The Harbinger of Justice


12th February 2018. Mialand continued to spiral out of control since the explosive expose of Princess Edna of Mialand as the murderer of Princess Edenia, her own sister. Princess Edna was also accused of the murder Alexander Alison, Princess Edenia’s alleged lover. Experts from all over the world had weighed in on the situation and declared the Princess guilty.

Princess Edna had secretly fled to the only country that offered her refuge- Fiernon. Protests were left in her wake, never to be quelled. Princess Edna’s only consolation was that she could hide behind the Constitution of Mialand that stated that Royals were exempt from standing trial in their own country and since she had committed the murders of her sister and the ‘dolt’ that had been her lover in Mialand, she could not be convicted in any other country. She gave praise to her goddess, the Goddess of Enlightenment.

Mialand was becoming politically unstable and Oracle Emica worried about the safety of Imani, the Child Savior, so much that she made consistent welfare visits to assure herself that the girl was safe. Imani still attended school and she was doing very well in her special studies, rising to become top of her class.

However, the situation of the land of witches was worrying. It was unknown what would happen to the Monarchy when Queen Elira and King Heb passed away, with no other heirs to their name. Furthermore, witches were renown for their unrelenting warrior spirits, especially once they all rallied behind a cause such as calling out for justice for their deceased Princess and her lover.

On the night of February 22nd 2018 as Emica prepared herself to go to bed, she had vivid visions of the country of Mialand should things be left as they were. The protests would escalate to the point of violence and an uprising, not dissimilar to what had led to the removal of the powers of the monarch in Pharland would happen.

Transitioning from one system of power to another would destabilize Mialand and it would no longer be safe for Imani, who had already began to have normalcy restored in her life, to continue living there…

Emica knew she had to do something but she was unsure of what exactly that was. Her Protector Nobu, assured her that the answer would become clear to her and urged her to pray and meditate about it. Emica opted to save her prayer and meditation for the following morning but as she slept, the answer she sought came to her in a dream.

In her dream, she relentlessly sought the truth, finding the answers in a hidden library in an unknown desert. Curious to what the secrets lay within the mysterious library, she went inside and searched among the shelves which all appeared empty.

After browsing the library for what seemed like an eternity, a singular book lay on a shelf illuminated by ethereal white light. The Oracle picked up the book, dusted it off and studied at length.

When she awoke, the book in her dreams lay docilely in her arms in real life. Terrified that it maybe cursed, Nobu insisted upon scanning the volume and then Emica herself until he was assured that she was curse- free.

“What is this book?” he asked suspiciously eyeing the volume.

“This book contains the answer I sought. This is what is finally going to shut the door on the situation in Mialand. However, it appears that we have a new issue,”

“What issue?”

“This world does not have an Oracle. In order to answer to the people’s pleas, a reigning Oracle needs to preside over this world,”

“My lady, I believe that that is why the book came to you. I believe that you are meant to assume the role of Oracle of this world at this crucial time,”

“But… you were with me in the House of Purity. This… this world does not recognize me as its Oracle,”

“Perhaps the world need not recognize you as its Oracle. The book came to you because it sensed that you are an Oracle- perhaps not the Oracle of this world but an Oracle all the same,”

“But why me, Nobu? Why should it come to me? There are so many other Oracles spread out across the multiverse. Why did it choose me?”

“Well, I think… I think that unprecedented though it maybe, Gaia placed her trust in you. Our Divine Mother has never made a mistake before and I doubt she would give you a mission that could be fulfilled by anyone else…”

Emica shook her head worriedly.

“What does the book dictate is your mission?”

“The book reminded me of something I learned in a past life…. The Constitution of Mialand protects the Royals giving them diplomatic immunity in their own country and unless they commit international crimes, they cannot be convicted in any other Magical Realm country except… All leaders in the world are exempted from diplomatic immunity in only one existing court…”

“The Oracle’s Court?” Nobu guessed. Emica nodded.

“Only an Oracle has the total power and authority to preside over any case brought before the Oracle’s Court including a case brought up against a reigning or apparent monarch,”

“That means that you can have Princess Edna apprehended and brought before the Oracle’s court and make her stand trial,”

Emica nodded.

“However… someone must bring this case to the court for it to happen and furthermore, it would have to be proven that I am a valid Oracle. The legal provisions of the Oracle’s Court merely state the court is presided over by an Oracle of the time…”

” It doesn’t specify whether the Oracle needs to be the one chosen for a particular world but the law does dictate that the Oracle must at least be verified as one. What that means is I could, technically preside over the court even though I am not the Oracle of this world but unlike the case with previous Oracles where proof that they were in fact Oracles was irrefutable, mine would be a bit more difficult to prove,”

Nobu nodded. “So what do you propose we do to prove that you are a legit Oracle?”

“We go through the motions. Find the Universal Mother Scribe- the head of the whole Church and have her verify my validity as Oracle. My office as Oracle must first be proven through the Church, after all. Once we get the go ahead from Mother Scribe, we need to get through to the Chief Protector which shouldn’t be a problem since we have met before. With their approval, I can take over as the presiding judge of the Oracle’s court,”

“Are you prepared to go through all that?”

Emica nodded. “For Imani, I am. And for Mr. Rivers and Shaman Rosenburg who risked their lives in revealing the truth. And for justice- Princess Edenia and Alexander Alison deserve this. I can do no less,”

Nobu smiled and nodded. “Then I shall follow and ensure that your mission is successful, my lady,” he said, reverently bowing before her.

Emica thanked him and just before they took off, upon the insistence of Protector Nobu, they prayed for the mission ahead of them. After prayer, they sought out King Ember’s help in opening a portal directly to the office of the head of the Universal Church of the Creator Goddess who resided in the Main Temple in Terra Sapienta.

They found the head of the Universal Church of the Creator Goddess on her knees, with her hands clasped tightly while her lips silently moving in prayer while facing a statuette of the Creator.

The stunned cleric fell over in fear when she saw Oracle Emica and her Protector suddenly in her office. Protector Nobu helped get her up on her feet.

“As I live and breathe, my lady, Oracle Emica, here you are in the flesh come to visit your lowly servant,” she stated humbly bowing.

“You knew we were coming?” Nobu asked her surprised.

“Praised be, my lord, as I prayed and meditated during the closing prayer ceremony yesterday, I received a vision from our Creator. She showed me the blessed face of Oracle Emica and told me to expect her today. She told me that she had chosen Oracle Emica for a special task and that our Oracle’s time has yet to come…”

“Our Divine Mother imparted all these words to me but I… I am not faithful, my lady, forgive me. I thought that it was just a dream- I was exhausted and I had been praying and fasting tirelessly- all of us have been praying for Mialand and the Creator heard our plea and brought us Oracle Emica to deliver us, oh praised be!”

“Praised be, Mother Scribe. You are a faithful servant of the Creator. Thank you for heeding her call,”

The Mother Scribe nodded and did as instructed and when the time came for the Chief Protector to play her part, she did so. The time would soon come when Princess Edna would be called upon to answer for her crimes.


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