The Harbinger of Justice


Thursday, 1st March 2018. A thunderstorm was brewing in the Capital City of Terra Sapienta on the historic trial of Princess Edna of Mialand, brought before the most powerful Court in the Magical Realm, the Oracle’s court.

The Court case had been filled with intrigue and drama especially since the appearance of its star witness and just then, the Defense had pulled over a daring move, one that had left the Oracle and all within her courtroom completely stunned.

After a long time, the Oracle cleared her throat and stated, “The Court shall adjourn for a short recess and resume in 15 minutes.”

Oracle Emica hammered down on the gavel before rushing off her seat and heading to her chambers with her Protector hot on her heels.

“Don’t do it, my lady. It is obviously some kind of trap!” Nobu immediately stated once the room was sealed with magic to ensure what they spoke about was kept private.

Emica looked up at her Protector worriedly. She sought to use her clairvoyance to predict the outcome of the match should she choose to go by the Defense’s call for the Confession Act but was surprised that she could not foresee any results no matter how hard she tried.

At first, she thought that perhaps it was her own turbulent emotions clouding up her power to predict future outcomes but ten minutes soon flew by without her achieving what she sought and she wondered whether some external force was interfering with her powers.

“What do you see?” Nobu asked her worriedly.

“Nothing and that- that worries me more than if I could see… Something- something is blocking my gift of clairvoyance, Nobu,”

“The Entity- it has to be that malevolent energy interfering with your vision,”

“Why does Princess Edna want to expose herself to the world in this way? It makes no sense- she knows that if I use the power of confession, she will have no option but to fess up- but… but if she knows that and still evoked the Confession Act- I think she has some kind of dark magical protection or… or else there is something wicked she has planned when I- I confess her- something that the Entity doesn’t want me to see so I can’t fight it,” Emica stated frightfully.

“I knew that it was a trap! Do not accept these terms, Emica. Do not confess her! Clearly she is up to no good and whatever darkness she has planned cannot work if you don’t use that power,”

“Nobu, I cannot ignore the invocation of the Confession Act! I must do it. How else will we be able to finally put everyone’s doubts about Edna to rest? There is no other way,”

“You can ignore it on the basis of personal safety! As your Protector, I cannot allow you to risk your life for this one case. Is the conviction of one criminal really worth your life? You are the Oracle of the Dark World. You simply cannot allow your life to end here when you have barely even began your work in our timeline,”

“The power of the Oracle is eternal- even if I should fail and die here today, another Oracle shall rise in our world. I have been given this mission by Gaia herself. Perhaps she is testing me. If I cannot do this, Nobu, then I am not worthy of the power and title of Oracle. An Oracle must always be prepared to lay her life on the line for the sake of goodness. I must do this or die trying…”

“No! You mustn’t… You… You can’t just die in vain, Emica, please… Our lives have barely begun- we- we haven’t even had any children or- or experienced the blissful joys of marriage- please- please reconsider,”

“I’m sorry, Nobu but I must do this. It… It terrifies me but I mustn’t let fear rule. I am an Oracle and I- I must do what is right. I must see this to the end. May… May the Divine Goddess have mercy on my unworthy soul,” Emica stated and before her Protector had the chance to retaliate, she left the room and resumed court.

By virtue of their bond, Emica could feel every emotion her Protector endured. She could feel his hopelessness at knowing that whatever darkness awaited her could not be defeated. Emica felt crushed at realizing that her Protector had had the dream of wanting to marry her someday and to have children as they had done countless times in past lives…

Mallory Blake stood up and reiterated that he wished to invoke the Confession Act. The entire courtroom all held their breath and Emica turned to face her Protector. In those moments, she felt a sword pierce her own soul at his sorrow- he had already began grieving her and it made feel hopeless.

“Very well, Mr. Blake. I accept your invocation. Princess Edna of Mialand, kindly approach the witness stand,” Oracle Emica stated sounding braver than she actually felt.

The Princess smirked as she stood up and walked to the Witness Stand once more. The Oracle stood up from the Judges’ seat and directly faced Princess Edna, taking her right hand in her own. Princess Edna continued to smirk as she looked directly into the Oracle’s eyes.

Oracle Emica breathed in and out before concentrating on the power to confess deep within herself. Soon, she felt the power rise within her and take control of her so much that she felt as if she was outside her own body. She glowed and was entirely bathed in ethereal white light, her eyes glowed in the same light staring deep into Princess Edna’s very soul…

However, just as the power of Confession began to take effect, she felt Princess Edna’s grasp on her hand tighten like a vise. She felt a great darkness attack her on a spiritual level and felt the malevolence mockingly cackle at her.

“So this is where you’ve been hiding, Oracle Emica,” stated a terrifying, amplified female voice.

Emica tried to break-free of the dark energy but it was far stronger than she was and kept pulling her back into itself.

“You think that you can defeat me? You fool! I am far more powerful than you can possibly imagine… I see them all, Emica, the people you adore… Submit to me and I shall spare their lives but continue to defy me and you shall watch them all fall …”

Emica got more and more weary fighting the malevolence. It continued to mock her and she felt its wicked influence digging its claws deeper into her spirit. She felt herself turning dark- felt past reincarnations of herself that had chosen evil rise and tempt her to accept the darkness.

“No! No! I will not submit! I will- I will fight you with every last breath in my body- you are stronger than me but the Goddess I serve is more powerful than you!”

The malevolence cackled at that. “You do not serve Gaia… Your heart and mind have long strayed from her. Why do you suffer for a goddess you can never hope to understand and fully serve? All your life, you have indirectly served me. You have let the hatred from your wounds fester and I can offer you what Gaia cannot… a chance to repay all the wickedness you and your kind have endured hundredfold. Accept me Oracle Emica and we can change the world together- I can aid you in freeing the witches of the Dark World and bring your oppressors to their knees,”

The darkness tempted her with visions of possible futures where she used her power to liberate the witches and enslave the fair-folk oppressors that had caused so much misery and pain to her kind… It was difficult to fight the temptations but then she remembered that not all fair-folk were oppressors.

There was Mistress Catania and her husband Master Alradius who were expecting their first child. Like their parents before them, her Masters had protected and aided witches… Then there was Nobu, her own Protector- he had also protected witches at great threat to his life. She was sure there were others like them who risked their lives in the name of Gaia and she needed to be strong like them…

The malevolence changed tactics to fear and intimidation once more. It showed Emica visions of her loved ones destroyed. It was particularly difficult seeing the corpse of Imani- so young with so much promise, cruelly massacred by the Entity’s agents and offered up in sacrifice to her.

“Don’t be a fool, Emica. Defying me is subjecting yourself to a life of unfathomable misery. You will witness your loved ones die one by one, slowly, all in the name of Gaia- a goddess that has forsaken you and your kind. Make no mistake about it- if Gaia truly cared, she would have saved your world a long time ago. Gaia has Watchers after all yet I still exist- ask yourself critically, why is it so? It is because she acknowledges my power- she has granted me the Dark World and every soul within it. Emica, you are mine- come to me daughter, fight me no longer,”

“You- you are a goddess of lies! I cannot pretend to understand the reasoning of Gaia; for my reasoning is vastly inferior to Hers but I know that she is not as cruel as to condemn our world to darkness for all eternity. Sooner or later, you shall be defeated and I shall lend my hand to see that done,”

The Malevolence cackled once more. “You are weaker than me. Do you not remember how pitting yourself against me last time ended for you?”

Emica was stumped but the meaning of the Entity became clearer when she showed her the form she had taken as the purported Monarch. Emica gasped on realizing that the Entity then boasted of having the power of the only caster powerful enough to defeat her- the Elemental Faerie.


“Yes, Emica… I have assumed the form of the Elemental Faerie, a Mistress commanding all elements and the last time we fought, I destroyed you just as I intend to do should you continue to defy me,”



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