The Traveler Chronicles 4


Avery tried calling for help using the advanced technology on the chip placed at the back of her head to send out a distress call but found that it did not work and so she had to call the Director personally. She knew shouldn’t have been surprised by then but it was none the less astonishing to find that the Director was at the Office.

“Protector Alison,” the Director responded to the call as formal as ever.

“Director Shaw, I have an emergency. I tried sending out a distress call via the chip-implant duress button but I couldn’t get through to you,”

“An emergency? Do you need evac?”

“I need to come see you right away,”

The Director nodded. “I have cleared you to use the private Transport Portal directly to my office,”

“I need to bring my son with me as well, Director,”

“Your son too? Very well. Hurry up. The Portal shall not stay open for long for obvious reasons,”

Avery nodded and immediately used the emergency portal system located in her bedroom to teleport both herself and her mildly sedated son to the Director’s office.

“What is this about?” the Director asked her coldly.

Avery took a deep breath and came right out and said, “My son is a reality warper. We both spent weeks in two separate realities of his own making,”

The Director blinked several times in shock. She, however, recovered quickly and responded to Avery by stating, ” In that case, we need to perform a mind upload on both of you before we do anything else to ensure we capture all experiences you had in these realities,”

Avery nodded. She had predicted the Director would state as much. The longer she and Blaize held onto their memories, the more unreliable the exact details of their time in the separate realities would be. Additionally, there was the ever present threat of false memories replacing genuine memories.

The Director immediately called a team together comprising of professionals she had handpicked for classified missions in the past. The small team of Bio-tech professionals immediately set upon the process of uploading the minds of both Avery and Blaize directly onto the computer terminus only the Director could access . The memories derived from the process were then protected by a kill-switch mechanism set on the Director’s computer to protect them from unauthorized access.

“Protector Alison, the mind upload process was a success. Would you wish still wish to retain your memories from these experiences or shall you authorize us to erase them for you?”

“I would wish to keep my memories. However, I would like to request as my son’s legal guardian, that you erase his experiences of this,”

“Are you certain you don’t want these memories erased from your own mind as well?”

“Yes Ma’am. I made a promise to a Messenger that I intend to keep,”

Director Shaw nodded her consent before allowing her team to perform thorough physical examinations of both Avery and Blaize. The findings of their examinations were sent to the Director directly in form of detailed medical reports.

Director Shaw read through the reports before stating, “Interesting yet peculiar results.”

“What’s up?” Avery asked.

“It appears both you and your son’s interaction with alternate realities caused all bio-tech present within your bodies to malfunction and therefore crash,”

“What?” Avery asked worriedly.

“It is astonishing that both of you are still alive and kicking since reinsertion to this reality given your interaction with hostile microbes present in the very air we breathe. Avery, both you and Blaize need to have all Bio-tech present in your bodies immediately flashed and replaced,”

“But- but isn’t that dangerous?”

“It’s more dangerous if you don’t do it,” Director Shaw offered.

Avery had her concerns understanding the full dangers of Flashing but knowing that she had no choice in the matter. The Director, knowing full well that both she and Blaize may not make it alive after flashing, nonetheless saw to the immediate sedation of both of them before ordering her team to begin the process right away.

The extensive medical procedure referred to as Flashing would be conducted in a controlled environment that was monitored both directly and indirectly by the special team and Director Shaw herself.

Flashing involved the surgical insertion of medical tubes into the bodies of both Avery and Blaize before all nanites that were used in those times to enhance protection as well as improve upon the efficiency of the human body, would be removed via the tubes. The special suction process would ensure as little blood and other crucial life supporting bio-fluids were lost as well as minimizing the risk of opportunistic microbes getting the chance to invade their compromised immune systems.

Once all nanites were flashed from their systems, there would be replacement nanites inserted to replace them which would ideally be more advanced and therefore more efficient bio-tech. Once flashing was complete, the two patients’ immune systems would no longer be under any threat as the nanites worked partially as that age’s vaccinations.

The process was initiated at 0100 hours for Avery in a separate Controlled Environment Room than her son who first had his memories wiped before proceeding to the Flashing process at 0200 hours. By the time Blaize was undergoing the process, Avery’s was already completed up to 88%.

The entire process was quick and efficient in Avery’s case without incident. However, it took a while longer in Blaize whose young body began to adversely react to the process.

Director Shaw observed both processes from the comfort of her Office and she would never let it on but she was relieved to see Avery pull through. However, Blaize’s body was soon going into shock and rejecting the process more vigorously.

Something unexpected then happened. Just as the healers on hand were working to resuscitate Blaize, Avery’s body began to vibrate so quickly, she blinked out of sight only to suddenly appear next to her son. Somehow, even though she was unconscious, Avery’s hand was able to reach out for her son’s and gently squeeze it as a mother would to comfort her child.

Blaize’s body suddenly stopped rejecting flashing and the process was completed without further complications. Director Shaw immediately rushed to the site and after the necessary scrubbing and wearing the appropriate garb was completed, she rushed into the room to ascertain whether her very own eyes had not deceived her.

“How did this happen?” she asked one of the medics directly engaged in the process.

“We can’t explain it either, Ma’am,”

“She is unconscious, right?”

“Yes Ma’am,”

“Then how did she just suddenly disappear out of her room and reappear next to her son? We have a strict No- unauthorized Magic barrier set up to all our rooms, right?”

“Yes, Ma’am. At- at this moment, we do not have any conclusive explanation to explain this phenomenon, Ma’am,”

“Well, do whatever it takes to find me a damn good explanation. I want a report on my computer by 0500 hours,”

The medics nodded and watched the Director exited the room in shock. By 5 AM, her team was in her office and had the report ready.

“Avery Alison is displaying a new ability, one she did not have prior to reinsertion to our reality,” Director Shaw read aloud.

Director Shaw shook her head and took a few deep breaths to steady herself.

“This new ability by our own deduction and Quix’ advanced analytics deduction is what is referred to as Quantum jumping,” she continued to read.

“How can an unconscious person perform a Quantum Jump?” Director Shaw asked looking up from the report in utter shock. 

“Our hypothesis is that the event was triggered subconsciously due to
her connection to the patient. On a subconscious level, as the patient’s
mother, she was able to tell that her son was in distress which triggered the

“What about the boy? Is he displaying any other abilities?”

“It appears that at least according to Quix greatest estimate, he may possess the same ability as Protector Alison to Quantum jump,”

“Is there any other strange ability Alison and her boy have
acquired?” Director Shaw asked resuming her quick skimming of the medical report. 

“It appears their level of pain tolerance has increased exponentially
as well as their ability to heal. This has been observed more so in the boy who already had speed healing abilities that have increased to the level of mature adult of the faerie or dryad species…”

“It is estimated that both he and his mother shall be awake in approximately 2 hours tops,” the scientist asserted.

“Two hours? They should be out for weeks! Months even!” the Director responded disbelievingly. There was some awkward silence for a moment punctuated only be the sound of a beeping pager from one of the medics overseeing the process. 

“Ma’am, we have received word that Miss Alison is already awake,”
spoke a medic after checking his pager.

“I’ll go to her immediately. For now, send all available files on this to my personal computer. Once complete, ensure a total deletion and purge of all other files from the institution on this particular case,”

“Yes Ma’am,” they all stated saluting her respectively before she left her Office headed towards the Med Bay.

“Avery, how do you feel?” she immediately asked Avery.

“Feeling motherly all of a sudden?” Avery teased her. Director Shaw displayed no emotions and only opened her mouth to calmly state, “You’re fine, of course,”

“And she’s back,” Avery responded sarcastically.

“You should be in a coma, Avery,”

“Did you… did you flash us already?”

“Yes we did,”

“That’s very strange, I feel as if I just took a light nap. I don’t
feel a thing,” Avery stated sitting up straight and facing the Director. 



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