A New Dawn


Emre scrolled through his communicator pad idly flipping through the virtual pages filled with job advertisements. None of the jobs advertised felt like a fit for Emre whose unique circumstances made him think that no employment opportunity would ever really be just right for him. And yet Emre persistently sought through job advertisement sites on a daily basis hoping against hope that he would find one that would pique his interest enough to want to do.

He sighed while placing the two-way, transparent device next to him on the couch. Emre stirred the contents within his coffee mug with his finger, subconsciously heating them with each stir before retrieving his soaked index finger from the cup and gulping down the contents in one huge gulp.

Emre was growing more desperate to find a job with each unsuccessful day and felt constant pressure to settle down in order to adequately provide for his family.

Emre felt that the real reason he had been unsuccessful in wooing back the affections of his ex-fiancee, Avery, for well over two years had been that instinctively, he did not feel as if he was pulling enough of his own weight to ‘earn her’ and as a result, his confidence had faded over time.

The Prince of Medula earned a living performing princely duties for the people of his Timeline but after a while, he began to shirk on his duties and felt dissatisfied with just being a Prince by virtue of his birth. Emre felt a strong need to become an independent, ‘modern’ dad living in Timeline D1 and knew that if he did not achieve his ambitions, his confidence would continue waning and he would not obtain have the type of life he desired with his family.

For several months since moving into Avery’s home, Emre had helped around the house quite a bit in addition to occasionally popping back to his home Timeline to perform some princely duties and to help his parents and siblings out. However, he still had more free time on his hands than he liked and there were never enough activities to fully engage him.

Emre had tried everything he could think of to remain productive. He had did chores in the house, studied several courses online to stay relevant within the futuristic Timeline and even taken up odd jobs here and there such as caring for exotic pets in order to occupy himself but after conducting those activities so often, they began to feel mundane and eventually, he lost interest in them.

And so the young Prince basically began to become a couch potato, mindlessly consuming entertainment between searching for his dream job. Emre often wondered what exactly he was seeking in his dream job but he never could put the formless feelings he had down to words.

He prepared a bowl of noodles and went to sit by the couch grabbing hold of his communicator idly. He had intended to open up to some of the job ad sites he was so used to frequenting when he received a notification of a job he may be interested in.

Emre sighed and tapped on the notification and it immediately opened up to a sponsored job ad on a Social Media site that was all the rage in those days. The ad marketed a job that was seeking individuals preferably ‘Rifters’ a term used to describe people like Emre who lived in Timelines they had not originated from to work for a Non-Profit Organization called the Dawn for Rifters Foundation in a variety of roles from support to administrative.

The Foundation was started in the year 2018 in Timeline B-3 and had a tremendous mission and vision to accomplish with the aim of helping Rifters settle in the timeline.

Rifters were an especially vulnerable group considering governments in the world over had an aversion to take in the temporally displaced persons fearing significant threats to their security and overpopulation. As a result, rifters were exposed to risks of exploitation not limited to human and sexual trafficking.

In recent times, governments were cracking down on illegal immigrants of all kinds which meant that Rifters desperately tried every trick in the book they could think of to avoid detection. However, the Non-Profit Organization had partnered with supporting governments such as the government of Nymphadora and Breanna who had graciously agreed to take in Rifters and even offered them temporary and eventually, permanent residency within their borders.

The two governments hoped to resolve the rampant crisis in their populations significantly decreasing in recent years. Judging from research obtained by observing future timelines similar to Timeline B-3, the governments were terrified that Nymph and Fairy populations would eventually decrease to a point of extinction unless drastic changes were made to resolve the population decline.

On seeing the job ad, Emre’s senses came alive as his interest was finally piqued. He realized then that working for the Dawn for Rifters Foundation was the dream job he was yearning for. He could almost picture himself knocking down doors, being a grand lobbyist and helping in the resettlement efforts in Timeline B-3 and eventually, across different timelines.

Emre immediately applied for a job and attended and successfully passed his first interview just one week after application. The second interview was conducted by the Director and co-owner of the Foundation herself, the bubbly Miss Everly Dias. Her aura was inviting and Emre forgot he was in an interview, actively engaged in conversation with the intelligent and ethereally beautiful young fire fairy- witch hybrid.

Everly managed to calm Emre enough for him to truly open up to her. He disclosed his unique life story to her and he felt lighter by the end of it.

She was left with her mouth wide open before collecting herself and stating, “You are an incredible person, Prince Emre. I never could have imagine a person with such an astounding story would come walking through my doors but if there is one thing I have learned starting this Foundation with my partner is that every Rifter has an incredible journey behind them and before them….”

“My lord, I have to be honest with you. The lobbyist role we’re offering doesn’t pay much but I can assure you that it is very rewarding. We are going to do such great work in B-3 and later on across the timelines and should you take on this amazing opportunity, I can assure you that your legacy shall be nothing short of legendary,”

Emre silently observed the Director as Everly handed over an offer letter to him.

“Please think about it more before signing on, if this opportunity truly speaks to you,”

Emre took the letter, read it through and then surprised Everly by signing it.

“Are you certain you don’t need more time to think about this?”

Emre smiled and nodded. “Director, this job is exactly what I needed. So, when do I start?”

Everly smiled. “Right away, Prince Emre. The organization has several projects it needs to get off the ground so we shall carefully review each one and pick one that best suits you,”

“Sounds amazing,”

“Welcome aboard, Prince Emre,”

“Thank you, Ma’am,”

Everly cringed on hearing the formality. “Please, just call me Everly,”

“Everly it is but only if you just refer to me as Emre or Em for short,”

“Alright, Em. Deal,” she stated.

They went through several proposals and within the next few months, Emre became fully immersed in the activities of the Foundation. Slowly but surely, he began to regain his waning confidence. It was only a matter of time before he finally had the life he had dreamed of.

‘Avery, my love, wait for me. I will sweep you off your feet once more and we shall finally have the life we have always envisioned,’ he thought to himself.



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