The Savior’s Saga


“No! I won’t let them take me! I won’t!” Imani exclaimed. Thus was the response of the distressed Savior to the Dark World who had learned of the Entity’s plan to separate her from her adoptive parents.

“Imani, we only want what is best for you,” the Counselor stated.

“No, no, no, no! You want me to get hurt because the Entity hates me. The Entity wants me to be away from my mom and dad. The Entity wants me to be adopted by bad, bad people who will hurt me,” Imani stated crying frantically. Her mother picked her up in her arms and consoled her.

“Clearly the Counselor’s intentions are anything but pure, Principal. Surely you can see that she is indeed working for the enemy and wishes to see us separated from our beloved daughter!”

“You cannot allow for this travesty to happen! Our daughter is suffering from insomnia for this very reason… The Enemy has planted its agents in strategic places where it can hurt our daughter and other special children like her.”

“Today, it will be Imani but tomorrow, it could be another vulnerable child. You must take a stand, Principal, for the protection and safety of especially vulnerable children in this school! You must stand with what is right and fair to each child. You must be just, Principal,” Imani stated passionately.

The Principal hesitated and looked around the room before stating, “Sir and Madam, I am sorry but I have to stand by the School Counselor’s word. She is a professional psychologist with a vast number of years of experience in her field and academic and professional accolades to back her claim. If it is in her educated opinion that the Department of Child Protective Services is required in this case, then the school shall stand by this claim and initiate the proper procedures…”

“We shall contact the Department of Child Protective Services who shall make a visit to your abode and proceed from there. It is unfortunate that it had to come to this,”

“Our lawyers shall be in contact with the school. It is appalling that the school would resort to such extreme measures in a case such as this one,” Flint stated barely managing to contain his anger.

“Very well, Sir, you are well within your rights to do so. We only hope and wish for the best for Miss Imani. She shows great potential and our concern is as always, towards our pupil,” the Principal stated.

Imani and her mate both stood up and left the office in a dignified manner. Imani picked up and carried her weeping child and consoled her as best she could. The Savior was still very distraught and wept all the way back to the school’s parking lot. Her parents exchanged worried looks and each tried to comfort the weeping child until she suddenly stopped crying and turned to stare directly ahead of her.

Both Imani and Flint turned to see a young boy walking up towards them from a great distance. The young man eventually made it to where they were and worriedly observed Imani. He had the unmistakable wine-red locks of hair that marked his infamous family as well as the distinctive sea-weed green eyes borne by his kin. However, unlike other boys his age, his eyes held an air of maturity and wisdom to them.

“Mr. and Mrs. Kanda, is she- she okay?” he asked nervously nodding to Imani.

“She is going to be just fine,” Imani reassured the boy.

The young boy lingered, observed Imani still nestled up against her mother’s bosom and nodded before turning around to walk away.

“Excuse me, young man but who are you exactly?” Flint asked him.

The young boy turned and faced Flint confidently. “I am Aerlin Alison, Sir,”

“Aerlin Alison, how do you know Imani?” Flint asked the young man.

“Miss Imani is my… schoolmate and I care about her,” Aerlin responded.

“That is very kind of you, Mr. Alison. We shall see to it that she goes back to being her usual self soon enough. Thanks for worrying about her,” Imani reassured him. The young man nodded and then reluctantly began to leave the family and return to class.

“Do you think that the young man we just met was… Imani’s Protector?” Flint later began questioning his mate once their daughter was fast asleep in her mother’s arms.

“I think so… Who would have thought? Just imagine that; an Alison witch protecting a Kanda witch! It’s virtually unheard of,”

“Gaia works in mysterious ways, I suppose,” Flint asserted.

Imani shook her head in wonder at the Divine Design. Once she got home, she put her daughter in bed and tucked her in. She made up her mind to protect her daughter at all costs. Imani was determined to fight for her daughter.

By the following day, Social Workers from the Department of Child Protective Services were there and conducted a thorough investigation. The Social Workers that came even spoke to Imani privately as well as separately meeting with the Savior’s parents.

By the end of their investigation, Imani was taken away by the Department citing concerns that the child had been ‘coached’ on what to say and how to act under alleged duress and threat.

The Department of Child Protective Services called for immediate police protection citing the immediate danger young Imani was in which would last a total of 48 hours. The Serjs (Blues) Officers that came to take Imani away came with an issued warrant from a judge.

Mr. Kanda and the rest of his family were appalled at the results of the investigation but there was nothing more they could do at that time. Imani and Flint could barely contain themselves as they observed the Blues take away their daughter who left wailing, kicking and screaming.

The Savior was determined to evade her fate using whatever means necessary. Admittedly, her 48 hour stay under protective custody was rather pleasant but when that period was further extended to allow for investigations into her parents’ apparent neglectful and abusive behavior, Imani knew that she had to escape somehow or risk falling into the hands of the Entity’s agents that would adopt her using the system’s Foster Care program.

As the 9 year old continued contemplating her options for escape hoping to contact Emica and further escape to the Dyson Sphere she had once called home until she could be reunited with her adoptive parents, Imani was brought to the Department of Child Protective Services Headquarters where she was informed that she would be going into Foster care temporarily.

Imani wept at her new fate knowing full well what the Entity had in store for her. However, help would soon present itself in the way of Blanca and Aaron Alison, Aerlin’s parents. Blanca presented a legal document to the Department showing that Imani and Flint had temporarily transferred their parental rights to the couple paving way for full-scale investigations to be conducted on them whilst ensuring the Savior was well taken care of.

The Department’s agents could only stare in awe as Blanca and Aaron walked out through their doors with Imani in tow. Once outside the premises and out of earshot of all witnesses to the unfolding events, Blanca knelt down so that she was at the child’s level and observed her with compassion in her eyes.

“Sweetheart, I know that you love your mom and dad very much and they love you too, that’s why they let us take you in for a little bit. You’ll stay with us for a short time before you return to them, okay?” Blanca asked her sweetly. Imani surprised her by hugging her and saying, “Thank you, Mrs. Blanca.”

“You already know my name?” Blanca asked surprised.

Imani nodded. “You’re Aerlin’s mom,”

Blanca nodded still surprised.

“Did Aerlin tell you about us, sweetheart?” asked Aaron as much in awe as his wife was at Imani’s powerful clairvoyant ability.

Imani shook her head indicating that Aerlin had not told her about them before. “I just… I know things, Mr. Alison,”

“Well, Aerlin cares a lot about you. He begged us to take you in and so we did,”

Imani thanked them once more and got into their vehicle headed towards the mansion Blanca and Aaron called home. Once there, she found her Protector eagerly waiting for her.

“Hey,” he asked her under the presumption of causality.

“Hey,” Imani responded shyly.


Every cloud has a silver lining or shall the Entity find another means to get to the Savior? Stay tuned to find out. Entries to the previous parts are listed below;

  1. The Savior’s Saga Part 1
  2. Part 2


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