The Savior’s Saga


Imani could not recall a time she had been so excited more than on the fateful day of 15th of January 2018 when she would be joining other age mates in going to magic school. With all the necessary red tape cut on her adoption, she was finally the daughter of mother Imani Kanda and father, Healer Flint who adored her and lavished her with nothing but love and affection.

She was so excited about school that she had barely had a wink of sleep that night and had instead spent an extended period of time pouring out the contents of her book bag onto the floor and admiring the brand new school supplies she then owned.

It was incredible to Imani that she had come from such a humble background and that she was then going to join school just like any other normal 9 year old girl.

Imani happily gushed about it to the departed spirits of her real mother and father who occasionally crossed over from the Paradise lands to visit their special daughter. They were very happy that Imani had been adopted by such a lovely couple and were excited to see their beloved daughter look forward to attending Magic Middle school.

Her adoptive mother bearing the same name was very fussy that morning as was to be expected. The older Imani saw to it that all preparations for school that morning were personally attended to.

Having being brought up as an orphan without a family to call her own, the older Imani was determined to give her younger namesake the happiest childhood she could accord her starting with making a memorable first day at school.

The younger Imani obediently did as her adoptive mother instructed her. She was so proud of herself for being able to wear the plaid- patterned uniform correctly and appreciated both her adoptive parents’ help in getting everything back into her book bag in good time.

Just before heading out to school, as was to be expected, they received visitors in the form of Oracle Emica and her most esteemed Protector, Nobu. The couple were all too happy to see their beloved Imani in great health and high spirits. Emica embraced her as a mother would her own child and once more, the older Imani wondered whether she was indeed the fitting choice for her adoptive mother.

“Thank you for taking such great care of her,” Emica gushed to the older Imani.

“It is an honor, my lady,” Imani stated bowing respectfully to her.

“Ready to go to school, Imani?” Flint asked her confidently.

The little girl nodded several times emphatically much to the humor of all involved. Just before they left, Mr. Kanda, the eldest of the home, wheeled towards them on his wheelchair and insisted on blessing them for the journey to the school despite the fact that it wasn’t all too far from the mansion.

Imani was very grateful for the older man’s thoughtfulness and thanked him before joining her parents and the Oracle and her Protector in the vehicle that would transport them to her new school; the Charlize Rivers Magic Middle School.

Emica fussed over her as much as the older Imani did but the gentlemen were more relaxed, happily chatting all the way there. However, the younger Imani could tell that Nobu in particular was on high alert, scanning each new area they passed through carefully, fearing for Emica’s safety above all.

They finally arrived at the school in roughly 30 minutes and were luckily able to secure a parking spot before the school got too crowded. As was previously explained to both Flint and his mate, they had to start by reporting to the Administration office.

Since they had arrived so early, they were served early and even got a grand tour of the school ahead of time. Imani was assigned to a Special class designed for those who had not gone through the earlier stages of magical education. The Administrative officer guiding them on campus was sure to state the accolades and technical expertise of the Class Teacher and his able Teaching Assistant and patiently answered all their questions.

“Everything seems to be in order,” Emica stated immediately after the tour.

“It’s a great Middle School. It has the highest national average for Magic Middle School and it will increase Imani’s chances of securing a great High School and later College if she would like and besides, it is named after her past self so I thought that it was appropriate,” the older Imani nervously stated. Her life-mate’s sturdy hand squeezing hers reassuringly calmed her nerves significantly.

Emica nodded. “It does seem like a great school. Imani, what do you think about it?” she asked the young girl.

Imani smiled and nodded. “It’s a great school. Besides, my Protector is here at this school too,”

“Is he?” asked Emica looking around expecting to see him.

Imani giggled childishly. “He isn’t at school yet,”

“What’s so funny then, honey?” her mother asked her.

“Well, his mom isn’t very happy with him today. He stayed up all night playing video games,”

“Why would he do that when he knew he had school today?” asked the older Imani, puzzled by her younger namesake’s casual explanation.

Imani shrugged her shoulders.

“Let the boy live, my love. He is still a growing boy after all,” Flint said casually and regretting it when he got a stern look from his life-mate.

The two couples stayed with Imani for as long as they could before reluctantly saying goodbye to her and leaving her in the capable hands of her teacher, Mr. Ned Lupton and his assistant, Mrs. Julie Rivers.

“She’ll be fine, honey, I promise,” Flint reassured his life-mate.

“I know, I just… I hope we made the right choice of school,” Imani responded worriedly.

“You most probably did. She can most definitely thrive here albeit it being as awkward as is to be expected,” Emica reassured her.

“Is her first day going to go well?” asked Imani nervously.

Emica used her clairvoyant gift to foresee as many possible futures of Imani’s first day as she could, and then nodded as an answer to the older Imani’s questioning. Imani took a deep breath and then invited both the Oracle and her Protector to the house for a visit. They happily obliged her.

Meanwhile, Imani got herself more acquainted with her new environment and found that as excited as she was to finally join school, she was still nervous and suddenly wished that her parents and Emica and Nobu were still with her.

The young Savior had thought she had making friends covered but found that she was as awkwardly shy as ever which astonished her. Imani was so worried about the impression she made on her fellow classmates that she could barely concentrate on what the teachers had to say.

However, the teachers skillfully guided the class in breaking the ice and Imani saw that she was not alone in feeling nervous and awkward. Once she got put into a group they chose for her and everyone had taken turns introducing themselves and giving a fun fact about themselves (the other children found her predictive ability really cool), she was a lot more confident.

By Recess, Imani was more confident in her friend making ability having made friends with classmates particularly a doe-eyed blonde-haired girl named Abigail with tele-empathic abilities and a very interesting girl who had auburn colored hair that could change shape and color at her whim named Hannah.

As the day progressed, Imani, Abigail and Hannah got better acquainted and the first lessons they learned became easier to absorb as well as all the more fun.

By the end of the school day, Imani was feeling excited and looking forward to new lessons and above all meeting up with her two best friends.

Just as she and the other children left their classroom upon the second school bell sounding, announcing the official end of the day, all the other children from other classes burst out of their respective classes almost simultaneously. Imani lingered for a while before joining her classmates in excitedly running out of class, looking back and observing the classroom jovially.

She run down the stairs and bumped into a red-haired lanky boy playing video games on a handheld gaming console, a banned contraband he had somehow managed to sneak onto school grounds. Imani tried to get away from him before he noticed her but she should have known better.

The boy immediately looked up from his game and stared at her in awe before shouting, “Wait!” the second he realized she was running away from him.

Imani nervously stopped and turned to face the boy knowing exactly who he was. Why was she so anxious? She had known they would meet during the course of the day. The boy appeared to be equally as nervous as he walked up to her and offered a shaky, sweaty hand in greeting.

“Hey, I’m Aerlin Alison,” he nervously stated.

“I’m Imani. It’s nice to meet you,” she stated rejecting his handshake.

She then turned away from him and bolted leaving the young boy staring at her retreating back in awe. His hand remained in place as if frozen in time . Meanwhile, Imani ran like her life depended on it literally crushing herself to her mother.

“Honey, is everything okay?” her mother asked.

Imani nodded emphatically and stated that she had just missed her parents so much. She would later recount her day conveniently leaving out her chance meeting with Aerlin Alison.



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