The Oracle



Emica nervously fidgeted with straightening Imani’s dress even though there was absolutely no wrinkle on it. The truth was, the Oracle of the Dark World needed something to do with her hands to occupy her mind from the truth she had yet to accept- her looming separation from Imani, the Savior of her world.

Her Protector, Nobu, was truly at a loss of words of comfort to give to Emica. For the past few weeks leading up to Yule, he had been nothing but supportive of his charge, offering her words of comfort when Protector Avery had given them news of the next critical move in Imani’s life as a Savior. Oracle Emica had vehemently refused to accept the news and had gone on to despise Avery despite the Oracle knowing deep down  that Imani’s departure from her was inevitable…

“It’s all going to be okay, my lady, I promise,” Avery reassured a reluctant Emica.

“I am… I am still coming along with you. I insist,” Emica said firmly.

“Are you really willing to risk it, my lady? You are an Oracle and as such, the magic at the House of Purity is sure to recognize you. You’ll immediately be transported there and explaining your true purpose in this time-”

“I know the risks but I… I need to see for myself what family we are handing her over to… You said that her immediate family shall be fair-folk?”

Avery nodded. “Protector Nobu, are you fine with all this? Should her ladyship really tag along with us?”

“If it is her wish, I can do no less but see to its fulfillment,” he said all while observing Emica devoutly.

“Very well. They are expecting us so they’ll have already organized for a safe portal grate for us,”

Protector Nobu nodded. “Thank you, Protector Alison. Are you ready to go, my lady?” he asked Emica.

Emica appraised Imani’s look once more and then reluctantly nodded.

“We’re ready,” Protector Nobu pronounced.

Imani bid her goodbyes to everyone even King Ember and his family including Prince Emre who hastily fled the room once he had paid his proper respects reluctant to be in the same room with Avery. Avery soon opened up a portal and assured the other users of it inside the swirling ball of brilliant white light.

“It’ll be okay, my love, I promise,” Nobu reassured Emica. She did not immediately respond but glared at Avery as they emerged on the other side of the portal.

As anticipated, Imani’s new family was waiting for her. They all stood up dressed impeccably from head to toe in no less than Nymph-made garments. Emica’s suspension of disbelief on the true nature of fair-folk was once more put to the test as she was suddenly face to face with the person that would be Imani’s new mom- a Vila named Imani like the Savior.

“Greetings, Protector Alison. It is an honor to host you in our humble abode. Please, feel at home. Your guests are also greatly welcome,” Mr. Deon Kanda, the Head of the Household, addressed her.

“Mr. Kanda, it is my honor to be in your home. Please allow me to introduce the other guests. On my left is the Oracle of the Dark World, her holiness, Lady Emica. Her noble Protector Nobu son of Ayako and Hidemi, is the gentleman standing right beside her, as is to be expected. And the young lady with them is the Savior of the Dark World, Imani, your new family member,”

Mr. Kanda also introduced his family ending with the Vila, Imani and her life-mate Flint, a fire faerie. The Vila approached them cautiously and bowed respectfully before them.

“I assure you that from here onwards, on my honor, the Savior shall be well cared for. My husband and I are yet to be blessed with children of our own and so we will lavish Imani with all the love and affection we can muster. Please believe that the Savior is in good hands,” the Vila Imani spoke to her in an accent Emica could not quite place.

Emica did not trust her words at all. She knew of the Vila and their allegiance to other fair-folk despite being part witch and the fact that the Vila Imani had married a fairy made her even less trustworthy in the eyes of Emica.

“Please excuse the Oracle, my lady, she is very protective of Imani and loves her as she would her own daughter,” Nobu offered after a long period of awkward silence.

“I understand and if she needs more time to consider whether we are a fitting pair to adopt her, we may take her from you at a latter date in future,” the Vila Imani mused humbly.

Her voice was mesmerizing and sweet and Emica felt herself sway to its rhythm. She saw everyone paid rapt attention whenever she spoke, the effects of the Vila. She shook her head as if getting rid of incessant flies.

Emica once more turned to Imani, holding tightly onto her shoulders. She didn’t have the heart to give her away even when she knew it was in Imani’s best interest.

“I- I am sorry. I am very protective of Imani. She is like a daughter to me, you see, and- and I am not- not convinced that- that this is what is best,”

“We totally understand you, my lady. Please, take your time in deliberation. We respect any decision you come to,” Flint responded.

Emica took a deep breath and shut her eyes. She did not mean to but her gifts manifested and showed her multiple futures of Imani with the Vila as her mother. None of them were particularly concerning.

Imani would have a great life with them. The Vila Imani was the perfect mother- she had suffered a great deal at the hands of her own kind and she therefore was weary of fair-folk.

Flint was a healer and would always be there whenever Imani was hurt. He would train her in the healing arts and teach her how to fight. The couple was friends with a Mystai priestess named Sybil who would be like an Aunt to Imani. In time, she would train her in the Mystic arts which would come in handy in the war to come…

She opened her eyes and felt an unseen force pulling her northwards. The force was as powerful as magnetism and she knew it was the House of Purity, belonging to the Oracle that had powerful enchantments cast that transported the current Oracle and her Protector there. The enchantments were cast by a Messenger that had once lived on Earth named Delia so that wherever an Oracle came to power in the world, she would be transported there the moment she had accepted her mission.



  1. The House of Purity– this is traditionally the house occupied by any reigning Oracle and her most immediate family as well as any persons of her choosing at any given time. The House of Purity has special magical protections of its own as well as receiving constant monitoring and protection from Protectors HQ. The House of Purity stands tall over several square feet of land atop the highest Mountain in Terra Sapienta- the Mountain of Faith in Marigold City. Of the many features of the very special and powerful residence of the reigning Oracle is the Magical Gong which is situated in the middle of the vast estate.
  2. The Magical Gong was created by the Messenger (Divine Counselor) Delia during her short tenure on Earth and just like the house, it recognizes the power of the Oracle thus sounding when the Oracle accepts her mission and teleporting her from anywhere along the Realms of Earth to the House of Purity to a pulpit where she addresses the people of the World as the new Oracle. The sounding of the Gong (seven times) can be heard by every magical being from anywhere in the First Plane of Existence and usually, the faithful recite a prayer of Thanksgiving to the Creator goddess for granting them another Oracle.
  3. The House of Damnation- The inverse of the House of Purity, whenever an Oracle accepts the power gifted to her but corrupts or at least intends to corrupt and befoul it, the House of Purity transforms into the House of Damnation. The Dark Oracle traditional dress is tainted black with the mark of the raven that is also visible on her Protector’s armor and clothing. The Magical Gong resounds six times and it is widely known that rather than inspire hope as is the case of a Light Oracle taking up the Mantle, the sound of each gong is heavier and filled up with more gloom than the last. The Dark Oracle does take the Pulpit to announce her plans for the world but very few souls dare show up at the People’s square at the bottom of the Mountain of Faith.

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