The Battle at Alpha Base I


“Mom, dad, assist in saving the residents of this camp. I’ve just called for reinforcements so we’ll sweep the building and defeat the Entity’s agents,” Avery stated urgently.

Aurora and Leal both nodded although the earlier looked worriedly at her Protector, unsure of whether he was truly combat ready. However, just as Aurora opened up a portal to set out on the operation, she was suddenly unable to move as were both Leal and Avery.

“What the hell is going on?” Avery angrily snapped. Suddenly, the floor below them began swallowing them up like quick sand and no spells they used could prevent the inevitable from happening which was, them being completely engulfed by it.

They began to suffocate and felt the malevolent Entity cackle at their predicament.

“When will you fools learn that fighting against me is certain death?” it sneeringly asked of them.

“What’s that, Protector Alison? You actually think you actually stand a chance at defeating me? How pathetic of you! I am stronger than I have ever been and shall keep growing in strength… Those that choose anything other than me shall suffer my wrath… Do not confuse foolishness with bravery, Protector Alison…”

“Aurora dear, you are smarter than that. You have a brilliant mind. Why do you allow your family to make such foolish decisions? Embrace me now and I shall spare them, I promise you that working for me has its perks- your very own doppelganger knew that and wisely chose me…”

“Choose life, Aurora dearest and your family shall thrive and be greatly rewarded. Is it worth it to keep fighting me? You nearly lost your mind at the hands of your doppelganger all because she was stronger than you. Make no mistake about it, Aurora, even now, your doppelganger is on her way waiting to finally vanquish you and Leal and then take your precious daughter for her own. Defy me and she shall be the one to raise your daughter or worse…”

“Leal, you are a noble and loyal Protector. Will you watch your precious charge perish? I shall destroy her and your daughter right before your very eyes and you shall be powerless to stop me… Embrace me now and save your family… Aurora’s brilliant mind cannot be so carelessly wasted- what is all this fighting for?”

“Have you not any free will? Can Gaia not tolerate any other gods and goddess being worshiped? How then can you claim to have freedom when there really only is one choice? Do the right thing… Resist no more. I, unlike Gaia, can allow for you not to worship me and live, just leave me and my followers be…”

The Entity observed them all agonizingly suffocating to death with wicked glee. ‘See, Ama, dear… Watch the meddlesome Avery perish right before you. Isn’t this glorious? Did you not desire to torture and drag out her death as much as possible for her daring to cross you? She resists it and it only makes her torture more unbearable.’

‘I shall save her parents up for the Aurora and Leal that serve me to kill because that honor is bestowed upon those who worship and obey me,’ it internally muttered to Amabel who was still trapped inside itself but vanishing into the void of non-existence at an alarmingly rapid rate.

However, in a few precious moments, Avery, Aurora and Leal escaped their fate and left the Entity reeling in their wake. It furiously sought them out only to discover the interference of someone it was utterly unprepared for.

“What is this? Gaia defies me again, I see, by appointing her very own Melusine. No matter, he shall soon meet a wicked end for all his trouble…” it angrily stated, hissing hatefully. However, tried though it did to get to the mysterious male Melusine it sensed, it was kept at bay by some kind of force and it deduced that the only creature strong enough to keep it away from the escapees was Alyona herself.

“I will destroy you for your treachery, Alyona! You may think yourself invincible but sooner or later, I shall catch up to you and your fate shall be worse than death itself!” it hissed into the void.

The Entity returned to the camp only to find a vast majority of camp residents safely evacuated. It realized that the male Melusine and Alyona had purposefully delayed it using every bit of magic they had so that it could provide the other travelers and agents from Avery’s timeline the opportunity to rescue the camp residents.

Furiously, it sent several Undine Monarch’s Hand agents after Alyona and the mysterious Melusine and instructed them to ensure they were dead or else face her wrath. As her agents continued throwing themselves against the Magical barriers set up by the Sidhe Empress, Skipper and Maris, the Entity brought more agents to the camp to burn it to the ground if necessary and kill anyone that was not allied with her.

The Entity even went as far as to call its most precious assets- Aurora, Leal and the three most powerful agents it had in its arsenal- the Cosmo Rayan and the infamous Psi twins, Sienna and Syria. The very moment they came to the Entity, Amabel gasped on seeing them.

“Brother? Sisters?” she asked in surprise, flabbergasted to see three of the only other surviving children from the Klondike Institute’s Secret Project in the flesh after decades.

“Sister Amabel, it is great to see you again,” Rayan responded bowing before her respectfully. The Psi twins hugged her jovially.

“It is the greatest honor to host our goddess within you, Amabel. You should rejoice for being chosen as a Divine Vessel,” Rayan informed her.

“Your reunion shall resume later. For now, you must endeavor to destroy anyone in this camp that does not profess that I am their goddess. Hurry and clear out this camp now!” the Entity ordered.

“Yes, my lady,” they all recited in reverence before setting about searching and carrying out the Entity’s orders.

They searched high and low, killing any man, woman and child in sight that did not profess the religion of enlightenment. Suddenly, they were upon a large room where the Psi twins were able to pick up on the psychic waves of their next victims hiding in a large room.

“There are exactly fifteen people in the room- all males. Their wards are feeble and can be easily overcome,” Sienna stated.

“Then this should be easy,” Rayan stated. The twins nodded and easily overcame the feeble magical wards the warlocks had put in place to keep them at bay.

“Worry not, young ones, we shall make your deaths quick and painless. It shall be as easy as falling asleep so long as you do not resist,” Rayan reassured the boys.

Fourteen of the boys cowered in fear trembling and pleading for their lives but the fifteenth one, who was not a boy at all, but in fact a young man, proudly stood before their persecutors and stated, “If you truly are so blood thirsty, then kill me and sate your wicked thirst but spare these young’uns. They are innocents and do not even understand why they are being slain.”

The young man was soon brought to his knees by a powerful Psionic blast that brought tears to his eyes.

“You are in no position to make demands. You are worthless and shall die a vain death and there is nothing you can do about it. The boys shall die too. That is how the world works, vermin… Your lives are naught and even in death, none shall be left to mourn you. How tragic you are- the only reason you are alive was for you to mature long enough to mate with witches to breed children. Indeed, that was your only purpose in life and now you shall die for that same reason,”

Rayan then turned to his immense telepathic ability and powered by the Psi twins’ power amplification ability, he prepared to effectively blast the fifteen males to hell when suddenly, it was him that was blasted with enough force to break through two walls and effectively be knocked out cold.

The Psionic sisters were similarly blasted through usage of some kind of energy gun that harnessed psionic energy and transformed it into some a Psionic blast. The sisters did not even see who blasted them to hell and doubted they would live long enough to uncover the mystery. They however, had faith in the goddess to know that the Entity would bring them back to life to serve her and avenge their murderer…

Avery Alison walked across the room and straight through the crack on two walls, pointing her psionic blast gun at the unconscious and mortally wounded enemies on the floor.

“Avery, honey, that’s enough, put the gun away,” Aurora stated from outside the room. She entered the room with her Protector beside her. The presence of two Alison witches scared the fourteen younger boys but intrigued the young man who was curiously observing all the events unfold.

“I need to finish what I started, mom. These three are far too powerful to be left alone. They need to die,”

“No one needs to die, Avery. Do not become the very thing you fight. Think about your son and what example you are setting for him,” Aurora chastized her.

Avery lingered on the trigger but then sighed and turned away from the three unconscious enemies for a moment. By the time she turned back convinced that she simply had to finish them off, they had already disappeared.

“Damn it! I was so close!”

“So close to doing what exactly, Avery?”

“Vanquishing evil as is my duty, mom,”

“That was not why we came on this mission, Avery. Now please come help us evacuate the last of the camp residents,” Aurora stated.

Aurora was gentle and reassuring with the boys but they had been taught to fear Alison witches and struggled with entrusting their lives to her. Avery was especially intimidating to them being in full combat gear and holding a gun larger than most of them as comfortably as she would carry a pet.

Avery helped the young man get up on his own two feet and she was surprised at how willingly he took up the hand she offered him. He stared bewildered at her before shaking his head and offering her a handshake proudly proclaiming, ” Thank you for saving our lives, Ma’am. My name is Kellan.”



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