The Oracle



Oracle Emica held on tightly to her Protector scared of being pulled away especially since she had yet to get a grand tour of Imani’s new home. She resisted the pull for as long as she could until eventually, she and Nobu couldn’t resist it anymore and they were teleported to the home, immediately setting off the detectors set in place by Protectors HQ for the purpose of knowing when a new Oracle took over.

The power that had drawn them there also saw to it that their plain clothes were transformed into the dazzling traditional dress of the Oracle and her Protector. Emica was surprised that her dress was not the tainted black of previously dark Oracles but a bright white color.

The Oracle’s dress was a modestly long elegant A-line silhouette gown that had lace surrounding its modest neck-line and covering her shoulders and bosom, on the sides of its arms and at its back. The sides of the arms as well as the bodice and skirt of the gown were decorated with individual decorative pieces shaped like doves in flight and shaped Oracle Emica’s petite frame eloquently adding height and volume to her figure.

As part of the traditional dress’s ensemble, an accompanying headdress that complimented the dress appeared which was shaped like a crown but made of a material not naturally found on any Realm of Earth just like the dress itself. In contrast to the dress, Emica was very beautiful with her pale skin and long dark hair making the dress stand out the more…

“Look at that, your dress is white,” Nobu said proudly.

Emica shook her head. “I do not understand why. Perhaps I have truly confused the power of the House of Purity,”

“That is not so. Look at my own clothing… The chest-plate bears the mark of the dove- not the raven. Were you a Dark Oracle, even I would wear the armor bearing the mark of the raven. This proves that Gaia has faith in you. She has marked you as her Oracle,”

“The Magical Gong has not sounded. This world does not recognize me as its Oracle,”

Nobu nodded. “As is to be expected or else you would be on the pulpit already addressing the masses,”

“This world has no other Oracle,”

“It appears that the reincarnation of the Oracle has yet reappear in this world.”


“We need to return to Imani. How shall we get out from here?”

Nobu was about to suggest trying to open a portal of their own when suddenly, the room was filled with Protectors, the Chief Protector among them.

“Greetings, Oracle Emica and Protector Nobu. I am the Chief Protector of this timeline. It is an honor to finally meet you in the flesh,” she said bowing reverently. The other Protectors also bowed reverently.

“Protector Juanita, the honor is all mine. We did not mean to intrude but the power of the House of Purity drew us here. We wish to return to attend to critical business elsewhere. We apologize for the trouble we’ve caused,”

“It was no trouble at all. Protector Alison is on her way here. She explained everything to us, of course. We have authorized her clearance to portal here,”

“We appreciate it,” Nobu said.

The Chief Protector smiled but sent in more Protectors when Emica and Nobu returned with Avery to the Mansion. Emica observed how affectionate Imani was with the Vila of the same name and knew then that it was right to leave her with them.

“Imani, please come to me,” Emica whispered silently.

The child practically skipped to her.

“You and Protector Nobu look cool,”

“Do we?” Emica asked suddenly self conscious. Imani chuckled but nodded.

“She’ll take good care of me, Oracle Emica. I promise,”

“I… I know. I… I’ll just really miss you… I… I don’t know how to say goodbye to you, Imani…”

“Don’t worry, you can come see me anytime you’d like… And we can talk to each other over the phone… or using magic when I learn how…” Imani reassured her.

Emica nodded and wept as she held onto Imani in a tight bear hug.

“Take- take great care of her,” she instructed the Vila and her life-mate through frantic sobbing.

Imani’s new family nodded enthusiastically but Emica could barely see through the film of tears that flooded her face soon after. She rested her face on Nobu’s chest even as she returned to her temporary abode, the Dyson Sphere. Emica did not have the heart to continue in the Yule festivities and for once it was for more than the reason that she had lost her faith.

“It will get better in time but I am so privileged to see your maternal instinct is so strong. It gives me great faith that our children shall not lack for anything,” Nobu complimented her.

“Now is not the time to discuss such things, Nobu. I am in no position to start having children of my own especially not in the dire state our world is in,” Emica chastised him. She then took a deep breath and apologized for her lashing out. Nobu let her know that he did not hold it against her in the slightest.

“It would be nice to have children…under normal circumstances,” she offered.

“Oh, are we talking about having children already, dearest Emica?” mused her Mistress Catania.

“Mistress, what a pleasant surprise. I didn’t know you were listening in on our conversation,” Emica stated hastily rising up to observe all the pleasantries.

“Oh Emica, you need not do all that. You are no more a slave to me as you were when we first invited you into our home,”

“I owe you and my Master Alradius a huge debt- so large a debt in fact, that I can never fully repay it in this lifetime. I will never tire of paying you the proper respects,”

Mistress Catania beamed. “Well, I am grateful too. Ever since we took you in, Alradius and I have been greatly blessed. I had long lost hope of becoming a mother even as I prayed against all hope that I would one day bear a child for my love, Alradius. Through those blessings, Emica, I am here to say that I am expectant! Had I been told just a few months ago that I could have so much joy in my life, I’d have doubted it but… but this Yule, my gift from Gaia is a child- I feel so whole and complete, Emica and I have come to beg for your blessing,”

“Mistress! Are you really… Could it be that you aren’t barren as we feared?”

“It appears a change of scenery from that twisted world was exactly what Alradius and I needed. We prayed and even without faith, Gaia answered us favorably,”

“Oh my Mistress, what great news! That child is so lucky to have you as a mother,”

“And I hope you may bless me and honor me with being her godmother,”

“Her… her godmother? Mistress, are you saying that you are expecting a girl?”

Catania beamed and nodded. “May I have your blessing?”

“Of… of course, Mistress. I am honored,” Emica said. She held onto the lower abdomen of her Mistress and for the first time in her life, muttered a true prayer of faith inspired by her love for her Masters. She hoped that Gaia would bless the child in Catania’s womb and then as she prepared to open her eyes, she saw it…

She saw the child that would be Catania’s daughter. As her mother and father, she would be faithful to Gaia. She would be instrumental in the fight against the Entity and would lead the efforts to restore the Dark World to what it was meant to be… the Delivered Timeline… As such, as Emica explained to her Mistress, she would have to be protected at all costs until such a time she would rise and fulfill her mission.


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