The Traveler Chronicles 7



“You’re my daughter from the future?” Maude asked Shaman Melody in surprise.

“Yes, Mother, or at least, I could be… I came back to this timeline to retrieve the lost Prince of Wintria. You see, if things proceeded as they were, he would never be returned to his mother and father and if that were the case, the future would be very bleak because he is destined to be the most powerful Shadow Person to have ever lived. Where I am from, this is exactly what happened and because he was raised to be evil, our world is facing extinction. However…”

“A few of us agents were sent to various timelines in the hopes that we’d prevent the Supreme Overlord from being created in the first place…”

“However, none of our other agents have been successful in changing the events from my timeline- Delta-3. I know it is not much but we hope that this is the timeline that affects our own; that my intervention in this is what is going to change our timeline entirely,”

Maude hoped for her future daughter’s sake, her intervention would indeed change things in her own timeline. Melody seemed reluctant to return to to Delta-3 but eventually did just as Avery and Maude prepared to return to their own world.

Maude noticed that Sven lingered in the Shadow World.

“Aren’t you coming with us, Sven?” Maude asked him worriedly fighting back tears.

Sven smiled weakly and then held her in his arms as he stated, “I’m a fugitive as at now, Maude. I cannot go back with you, at least for now but I shall find a way to return to you, my love,”

Maude blinked several times trying to process that. She shook her head several times; crying at the possibility that she may never see Sven ever again.

“I- I cannot lose you now that I’ve found you, Sven. Please come with me. We shall find a way to- to live and be with each other,”

Sven shook his head. “I want nothing more than to return with you but… there are agents like Protector Alison that would not hesitate to see me behind bars and with good reason… I am a murderer, Maude. I completed the Soul Loss Ritual and killed my Prime; my twin brother. I cannot justify what I did but I… I am a coward and I do not want to face justice. I… I shall find a way to be with you. Please return with Protector Alison and the boy. I shall… I shall use every available means at my disposal to see you again,”

Maude stubbornly hang back but eventually allowed duty to take precedence over love and bid farewell to Sven. She and Avery returned to the timeline they had come from which was Alpha-3. Avery happily returned the sleeping child into his mother’s arms and Thea jovially received him and kissed her son lovingly, shedding tears of joyful relief.

Maude prepared herself for the journey back to the Sacred Order hoping to escape from the midst of the Wintrian soldiers while they jubilated over the return of their prince when suddenly, a large ball of swirling white lights suddenly appeared out of thin air.

From the portal emerged a stunningly gorgeous woman who was a near-perfect image of Protector Alison and then a few seconds later, another portal opened next to the first portal and a handsome gentleman with chestnut colored hair appeared out of it. He protectively stood right besides the woman who’d just arrived via the first portal.

“Mom, dad, what are you doing here?” Protector Alison asked in shock.

“Well, I am here on a mission to find the Traveler Maude Harrington. I have no idea who or even how your father got here,” the woman asked.

“That’s simple, darling Aurora. I am here to protect you as is my duty and honor,” Leal responded confidently. Aurora seemed highly displeased by his response and ignored his presence from that moment forth.

Everyone then turned to Maude who suddenly felt awkward as the spotlight was shone on her once more.

“Mom, Maude Harrington is a vigilante who is pending investigation for her involvement in the kidnap of the Prince of Wintria,” Avery stated firmly.

“Seriously? But… Haven’t the events of this night been sufficient enough to clear my name?” asked Maude in shock.

“If anything, tonight’s events have cast even more of a shadow of doubt, pun not intended,”

“What just happened?” Aurora asked her daughter in surprise.

“We just got Thea and Alyan’s son back. He had been kidnapped from B-3 and brought here to A-3 by the Order of the Black Cloak and Maude is suspected to have had a role in seeing to the success of their mission,”

“How ridiculous! After everything I did to save the boy tonight- how can you possibly still suspect me?” Maude asked furiously.

“Your association with the Shadow Person Sven, I believe, who by his own admission, killed his own twin brother and a host of other unknown persons. The man clearly loves you as you love him. If you are truly innocent, surely coming in to answer a few questions at the Protectors’ HQ in D-1 will be a walk in the park,”

“What crime are you accusing me of Protector Alison? I will not come in of my own volition and you need a warrant if you wish to question me any further!” Maude asserted with so much defiance, she stunned even herself.

“Avery, if you do not have that warrant, I believe Miss Harrington is a free woman and I would wish to extend my help to her in understanding her very unique abilities as a traveler,”

“I am not interested in whatever help you wish to- to offer me so long as you are associated with- with Protector Alison!” Maude boldly stated.

“Mom, don’t be stubborn and accept Dr. Aurora Alison’s help. Dr. Alison is really as great a teacher as they get,” spoke a familiar voice preceded by the sudden appearance of Melody via portal.

“Who are you and why did you refer to me as Dr. Alison?” Aurora asked the newcomer in surprise.

“Oh, sorry. I haven’t introduced myself to you yet. My name is Melody Harrington. I work for the Ministry of Defense as a Protector and Part Time Shaman in my home timeline, Delta-3, in the year 2074,”

“Oh yeah, state your badge number and Elite status,” Avery asked skeptically.

“Badge number Lambda Sigma Zero-Zero Psi. Golden Elite Status,” Melody calmly answered.

“And why should we trust you are really telling us the truth?”

Melody raised her eyebrow at Avery and then asked, “Seriously, do you ever just take a break from doubting everyone and just trust them, Avery? Not everyone is out to get you, you know?”

“Excuse me?” Avery asked in a rage.

Melody chuckled and then turned to Aurora who was observing her curiously.

“Sorry, Doctor Alison. In my timeline, you have already received your Honorary PHD,”

“I receive an Honorary PHD? How’s so? Or is telling me going to interfere with the timeline too much?”

Melody smiled and nodded. “You will get it in due course, Doctor Alison. Anyway, your instructional Manual- A guide to Traveling has been a great help in understanding my abilities. I might even say that it is because of you I am so good at traveling at all and my mother… well, an older version of her, well, she swears by your lessons because you taught her everything she knows about traveling,”

Aurora was stunned.

“And Protector Grayson is a very well respected Protector in my time. At one point he was my CO. I learned a great deal from him too,” Melody stated nodding to Protector Leal. Leal smiled brightly on hearing her praise.

“You think just a few name drops and random ‘fun’ facts about future doppelgangers of ours means we’ll let our guard down and trust you and your so called mother?”

“I wouldn’t expect you to let your guard down for anything but I’ll have you know that the Avery of my timeline happens to be a very good friend of mine and I have a lot of love and respect for her. Anyway, it doesn’t matter if you distrust me but please do not get in the way of my mother learning about her true abilities. You are a lot better off with a powerful traveler such as my mom on your side than on the side of the Entity that threatens your world now,”

“Has the Entity already been defeated in your timeline?” Aurora asked curiously.

Melody smiled and nodded. “He has now,”

“He?” asked Avery in disbelief.

“In my timeline, the Entity possessed the power of the Supreme Overlord of Evil, Ismead. The world was about to go extinct but as it turns out, this timeline was exactly what directly influenced my timeline, at least in this regard. Once I intervened and returned to my timeline, the world had changed. Only travelers such as myself retained memories of the world under the Supreme Overlord’s reign…”

“Together with the help of the Savior and all those who joined in the battle of the light, the Entity was slain nevermore to inflict its darkness on our world,”

All marveled at the words of Melody at what a hopeful future timeline would bring and prayed that their timelines would in fact mimic the success of the Savior’s campaign against evil.


All’s well that ends well. Stay tuned for more entries into this tale. Links to the previous stories are listed down below. Enjoy 😉

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