one,” Protector Jaali countered.

Brodus smiled. “Is that right? Well, what good did nobility ever do anyone? I suppose to you people deluding yourselves into thinking that you are dying for a reason is better than accepting the reality that you are dying in vain. Well now, since that pesky ominous white light is nowhere to be seen, I suppose it is time for this Emperor to count his loses and order for a retreat…”

“Be rest assured that I shall return with more troops and destroy Mariamne unless you wish to stop me, Oracle Zuri in which case, I welcome you to do so,”

Zuri angrily stomped on the ground, causing a deep tremor to occur and activating her ability to confess, directing that power against Brodus. She immediately regretted it when she finally realized where his great power came from…

Several evil spirits had latched onto Brodus’ soul and were quickly consuming life-force from him to maintain themselves in the Physical world. Brodus’ own spirit was diminished in both power and will as the wicked spirits clung to him, greedily feeding off his waning life-force.

Zuri attempted to pull away but the spirits then directed attacks at her, trying to steal as much life-force from her as they could. Their combined efforts yielded a spiritual attack of unfathomable might and she realized that Brodus had been goading her simply to have her try and confess him without really thinking about it.

The dark spirits tried imposing their will on Zuri’s own spirit and the sheer weight of their influence brought her to her knees.

“Give in, Zuri. Why should you fight? This world does not need you nor appreciate the true extent of your power. We can do incredible things together…”

“Do not be deceived. There is no good and evil. There is only power. Those that claim to be good are simply too afraid to realize their true power- shackled by morality decided for them by others. What is truly right? Is it not to test out our abilities without restrictions? What is Free Will if not the ability to make choices no matter what others decide is wrong or right?”

“Make a choice of your own volition- the spirits offer a life of freedom- the freedom to live a life without fear- a life of happiness, of peace… Choose that for yourself. Their will is stronger than that of your own; their wisdom is greater than your own,”

“No! I do not believe in your fallacies! You are a slave. The dark spirits that inhabit your soul have enslaved you and for as long as you live, you shall never be free. Even now they greedily feast upon your life-force terrified of what lies ahead of them-utter annihilation. Giving in makes me their slave.”

“Following Gaia’s Will and Purpose for me is the path to true happiness and salvation. I express my Free Will in choosing the Creator’s Path. There is much to be gained from Serving- spiritual riches that are unforeseen but vastly important,”

“Fool! You cannot win this. Look at you now, flailing about in your futility. Their will surpasses your own. You cannot defeat this. It is inevitable, you are their slave now,”

“Never!” Zuri declared holding onto her will with all her might. A orb of brilliant white light soon hovered before Brodus, hitting him square on the chest, its power pushing him several kilometers back into the Sea, where he floated on top of the crystalline waters obliviously. He angrily growled as he called to the Furies bound to his service to destroy the light. However, the Furies did not come to his aid, held back by a mysterious force.

Right before his eyes, the light transformed into a beautiful woman shining so ethereally bright, he was nearly blinded by the sight. He gasped on realizing what she was.


“Brodus, you are never to return to this land nor harm it or any of its inhabitants especially Oracle Zuri,” the woman declared.

“Your existence defies all reason. You- you are nothing but an illusion cast by- by these fools,”

“Your own fear blinds you and yet you speak so confidently of all the Free Will you possess. Tell me, what good does that Free Will do you now? Does all the power you possess match with my own power?”

“Your-your kind was vanquished from this Earth,”

“Or so you thought. I am still very much alive as you can see. Count yourself lucky that you are still breathing for were it not for the destiny intended for Oracle Zuri, I would have vanquished you as you lie,”

Brodus hastily opened up a portal and escaped, horrified at the discovery that Sidhes still existed in the world. Once he was gone, Alyona assisted in efforts to restore sobriety after the abrupt war.

“Thank you for coming to our aid, my lady. I am forever indebted to you,” Zuri stated to her.

“It was my honor, my lady,” Alyona stated, disappearing shortly after that.

Zuri was left speechless when she met with the Queen.

“This- this war was all my fault,” Zuri said defeated. The tears she had so masterfully kept in her eyes fell then and did not let up for several minutes. The Queen consoled her as best she could, crying silently besides her.

“You are a daughter of Mariamne, Zuri. The people gladly laid down their lives for you as they always will when called to do so,”

Zuri shook her head. “I do not deserve it-“

“Do not discount the sacrifices made for you this day so easily. There is nothing more to it than accepting things as they are. Zuri, you are our daughter. We shall protect you until our last dying woman. I made this solemn promise to Brodus and I make it to you. Until you defeat him, we shall always give our lives in service to your cause,”

For the very first time, Zuri gave the Queen of Mariamne an affectionate hug.


A touching end to grim events. Shall Zuri eventually find the means to defeating her greatest adversary? Stay tuned to find out. The link to the previous entry in this story is listed below. Thanks for the support and enjoy!

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