The Savior’s Saga


Imani found adjusting to life in a completely different environment rather difficult. It was uncomfortable enough being so close to her own Protector but added to the distress she already felt for losing her own parents and the constant trepidation that the Entity would find a means to retaliate against the Alison family’s meddling, it was almost unbearable.

Aerlin hovered over all activities related to Imani’s resettlement into their home, constantly giving his input on what needed to be done with his characteristic air of confidence. He was sure to give Imani little tidbits about the mansion and dished out an encouraging statement every so often to keep her spirits up.

Imani knew that it was only a matter of time before he asked her the obvious lingering question in his mind- why he could not help himself where she was concerned. Her Protector had yet to recall his memories of their shared past and for that time, the Savior of the Dark World thought it best for him to remain ignorant in that regard rather than carry on with the burden of knowledge constantly weighing him down …

The meals at the Alison Manor were exquisite but Imani found herself missing when her mother would cook meals for their family. Imani could hardly settle on what to do choosing to lock herself up in her new room, familiarizing herself with it while keeping her tears at bay.

Imani was unsure of how she would be able to fall asleep that night and was terrified when she contemplated the nightmares that had plagued her for several days succeeding the infamous trial of Princess Edna of Mialand when the Entity had learned of her identity from Oracle Emica’s mind.

However, Imani had the best sleep she had had in days and was actually awoken by Blanca herself the following morning. Blanca reminded her of the tenderness with which her adoptive mother treated her and Imani found herself crying at how loving and caring the virtual stranger that had temporarily adopted her showed her.

“I don’t know if you know this, sweetheart, but Aerlin and I are from the same world you’re from… The Dark World, that is. We came here earlier than you did, that’s why Aerlin isn’t in the Special Class like you. I can’t imagine how difficult your life must have been there but if you ever need to talk about your experiences there, you can always come to me, okay?”

Imani nodded.

“You can trust me with any secret. I would not tell a soul,”

Imani nodded. Blanca inhaled and exhaled slowly before stating, “Sweetheart, something bothers me about how Aerlin acts when he is around you. He isn’t… himself. Aerlin is a very intelligent boy like his… uh…. I mean, he has always been smart but he tends to be a bit of a rascal- a troublemaker. He plays way too much, especially video games, but ever since he met you, he changed a lot. Do you know why that is?” Blanca asked Imani sweetly.

Imani hesitated and said, “It’s because he is supposed to help me… In the future.”

Blanca tilted her head slightly. “You have some kind of role in defeating the Entity and my son is supposed to help you. Is that what you mean?”

Imani nodded.

Blanca smiled and then gently asked, “Is he meant to be your Protector?”

Imani hesitated once more, breathed in and out and then reluctantly nodded.

Blanca tried to hide her surprise unsuccessfully. “Are you absolutely sure he is your Protector, sweetheart?”

Imani nodded.

“Your role must be very important for you to have a Protector,”

Imani nodded yet again.

“Thank you for sharing that with me, sweetheart. Now that I know, well, I’ll see how best we can prepare Aerlin so that he can be the best Protector to you,” Blanca stated. Imani smiled and appreciated her saying so.

Blanca then stood up from the corner of Imani’s bed where she’d been and prepared to make her exit.

“Excuse me, Mrs. Alison?” Imani asked Blanca politely just as the latter made it to the door of the vast bedroom.

“Yes darling?” Blanca asked her turning around to face Imani with a bright smile.

“Miss Ashley says that she is proud of you and how well you’re taking care of her son. She also says that she will never forget you and that she loves you,”

Blanca was stunned and stood in awe for several minutes before approaching Imani once more.

“What… what are you talking about, sweetheart?” she asked Imani frightened.

“Sometimes I can see people who have crossed over. Sometimes they come and speak to me. Just now, Miss Ashley, Aerlin’s mom, came to me and whispered in my ear. She told me that I needed to tell you what I just did,”

“You- you can speak to the dead?”

Imani nodded. “Sometimes,”

“You can see them?”

Imani nodded.

“Can you- can you see her now?” Blanca asked Imani, two large droplets of tears running across her face.

Imani looked around the room and then nodded.

“Is she… here?”

Imani nodded.

“How does she… appear? Is she… is she in any kind of… pain?”

Imani shook her head. “She looks very pretty and she’s very happy,”

“What is she doing now?” Blanca asked the child desperately.

“She’s walking towards you. She is placing her hands on your shoulders. She is crying- she says she misses you and Aerlin. She says that she loves you more than you’ll ever know and that she is so happy that you found love again and that you are such a great mother to Aerlin,”

Blanca broke down as Imani gave her messages from Ashley Alison, Aerlin’s birth mother that had been brutally murdered ensuring Blanca, who had been her nursing- maid (Blanca had witnessed her own son brutally murdered in the Dark World by their Slave Masters and had nearly lost her mind to grief before Ashley had found her and saved her from herself) had escaped with Ashley’s infant son.

Ashley, who had been chosen as the Alison Matriarch in the Dark World at the time, had used every last bit of magic she possessed to keep their attackers (led by Ashley’s slave Master who was Aerlin’s biological father) at bay while a Traveler had helped Blanca and Aerlin cross over to Timeline Beta-3.

Blanca had immediately reached out to the Alison Matriarch in B-3 as Ashley had instructed her to with a letter bearing the family seal. The presence of the family seal had been what secured her meeting with the Alison Matriarch in the alternate timeline.

The Matriarch had read the letter penned by Ashley herself and had taken the Blake witch and orphaned Alison boy in. Blanca had then met Aaron while serving the Alison Matriarch and had fallen in love with him on first sight.

Five years later, exactly three days after their son’s 5th birthday, Aaron had married Blanca. She had adopted her husband’s family name, an unorthodox thing to do in the Matriarchal Magical world and they had lived happily ever after.

However, Blanca would not soon forget all the things Ashley, her first true love, had done for her. Not only had Ashley saved her from herself but Ashley had protected her and the other witches enslaved by their wicked Slave Master as best she could, using the Alison family’s status in the Dark World to keep the Master at check to as much as she could.

Were it not for Ashley’s great alchemy skills that had provided them with potions that made it mentally possible to escape the torture and grievous harm the Slave Master and his friends inflicted upon them, Blanca was sure that she would long be dead.

“Miss Ashley says she is looking out for you in the Paradise lands and she will be waiting eagerly until you and Aerlin one day join her. She is happy that you found love again and says she things Mr. Aaron is perfect for you,”

“Oh honey! Thank you. Please tell her that I will never forget all that she did for me and that I will never forget about our love,”

Imani faced Ashley who nodded and then faded away, leaving Blanca and Imani on their own. It took a while for Blanca to calm down enough to leave Imani in her room by herself but she was so grateful to hear that Ashley had crossed over to the Paradise lands and no longer suffered as she had in life.


The heartwarming Saga of the Savior shall continue to unravel so be sure to come back often to follow her path to accomplishing her mission. In the meantime, allow yourself the pleasure of revisiting the tale of the powerful and intriguing Savior of the Dark World by following the links below;

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