The Harbinger of Justice


Princess Edna sipped on her ice-cold glass of blood- red Sangria while enjoying the heat of the Quirinth’s sun. The Princess similarly enjoyed the great company of the Prime Minister of the Magical Realm nation of Fiernon’s wife.

Edna could hardly believe the victory she had won by escaping to Fiernon for not only had she managed to escape the wrath of the Witch nation and justice due to her, but the Princess was assured that when her time came, she would rule over Mialand as she was truly meant to do. She looked forward to ruling the Witch nation without the threat of her sister or her heirs threatening Edna’s true power.

After a short while, some rude busybody came in the way of her sun and an enraged Princess Edna made up her mind to give whatever riffraff had interrupted her good time a stern telling off. She sat up and in a very dignified manner and asked the burly looking man in her way who the hell he thought he was blocking her sun.

” I am Protector Bret Robinson, Majesty. I am here by lawful order to arrest you as the prime suspect in the murder of Princess Edenia and Sir Alexander Alison of Mialand,”

“How dare you come here? I have diplomatic immunity. You cannot arrest me!”

Protector Robinson handed over an arrest warrant and immediately apprehended Princess Edna.

“You cannot do this! This is illegal!” the Princess pronounced indignantly. The Prime Minister’s wife immediately called for assistance but was informed that the National guard that protected the Prime Minister and other dignitaries had been ordered to stand down.

“Who issued the stand down order? This is a travesty of justice! Get my husband on the line immediately!” demanded his wife.

The Prime Minister was called but stated that the stand-down order was ordered by the Protectors’ Agency and the state of Fiernon, being bound by International Law, could not intervene and had to abide by the order.

“This is ridiculous! What International Law dictates the illegal apprehension of a Princess, an heir apparent of Mialand, who has committed no international crimes and has, by virtue of the constitution of her own state, been granted diplomatic immunity?” his wife snapped at him.

“That is what I want to know too, darling. This level of injustice is intolerable in our state,”

“Get to the bottom of it! Heck, call on the Military if you must,”

“I cannot call on the Military’s help at this time. Queen Milan of Arinna Province ordered them to stand down and for now, we are just trying to go through the legal hoops to overturn that order,”

“Queen Milan ordered a stand down? Why would she betray her own country like this? What is the meaning of this? Do something about this, Nate,”

“I’m working on it,”

“Ensure that Princess Edna does not leave this country until this becomes clear,”

Princess Edna was taken towards the nearest Protectors’ HQ and immediately transported via magical portal to a secure holding cell in Protectors’ HQ, Terra Sapienta before the Prime Minister could do anything about it. No sooner had she arrived in her cell than the news broke on exactly what had happened.

“What happened today is a travesty of justice and as the nation of Fiernon, we are demanding an immediate explanation to provide the grounds on which Princess Edna of Mialand was illegally apprehended and detained by the Protectors’ Agency. If the Protectors’ Agency does not respond to this demand, the nation of Fiernon shall use all might within its means to safely retrieve Princess Edna,” the Prime Minister of Fiernon stated, on a live television broadcast.

The Chief Protector Juanita Chavez called for a Press Conference and went on air and stating, “The Protectors’ Agency was well within its rights to apprehend Princess Edna of Mialand as a prime suspect in the brutal murder of Princess Edenia and Mr. Alexander Alison on January 16th 2017 based on sufficient evidence gathered to support the arrest warrant issued. The suspect has been detained and shall answer for her crimes in three days’ time. Princess Edna is hereby advised to seek legal counsel or else have one accorded to her by the State of Terra Sapienta.”

A flurry of questions were shot at her by journalists following the CP’s public response to the Prime Minister of Fiernon but the question that stuck out most was, “On which grounds did the Protectors’ Agency apprehend and detain Princess Edna given her diplomatic immunity status?”

The CP stated that she was not at liberty to discuss that at the moment but with the Prime Minister of Fiernon follow-up statements becoming more threatening and inflammatory and with Oracle Emica’s permission, the CP went on record and stated, “Since our successful mission to apprehend Princess Edna of Mialand as the prime suspect in the brutal murder of Princess Edenia and Mr. Alexander Alison of Mialand, we have been relentlessly hounded by media houses and by the Prime Minister of Fiernon purporting to speak for all the people of Fiernon…”

“I did not comment on what grounds we were arresting Princess Edna strictly as a precautionary measure. However, it has come to light that my statements concerning this issue are hereby stated with the authority and approval of the person concerned…”

“Therefore, to answer to the question of by which grounds the Agency arrested Princess Edna, it is based on the Magical Realm Country International Charter stating; first, that the Protectors’ Agency shall, in international matters meriting their intervention and with prior approval, institute any befitting measures it finds fit in the administration of justice which includes issuance of stand down orders of other law enforcement agencies…”

“Second, any citizen, regardless of status, doctrine or any other criteria can be called before the Highest Court of the Magical Realm to stand trial for accused crimes. That means that in this matter, Princess Edna’s claim of Diplomatic Immunity is hereby revoked…”

“Are you claiming the power of the Oracle’s court gave you authority and approval to apprehend Princess Edna?” shouted a journalist in the suddenly silent room.

For several moments the CP did not answer and several journalists got the courage to shoot follow up questions to the journalist in the room’s question.

The CP raised up her hand to silence them and then stated, “It is correct to state that the Protectors’ Agency used the authority and powers of an Oracle of her time to apprehend and detain Princess Edna of Mialand. This same Oracle shall be the presiding judge in the Oracle’s court during the trial of Princess Edna,”

“Are you claiming that the Oracle has reincarnated? The golden gong hasn’t sounded in years,” a journalist interjected.

“The law states that an Oracle of her time may issue such orders and may preside over the Oracle’s court. It does not specify that the Oracle must specifically be reincarnated of this specific timeline,”

“So what you are saying is the presiding judge in this case is an Oracle but of a different timeline?” asked another journalist.

“That is precisely what I am saying. The law on this is unclear but justice must prevail,” the CP stated.

There were murmurs about the room with journalists inquiring more on the mysterious Oracle from another timeline who would preside over Princess Edna’s case.

“This has to be joke, right? How do we even know for sure that she is an Oracle and not some actor you have hired in order to illegally detain Princess Edna and hold an illegal trial?” a journalist asked.

“Justice for the murdered Princess Edenia and Mr. Alexander Alison is no joking matter, Ma’am. We are treating this case with the seriousness it deserves and because Princess Edna was able to use legal loopholes to evade justice, legal provisions have been used to prevent a potential criminal from getting away with cold-blooded murder, it is that simple,”

“Where is this mysterious Oracle you speak of? Which timeline is she from?” asked another.

There was a general consensus that everyone wanted to see the mysterious Oracle who would preside over Princess Edna’s trial.

“Her identity must remain hidden at this time to protect her from harm,” the CP simply stated.

There was uproar even after the CP walked off the dais of the Press Room at the Protectors’ Agency where she had held the two press conferences.

“The people of Fiernon and indeed the entire Magical Realm are being played for fools. Does the Chief Protector really think we would just take the Protectors’ Agency word for it? What Oracle is this that can only appear to condemn an innocent woman for murder of her own sister? Leaders of the world, shall you stand by as this travesty of justice goes on? If we do not condemn this wickedness, who shall the Protectors’ Agency come for next? We must not allow ourselves to fall for such schemes!” the Prime Minister announced.

Nothing the Protectors’ Agency or even the Mother Scribe who were all vocal in vouching for the authenticity of Oracle Emica said or did was enough to quell the disturbance caused by the Prime Minister’s statements from then on.

By the second day since the arrest of Princess Edna, it became apparent that the world leaders were beginning to rally behind the Prime Minister of Fiernon. It called for Emica to reveal herself to the world or else cause Edna to once more escape justice.

Emica then choose to bravely reveal herself to the world much to Nobu’s and the Protectors’ Agency’s disapproval. Emica bravely stood on the Oracle’s Podium prepared to address the people. The Magical Gong sounded once, a sign from the Heavens that she had the approval and authority bestowed upon her by the Divine Goddess herself.


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