The Traveler Chronicles 4


“Excellent job bringing Prince Emre on-board, Protector Alison. Further, I would wish to inform you that the remote mind wipe I performed on the team assigned to this specific case was a success and all documentation pertaining to your experiences in the two separate realities has been purged save for my own personal files, of course. I have already contacted a Mystai High Priestess and the Sidhe Empress to conduct the ceremony of sealing up your child’s powers. I hope that this is agreeable with you,” Director Shaw stated once Avery’s debriefing on how things had gone with Emre had been completed.

Avery nodded. “Alyona is the most powerful Sidhe who has ever lived. Her magic will ensure the seals are not easily broken but I would request that you send me the full profile of the Mystai High Priestess. I would like to share this information with Emre too, as a sign of continuous good faith and I would also like to run an extensive background check just in case,” she said.

The Director nodded her consent and immediately sent the requested data over to Avery’s own personal communicator pad. Avery immediately began scrutinizing everything about the Mystai High Priestess that would be conducting the ceremony of sealing up her son’s power and running diagnostics and background checks using her own personalized AI made based off the advanced technology of her timeline, Quix.

“You shall be required to have a psych eval first thing tomorrow morning and after that, I shall see to it that the results are safely in my custody before I remotely mind-wipe the psychologist so everything is, again, off-record once I am ascertained that you are fit to resume duty. For now, go get some rest. Furthermore, I am hereby instituting a compulsory two week vacation for you, all expenses paid,”

“But Ma’am, we cannot afford to divert any critical resources during the war with the Unspoken One. You need every able bodied man and woman on the case,” Avery stated.

“Who the hell is the Unspoken One?” Director Shaw asked raising her eyebrow inquisitively.

Avery shook her head several times. “I meant the Entity, Ma’am,”

“This is precisely why I am ordering a two week vacation for you. Clearly, spending time in two separate realities is going to take a toll on you. Take the time to reorient yourself with this reality properly. I cannot lose my best agent to any unforeseen forces caused by being away from our reality,”

Avery did not like it but the Director’s word was final and so she took everything in stride. The Psychologist revealed that it would take sometime before she was fully assimilated back into her reality and Avery would sometimes experience vivid flashback sequences or false memories before she readjusted fully to her own reality.

The first thing Avery did upon returning home was to get in touch with a well renowned family therapist she knew that was recommended to her by the grief counselor she and her son had gone to that helped them process the grief of losing Emre. After the family therapist recommended passed Avery’s intense scrutiny test, she had a meeting with him and he agreed to help her reconcile father and son.

The therapist was instrumental in helping Avery explain to Blaize how and why Emre had returned to them. Avery was grateful for his assistance and by the second day of therapy, Blaize and Emre were finally reunited amidst hugs and happy tears.

The session ended sooner than Emre would have liked but Avery was not about to cut his reunion with Blaize short. She invited him to tag along with them and they spent the better part of the day together. Emre was the one to put Blaize to bed that night with the promise of spending even more time together in the days to come.

“Avery, I just wanted to say thank you for everything… I never imagined things would work out the way they have today. I never thought you’d ever let me see him,” Emre stated, gratitude burning bright in his eyes.

“I’m sorry that I kept you two apart. I never should have done that to you. I can’t imagine what you went through. If it had been me in your place, I’d probably have gone crazy by now,” Avery stated.

“Well, I meant what I said at the therapist’s… I consider both of you my family and I will do everything in my power to provide and protect it,”

“I don’t doubt that and we’re going to need you, especially Blaize,”

“I meant with you too, Avery. You can count on me for anything and everything you may need,”

Avery smiled and nodded.

“Well, I must be off. See you tomorrow at the therapist’s?” Emre asked.


“Eight O’clock?”

Avery nodded.

Emre smiled and bid her goodnight. He lingered outside the house for several moments before leaving for the night.

The second session at the therapist went on well but Avery appeared perturbed and upon further inquiry, it was discovered that her boss was forcing her on an all expenses paid vacation courtesy of the Defense Ministry’s own funds.

The therapist suggested that the family tag along with Avery as it would help increase bonding and reduce Avery’s anxiety at being away from her son. Emre thought that Avery would be against the idea but she surprised him yet again by agreeing to the therapist’s recommendation.

“It will be fun. I imagine Solandra’s white sands and perfect shores is exactly what this family needs,” Avery retariated when Emre asked her if she was sure she wanted him and Blaize to tag along on her vacation.

“Very well. I will contact a Travel Agent to recommend-“

“No need for all that. I am the best Travel Agent this side of the universe and I shall take care of everything,” Avery said quickly using her communicator pad to get the best deals online like a professional travel agent would do.

“Avery, how did you do all that? Since when do you know all this travel agency stuff?” Emre asked her astonished.

“I am…” Avery began but realized that what she was going to say couldn’t be further from the truth. She was a Protector working for Timeline D1’s Advanced Defense Ministry not an Inter-dimensional travel blogger.

“Don’t tell her I told you this but Director Shaw was right… Being in separate realities really messed me up,” Avery admitted.

“Do you think that Blaize was affected too?”

“I don’t think so… I mean, he had his memories wiped. Maybe the reason I am so confused is because I opted to retain my memories,”

“Why would you do that if it’s messing with you like this?”

“I… I made a promise to a Messenger of the Creator that I’d never forget,”

“You met with a Messenger of the Creator?”

Avery nodded. “It was the famous Messenger Delia,”

“You mean the Delia… Wow, I am in awe of you, Avery. What did she tell you that you can never forget?”

“The main lesson she wanted me never to forget was about our son- that he needs us both. He created the separate realities just so he’d have us both. The other lesson was just how much worse things could get… That we should work towards maintaining our reality as it is…”

“Well, it appears the price to pay for those lessons was the momentary lapses in reality?”

Avery nodded. “Temporarily though, at least according to the Psychologist I saw during Psych Eval…”

“Might I make a suggestion then?”

“Sure, Em. What is it?”

“Well, we are unsure how these lapses will affect you and you essentially need someone to help you touch base with our reality as well as protect Blaize from whatever these lapses may cause. You need someone to watch over both you and our son to ensure your safety,”

Avery nodded.

“I suggest that, for the time being, and… with your permission, well, I want to be the person. I have pledged my unconditional providence and protection of this family and I believe it is my duty to see to it that you are both safe,”

Avery nodded. “I see no problem with that,”

“Then I suggest that I… temporarily move back here,”

Avery blinked several times in shock and mulled it over.

“If that is too much to ask too soon…” Emre began.

“No, no… Not at all. We have a spare room- the guest room. I’m sure Blaize will benefit having you around all the time but won’t moving back here interfere with your work in your timeline?”

“I’ll can manage and I’ll just talk to my parents- I’m sure that it won’t be a problem. I’m sure they’ll have no objections,”

“Very well then. You can move back in… temporarily of course while I screw back all the loose screws in my head,”

“Avery… thank you,”

“Emre, please don’t read too much into this. It is a temporary arrangement and it doesn’t mean that we are getting back together, okay? I am just trying to do what is best for our son; that’s all this is so don’t get it twisted,”

Emre nodded. “I get it, really. So I guess I better go get started on my Vacation packing?”

Avery smiled. “You do that. See you tomorrow,”

“See you tomorrow,” Emre stated. As he walked away that evening, he felt as light as a feather. He had slowly began to get his perfect family back and would do everything within his power to ensure things stayed the way they were always meant to.



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