The Four Corners of the Magical Realm



6th of December 2017 was a particularly cold and dark Winter’s night in the Magical Realm’s Island of Amana. The citizens of the Island state were prepared to fight for their right to worship the one true Goddess, the Creator. Word of the happenings of Magical Realm had reached the peaceful Island all showing the persistent spread of the wickedness that was the purported Goddess of Enlightenment. Sacrilegious lies had tainted the faith of the weak but the citizens of Amana were not buying into those lies…

The Island of Amana had been created on the same night Fiernon had been… A faithful few had been forewarned of the coming doom by faithful seers and the ancestors of the people then occupying the land had turned to the true Goddess in faith; praying, fasting and observing the religious rituals for cleansing and retribution. Their prayers appeased the Goddess and so they had all fallen into a deep trance during their meditative prayer sessions in which time the Island had broken off from the country of Hyvernwyne and the land had then floated away eastward-bound while the unfaithful had remained in Hyvernwyne and perished at the hands of the Stellar Pixie heroine Queen Milan the First.

From that night on-wards, Amana had been a country of faith. Their leader, the Scribe Amana from whom the Island was named after, had been appointed as the country’s first leader but had later anointed a new family to take over leadership of the Island and that family had ruled for many years after the creation of the Island.

However, Amana’s peace was constantly threatened by Fiernon that insisted that Amana should not have been declared a sovereign country of its own and that it was a Protectorate of the nation. Fiernon coveted Amana’s rich and diverse resources, from its fertile volcanic soils, to its indigenous and highly unique magical flora and fauna, to its people’s abilities as these were the only remaining descendants of the Hybrids of Hyvernwyne- pure Hybrids.

In many Magical Realm International meetings, Fiernon had consistently pressed for the reclassification of Amana as a Protectorate resorting to using historical documents to justify their arguments showing Amana as having been a Province rather than a country of its own even at the time the Island was seceded from Fiernon. The proposal had been rejected consistently but the tides soon turned when agents of the Entity were placed in strategic positions of leadership in the other Magical Nations thus allowing for the proposal for Unification to finally pass through.

On 22nd of November 2017, a historic document had been approved by 6 nations of the Magical Realm, a vast majority, for the Unification of Amana as a Protectorate of Fiernon. The government of Fiernon hastily sent a signed copy of the document as well as a ‘White Flag’ Motion for the government of Amana to surrender peacefully to the government of Fiernon to avoid war.

The government of Amana did not officially respond to Fiernon and that prompted the government of Fiernon to resort to threats of war and intimidation . These threats did not bode well with Amana which was prepared to go to war with Fiernon despite their army being vastly outnumbered and outgunned by the massive army of Fiernon. The state of Fiernon therefore declared war to reclaim Amana as its own and the government of Amana’s response was that the state would not go down without a fight.

And so on the night of 6th December 2017, as was predicted by Her Majesty’s very own daughter, Seer and General Mingzhu, no less than 6000 enemy ships from Fiernon set sail towards the Island. The Royal Family had adequately prepared their people for the events that would come to pass as foreseen in part by their clairvoyant Princess.

For the continuation of the nation, a hard decision had been reached- that the Princess’ identical twin sister and Heir Apparent, Meixiu, would be saved along with the children and youth of the Island while the other citizens fought for their Island. All Islanders were prepared and made peace with their fate. All citizens that is, except for Princess Meixiu.

Princess Meixiu like the rest of her family, wished to remain behind to fight against their enemies bravely rather than retreating and abandoning her family to their unknown fate but her family had insisted that she was taken along with the other Island youths as the last hope of their people once they gained enough strength to fight back against Fiernon that would undoubtedly go on to take their Island that night.

At around 6 minutes to midnight, the Princess begrudgingly used the Palace’s secret exit passageway leading to the Ocean where she and the other youths would be meet at a predetermined rendezvous point departing from via the Ocean of Bliss towards their closest ally- the nation of Pharland.

Enemy ships finally docked at the Port of Heavenly Bliss, Amana’s busiest port and so the War begun at midnight with the nation of Fiernon’s army swiftly defeating the soldiers posted to protect the Port. Fiernon’s soldiers then sought the Islanders that had hidden underground, setting booby traps along the way to catch their enemies off guard and have the upper hand. The traps were triggered throughout the Island and the soldiers caught off-guard were hastily disposed off without exposure of the Islanders’ true hidden places.

For several agonizing hours, the people of Amana managed to best their enemies despite their being outnumbered and with few casualties to their numbers. However, all that would soon change when the final ship docked at the Port and from it emerged what would be described as the greatest threat Amana had ever faced before- three extraordinary Entity agents bearing the distinguishable Monarch’s Hand uniform.

The agents of the Entity were more powerful than any other enemies they had faced before and they soon scoped out large areas of the Island at a time informing the soldiers of Fiernon exactly where the traps and hidden Islanders were. With their help, the army of Fiernon soon gained the upper hand apprehending a vast majority of Islanders with few casualties.

With fighting then turned in Fiernon’s favor, the Monarch’s Hand officers moved towards their main target- the Royal Castle. There were more traps abound the Palace which were all expertly avoided by the extraordinary enemy soldiers. Once inside the Palace, they easily discovered the King, Queen and Princess in the Ballroom awaiting them.

Two of the soldiers, identical twin sisters, searched about the room and immediately knew something was amiss.

“What’s the matter? You appear to be quite distraught and disappointed,” Princess Mingzhu asserted.

“Your sister is not here, is she? Where might that meek little rat be hiding?”

“How rude to ignore my presence. Perhaps we need to engage in battle for me to have your full and undivided attention?” Princess Mingzhu asserted swiftly withdrawing her sword and engaging the three soldiers in battle while the rest of her family engaged Fiernon Soldiers that had tagged along with the Monarch’s Hand Officers.

However, it did not take long before the twin sisters had drained the Princess of all her psychic energy and the third Monarch’s Hand Officer had promptly begun the process of Psionic ejection, forcing the Princess’s consciousness to give way to his own.

As everything the Princess knew begun being re-written in her mind, she thought of the dishonor of the enemy turning her into an empty vessel of the Entity. She moved to use her own sword against herself but was promptly stopped by the third soldier who gave more than a subtle psychic order for her to obey which she was unable to defy…

“You have a strong mind and a warrior’s spirit. You shall make a fine specimen to the Collective… Do not fight it, Mingzhu. Accept it- accept your new glorified state- you are going to be part of something bigger and better than yourself. Do not be afraid. Embrace your new identity,”

“Is that what you tell your victims, daemon? I am not buying… Let my mind… rot… but I shall never accept whatever abomination you want to make me into of my own free will,”

“Your sister is still here… I sense her… Why not bargain with us? Her life for yours?” proposed one of the twins.

“I do not bargain with terrorists. Do you assume I am none the wiser regarding the disasters of the world you have had a hand in? I have heard of the daemon sisters who brought an entire nation to its knees but this is not Cosmotopia and even if you burn Amana to the ground, the people’s faith shall never waver… And one day, the Creator shall avenge us and all our fallen sisters,”

“Your sister shall fall tonight as shall all your youths… None shall escape the judgement of our goddess,”

“That’s where you are wrong, daemon! My sister and all the youths shall live on. I… I shall… not… yield… I… I am… I am…”

“What you were is no longer there, Princess Mingzhu. Your mind is my clay and I its new potter,”

“My… Mind… yours?”

“Yes, Princess, it is mine now… Now be a dear and get rid of your pesky parents… They shall be a hindrance to the plans of our goddess,”

“Kill… Kill… Kill,” the Princess said advancing towards her parents with her sword raised.

Both the King and Queen fell down on their knees and praised the Creator.

“This is not you, my Mingzhu. May your soul never depart from the light for this wickedness forced upon you, daughter,” her mother mused.

“Goddess forgive her! It is not her will but that of the enemy!” her father prayed for her.

“Kill… Kill… Kill,” the Princess repeated mindlessly and then raised her sword to kill her parents but at the last second turned the blade against herself, using the last ounce of will she had to fatally stab herself.

“No!” exclaimed the third soldier in rage. He coughed up blood in torrents mimicking the Princess’s own actions.

“We are linked, daemon. Just as my mind was yours so was your mind mine…  You created a bond between us and so as I perish, perish with me foul daemon…”

“You fool! You were offered greatness that was far beyond your own reasoning… I will live on but your soul shall know no peace…”

“So… be… it,” she responded before falling, the third soldier falling down to the ground at the same time as her. The twins tended to him providing Princess Meixiu and the youths enough time to finally exit from the Palace and into the sea using Nereid-charmed lapis lazuri amulets to safely navigate the depths of the Ocean towards Pharland, their salvation.




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