The Harbinger of Justice


Luca Rivers smiled nervously at his guest who returned his smile with a little more confidence.

“You really don’t um… have to do this, Miss… uh… Miss Rosenburg,”

“On the contrary, Mr. Rivers, I am here, risking my career and everything else including my life to do this interview. I know the dangers but it simply must be done. If you are having second thoughts about this…”

“N-No! Miss Rosenburg, I have a duty to tell the truth even if such truth could… well, I am a part of the Rivers clan and you understand that the peoples of Mialand, and even the entire world, they count on my family to deliver the truth no matter what the cost,”

Helena Rosenburg peered at the trembling journalist through her spectacles and firmly held his hands in her own. “Don’t give into the fear, Mr. Rivers. Tell the people the truth about our Queen Apparent, consequences be damned. We cannot allow such injustice to reign in our noble state. If we keep this to ourselves, who knows who else will become collateral damage. Besides, the knowledge we have proves that our reigning Monarchs are in grave danger,”

Luca nodded and then nervously pressed the button commencing his live weekly podcast for that week. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen of the Magical Realm. The date is January the 19th 2018, local time is 7:00 PM in Havana, Breanna. Tonight’s podcast deviates from the norm, my dear listeners, but I assure you, it is well worth the listen. I am afraid that tonight, I shall not be doing the weekly review of news from around the Magical Realm to bring you some current information that I recently learned and decided to pursue…”

“In order to bring you the most accurate information, I have brought in a special guest all the way from Mialand, the incomparable and gifted Shaman Helena Rosenburg. Miss Rosenburg, welcome to the show,”

“Thank you for having me, Mr. Rivers. It is a pleasure to do this podcast with you,”

“Miss Rosenburg is here to help me clear up on an issue residents of Ambrosia have been contending with for an entire year. You see, according to verified local reports, the most famous bridge in all of Mialand and arguably, the entire Magical Realm, the Ambrosia Bridge, has been subject to what locals describe as strange spiritual interference…”

“Locals report cold spots in certain areas and strange phenomena affecting the Bridge particularly between the hours of 12 midnight and 3AM. During such times, some residents describe hearing voices weeping and sometimes the gnashing of teeth and calling out for help from disembodied voices. Some women, particularly those who have suffered from miscarriage in recent months or years, who cross the bridge during these odd hours of the night, describe hearing the sounds of a baby crying…”

“Since these happenings were reported, several experts were called in to assess this case, including Miss Rosenburg who is here with me today. The results of the investigations of spiritualists such as Shaman Rosenburg are a cause for concern and that is why I postponed our scheduled breakdown of news to bring you this crucial information. Shaman Rosenburg, please describe to my audience exactly why you are here on my show tonight,”

“Mr. Rivers, like other gifted colleagues in the field, I was called in to investigate the strange happenings of Ambrosia Bridge. I have come here tonight in the hopes of revealing a grave evil committed against our Princess, Edenia, who has been missing since last year which is the root cause of all the strangeness surrounding the Bridge,”

“Shaman Rosenburg, according to the Royal Herald himself who received this information from the Crown, Princess Edenia is safe and sound and simply renounced her position as Princess of Mialand in order to, in her own words, live a happy life besides the man she loves,”

“Mr. Rivers, I want to be very blunt and clear in my meaning. The report generated by the Royal Herald himself is false. Princess Edenia is anything but safe and sound. The happenings of Ambrosia Bridge are tied to her brutal death and those cries for help come from her from the Other Side. Princess Edenia is unable to cross over because her soul is stuck in limbo due to the cruel, wicked way in which she died,”

“Shaman Rosenburg, are you sure that this is correct information? Why would the Crown lie concerning Princess Edenia’s true status?”

“The one truly hiding behind the Crown is none other than her murderer, her very own sister. Princess Edna murdered her own sister in cold blood together with Alexander Alison on the night of January 16th 2017. Unfortunately, Princess Edenia was expectant at the time and her baby died in her womb,” Helena stated bravely.

Immediately she had made the accusations against Princess Edna of Mialand, the live podcast was abruptly interrupted.

“We are no longer live, Helena, as predicted. I anticipate that the army or at the very least the Protectors’ Agency shall be upon us in seconds. Shall I proceed in letting our contact release the rest of the damning information?”

Helena nodded.

“Let us be very clear, Helena, no matter what happens, I gave you a way out and you refused it. You made the choice to sacrifice your own life for the sake of the truth,”

Helena smiled. “If I should die tonight, I die knowing that I did right by my country and most importantly, by Princess Edenia, Alexander Alison and their unborn child. I hope that the truth being out there gives their poor souls some reprieve,”

No sooner had she spoken those words than the door to the Motel Room they had been recording at burst and several members of the Fairy Army immediately apprehended them. Luca made sure he had sent the message to his backup, a contingency member he had organized to spread the truth to the world should he be captured.

The backup, a qualified hacker and a small team of equally gifted hackers she had assembled, orchestrated a historic hacking of nearly all electronic billboards and electric devices as was possible within Mialand particularly in Ambrosia.

“My dear listeners, if you are listening to this through any other means, please know that myself or Shaman Helena Rosenburg have been apprehended. We were at the Rose Red Motel, Room 22 recording a live podcast that sought to give the residents of Mialand the truth concerning our missing Princess Edenia…”

“The truth is that our very own Princess Edna brutally murdered Princess Edenia and her lover, Alexander Alison in cold blood. If my over 30 years of journalistic integrity and credentials do not speak for me, and if even Shaman Helena Rosenburg’s expertise and proven abilities that have helped multiple law enforcement agencies across Mialand is not enough, evidence to this sad truth, then hear it from the horse’s mouth herself… Shaman Helena is going to channel the spirit of Princess Edenia herself and you can make your own decision…”

“Good… Good evening everyone, I am Princess Edenia of Mialand. On the night of January 16th 2017, my own sister murdered me and the man that I loved in cold blood. I am sorry I’ve caused so much trouble in Ambrosia Bridge but it was the only way I could call for help. We are stuck here, in limbo because she used a cursed blade to kill me and my love- do not trust her, people of Mialand! She serves the evil one- the Entity,” said Helena in Princess Edenia’s voice.

“You have heard from our own Princess. Do not believe the lies generated by the workers of evil… Princess Edenia did not elope- she was brutally murdered in cold blood! Rise up, people of Mialand, rise and fight against the evil that has taken root in our own Royal family!”

In no time, there was an uproar of a kind of great magnitude in Mialand. The people demanded the truth and nothing quelled their hunger and thirst for it. The people demanded the immediate safe release of both Helena Rosenburg and Luca Rivers as well as a formal investigation of the truth behind Helena’s claims.

A variety of experts weighed in on the information given during the broadcasts. Voice experts were able to verify with almost perfect certainty that the recorded voice was indeed Princess Edenia’s and not a generated one.

In no time, the peoples of Mialand all cried out for justice for Princess Edenia and Alexander Alison in one voice…



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