The Savior’s Saga


Imani arose in the middle of the night in a blind panic. She quickly got out of bed and rushed to the door, opened it and dashed out to her parents’ room. The room was locked so she banged on it with as much strength as she could muster begging for her father to let her in.

On the other side of the door, Flint ignored the cries of his adoptive daughter and healed his wife’s injured wrists. He cried as he held onto her body, devoid of its natural glamour due to the amount of blood loss she had encountered. He rocked her body back and forth and begged her to hold on for him and for their daughter…

Slowly but surely, Flint’s wife opened her eyes and her face said it all- she was utterly disappointed in her inability to finally end her pitiful existence once and for all. Imani had thought that she had defeated all her demons but it appeared that they had finally caught up with her…

“You… should have just let me die, Flint. From the first time we met, you should… have let me fall from the ledge… none of this would have happened… I wouldn’t have… I don’t deserve any of this… I am weak,” Imani expressed to her husband with much difficulty.

“You, more than anyone I know, deserve to live. I cannot allow you to die for without you I am lost. Can’t you see how much you mean to me? I cannot be without you, my love. Whatever the darkness whispers to you is a lie. Do not allow it to win. We are happy- we have a daughter, we have family that loves us, please, do not believe for one second that we are not destined to have this piece of paradise we have,”

“I… have failed… The Oracle is probably reconsidering… Flint, I am not fit to be alive leave alone being a wife or worse still, a mother. Imani deserves better,”

“You shall triumph over the darkness. I have watched you do it before, my love, you shall overcome this. Please, do not harm yourself any longer. If ever you feel the need to… to do this again, please reach out to me. I will never judge you. I… I love you and I will not lose you without a fight,”

‘The battle is already lost, Flint. She has chosen her path. You must see to her happiness even if it is at great cost to yourself… You must help her find peace. You are a healer and know when a patient needs to be assisted to rest,’ Flint heard a voice in his mind tell him calmly.

“No! Go away, whoever you are!” Flint shouted aloud.

‘Help her find peace. Be selfish no longer. It would be so easy, Flint… It could be painless. Grant her the mercy of death. Her soul is good and shall surely enter the paradise lands. You would only be parted for a short while before reuniting. You have the tools to make your journeys to the Paradise Lands as painless as possible, just do it…’ the voice in his head explained.

For weeks, Flint had been battling the voice in his head, a voice that had been ever-present in his mind but one that had been greatly amplified over the course of time. He knew that his wife must be suffering from the same condition but given her past struggles with mental illness, it had been especially unbearable in her case.

His beloved wife had tried holding onto life for as long as she could but for the past few weeks leading up to Litha, towards the end of June, she had been unable to resist the lure of the darkness.

Flint had tried to be strong for both of them and had even attempted to hide the fact that he was falling apart but he had been failing. His daughter Imani had been having nightmares and knew the exact moment his wife attempted to take her own life.

On such occasions, she would immediately roll out of bed and rush to her parents’ room, demanding to see her mother. The Savior would then heal her mother as best she could and weep as the Savior held onto her mother with as much strength as she could muster. That night was no different…

His wife had to be rushed to the hospital to receive an emergency blood transfusion and Flint was devastated while he paced up and down at the Hospital. When morning came and the Oracle and her Protector arrived, Flint snapped at them stating, “Don’t you dare judge us! We are damn good parents! We are doing the best we can! You want to take her back, don’t you? We- we won’t allow such cruelty. We adore our daughter and if that means that we have to fight even you, we will do so ferociously!”

The Oracle was stunned by his words but her Protector was reasonably calm. He took Flint outside to get some fresh air and counseled him as best he could while Emica consoled the Savior.

“Oracle Emica, what’s going to happen to my mommy and daddy?” the Savior asked worriedly.

The Oracle smiled and gently caressed the child before getting down to her level and looking directly into her eyes and saying, “Nothing will happen to them, darling. I promise. I will do everything in my power to save them.”

The Savior shook her head and wept. “They… they can’t fight the darkness, Oracle Emica. They… they are going to die… and I… I will be all alone again.”

Emica hugged the Savior tightly. “That won’t happen, sweetie. Remember what I told you about our gift to see the future? No future is certain. Your mommy and daddy can fight the darkness and can be happy again. We just have to have faith,”

Emica was surprised she would utter such a statement. She of wavering faith offering words of advice to Imani who was often times a paragon of unwavering faith seemed too fictitious to be true but somewhere deep down inside, she knew that a tiny seed of faith had been planted and had been slowly but surely growing within her.

While visiting the Temple that night, Emica got down on her knees before the Statue of the Creator and begged for her intervention. When she left the Temple, she was doubtful her prayer even connected with the Creator in the first place.

“Don’t worry, Emica. The Creator has heard your pleas. She will no doubt have mercy on Imani and deliver her family from the darkness,” Nobu reassured her.

“How can you be so sure?” Emica asked her Protector.

“Because I have faith; I have faith enough for both of us,”

The Oracle shook her head but even she knew that the Divine Providence of the Creator never failed to impress. She had been attacked by the Entity itself and lived to tell the tale. Surely this fete was great but not impossible. She hoped that the tiny seed she had planted in her soul was enough to appease the Divine Mother.

A pattern seemed to be forming with Imani’s mother and her narrow escapes from death. Emica seemed to lose hope entirely until upon the commencement of the Litha on June 19th, the answer to her prayers presented itself.

On the fateful day, Protector Alison came knocking upon the gate to the Kanda Mansion. The Oracle herself welcomed Avery and two guests she brought along with her. Upon arriving, the youngest of the group, a young girl of about Imani’s age, immediately asked to be taken to where the senior Imani was resting and the stunned Oracle saw to it that she was taken there.

“Protector Alison, what is the meaning of your visit?” Emica asked Avery stunned.

“I can’t quite explain it myself but the little girl who is with us is my friend Alyona’s daughter, Purity. For several days now, she says she has been hearing voices asking for help for the Savior’s mother. She says that she believes that she can help,”

“She has been hearing voices you say?” the Oracle asked surprised.

Alyona nodded. “It is like a compulsion for her to help those in great need. It is the first time she has had a compulsion to help people who are so far away from her before,”

“Do you not find that worrying?” the Oracle asked Alyona.

Alyona nodded. “But I trust her judgement. Her compulsion to help appears to be something deeply ingrained in her- something she cannot help but accomplish,”

The Oracle nodded and observed the little girl with keen interest. Purity walked up to where Flint and the Savior were seated, looking at Imani resting on her bed.

“Savior Imani, my name is Purity and I am here to help your mom,” she stated.

The Savior immediately turned to see Purity gasped and then got down on her knees and looked away. Her behavior stunned all present in the room.

“Please help her, I am begging you, my lady,”

Purity nodded nervously and took the resting Imani’s hand, breathed in and out and then commanded, “Darkness, I command thee, leave this woman and her family.”

Her entire body glowed a blindingly white light and soon, an incorporeal darkness left Imani’s and Flint’s bodies hissing as it formed a dark mass above their heads. Purity blasted the darkness with white light and completely obliterated it until it was all gone.

Imani arose as if she had just been taking a light nap and observed Purity with awe. Purity went a step further and added an enchantment to Imani’s and the Savior’s protective amulets. She then drew mystic symbols on the walls of every room in the Mansion before turning to the Savior and proclaiming,”The darkness won’t attack you in that way ever again. It will not hurt anyone close to you in that way either.”

“Thank you, my lady,” the Savior said reverently bowing before Purity.

Purity smiled at her and then nodded to her mother who was still trying to process everything she had witnessed her daughter do.

“What… who are you?” Oracle Emica asked her.

“I am a friend of the Savior and it is my sacred duty to aid her,”

With those remarks, the mysterious young lady and her party disappeared and left those within the Kanda Mansion in a daze.

“Imani, do you know what that little girl really is?” the Oracle asked her curiously.

The Savior nodded. “She is a Divine Messenger… An angel,”


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