The Harbinger of Justice

PART EIGHT: THE SENTENCING The Entity growled angrily. “Fool! I offered you true salvation and you still want to continue fighting me? You know you cannot win- I am getting more powerful with each passing day and my followers are overtaking Gaia’s…” “Soon there will be no place in the world for followers of the Obscure deity you would so willingly die for. Beg for my mercy and forgiveness. Accept my offer of friendship now or I shall deem you an enemy and shall vanquish you swiftly,” “I am terrified of you, I won’t deny that but I- I was chosen for a reason. I don’t know what that reason is but all I know is that I- I have to live up to my title- I must do better than to just give up the fight. I am weak and human but Gaia is not and the fight is between those who serve her and those that serve you…” “Those that will lose the battle are those that defy Gaia. I- I beg for her forgiveness and mercy for failing her as a servant. She- she shall strengthen all those who fight for her cause and you shall ultimately be defeated,” The Entity hissed and tried to latch onto Emica in the hopes of possessing her but Nobu fought against her just as Emica fought to eject the malevolent energy from her spirit. It was painfully difficult but she managed to do so eventually and soon the Entity was gone and all that was left were the souls and spirits of Emica, Nobu and Edna. “I am so proud of you, Emica. Your strength never fails to astound me,” Nobu stated. “I- I couldn’t have done it without you, Nobu. Forgive me for not being faithful to the Goddess,” “I have nothing to forgive you for. You are only human, after all, as powerful as you are. We are frail creatures, all of us, but Gaia is our strength and she is compassionate to our plight,” Emica nodded. “I have much to learn of true faith but for now… I must fulfill my duty, Nobu. The Confession must continue,” “I shall protect your body as you complete your mission,” Emica thanked him and he faded away. Princess Edna remained a quivering mess begging Emica not to humiliate her before the Court. “You must tell the truth no matter what,” Emica commanded her. Edna shook her head but felt compelled to do whatever Emica asked her to do. They both faded back into reality- each suddenly conscious in their own bodies. Once she had done so, Princess Edna turned to the peoples gathered in the Court and bit her lips as strongly as she could to hold back her confession. However, once Emica commanded her to tell the peoples the truth, the words came out of her lips reluctantly, tried though the Princess did to hold back the truth. “I did it. I killed my sister Edenia and her fiance Alexander Alison,” she confessed. There was a collective gasp of indignation in the court for several moments. Emica had to quieten the suddenly liven courtroom down before asking Princess Edna, “Please explain to the court why you did it.” Princess Edna bit down on her lips even harder so that she began to bleed but she inevitably spilled her guts again and confessed, “I was frightened of her taking the throne. She was with child and I- I am barren. I killed her to secure myself on the throne,” “Very well, Princess Edna. Now that you have confessed under Oath that you are responsible for the murder of your sister and her fiance, would you like to revise your plea and appeal to the mercy of the Court?” Edna shook her head. “Very well. Princess Edna, please exit from the witness stand and await my judgement,” The Princess dragged herself off the stand and had to be assisted to walk back to her seat next to her astounded attorney. “I therefore wish to pass my verdict based on the testimony and all evidence brought forward before this Court…” “Princess Edna, the Oracle’s Court finds you guilty of the first degree murders of Princess Edenia, your own sister and Sir Alexander Alison. You are hereby sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for the heinous crimes you committed.” “You are to serve your sentence in an as yet undisclosed location to ensure you not only serve  the full term of your sentence but as a means of protecting you by virtue of your status as a Royal of Mialand,” Oracle Emica stated. She banged down on the gravel and the court was then adjourned. Once she had delivered justice, the Courtroom stood up and gave her a standing ovation. The peoples gathered in the Courtroom all bowed respectfully before the Oracle and did not leave until the Oracle was safely tucked away in Chambers. While in her chambers, Emica evaluated all the available holding facilities that would securely see to it that Princess Edna was safely remanded to serve her sentence. The Chief Protector Juanita Chavez was there to receive the instructions and saw to it that Princess Edna was safely taken to prison. Chief Justice Valarie Grayson thanked the Oracle for bringing the criminal Princess to justice and passed on the King and Queen’s invitation to visit Mialand on a date of Emica’s choosing. The Chief Justice also let it be known that the King and Queen of Mialand were contemplating publicly disowning their daughter whilst seeking an answer to the ruling situation of Mialand once their era of rule was completed. They requested the Oracle’s help in ensuring impartiality when Mialand chose its next leader. Once everyone was out of the room, Emica breathed a deep sigh of relief. She turned to face Nobu who smiled reassuringly at her. “That was amazing, my lady,” “Oh that was something alright. I am exhausted,” “Well, you certainly have earned your right to a vacation. Protector Alison informs me that Solandra is particularly blissful this time of year,” “Still trusting the word of an Alison?” Emica asked her Protector teasingly. “Well, if this trial has shown us anything, it is that the Alisons are not always the bad guys,” “In our world, they still are,” “Perhaps, but maybe there are other Alisons that have chosen the light in our world,” “Are you ready to throw in the towel in this case, my lady?” Emica nodded. “I think I just need a minute or so to reflect upon it all,” “Well then, allow me to see to your safe departure from this place,” Emica thanked him and watched him leave to confer with other Protectors to secure their departure from the Oracle’s Court as safely as they had traveled to it during the course of the trial. Would all her missions be so trying? Emica was unsure of whether she would say no to the Entity were it to offer her a blissful life again. Her resolve was strengthened when Nobu came back to her Chambers and confidently communicated that it was safe for them to leave. Emica stood up and followed behind her Protector, her mind still racing as it tried to catch up with reality. They were almost entirely home- free when suddenly a portal opened up before them and before she even had a chance to think, she was attacked by a flurry of poisoned darts. Nobu’s quick thinking saved both their lives as he sprung to action before the darts reached Emica. He screamed for her to take cover as he dealt with the barrage of warriors suddenly emerging from the portal. The assault continued to escalate for several moments with more poisoned darts being directed towards Nobu and Emica. However, in a few moments’ time, Protectors were on the scene and managed to hold back the assault before closing up the space-time rapture entirely. For several moments afterwards, Nobu thoroughly inspected their secure transport back to the House of Purity. Though he checked it several times and was assured of its integrity, he was still terrified of using the secure portal back to the House of Purity. Nobu remained vigilant long after they were assisted into the Dyson Sphere they had called home by King Ember himself. The Protectors promised to investigate who had been behind the bold attack. Emica knew then that the attack had been deliberate and planned the second she had denied the Entity its wish. The Entity had been merciless and Emica shivered in terror on realizing that it would not stop until it saw her and all she cared about dead… She worried for the safety of everyone she knew and loved most especially Imani. TO BE CONTINUED…. And thus the cookie crumbled… Missed a beat? Or does nostalgia bid you to begin this thrilling tale? Worry not. Find the links to previous entries herewith disclosed;
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