The Traveler Chronicles 4



It was very difficult for Avery to have an entire week off during the Yule festivities and though she was glad to spend some quality time with her son and mother’s doppelganger, she also had plenty of time to think over the unpleasantness of her life.

For starters, she hated having to visit the Dyson Sphere for whatever reason and did so only when necessary. Whenever she went there, Emre was waiting for her, not incessantly nagging to the point of annoyance but actually quite the opposite which was even more annoying to her.

Anna, Ember and Erabelle consistently reminded her that Emre truly loved her and desired more than anything to be a family together with their son and it was their sincerest hope that their romance would be born during the special Winter Solstice celebrations.

Her stubbornness was dangerously wearing thin and she felt it erode each second she was near Emre. She could sense the presence of the Emre she had fallen in love with present in the new Emre and the parts of him that were different from her Emre intrigued her and only served to draw her nearer. She knew that it was only a matter of time before she finally gave in and allowed Emre back into her life but that was problematic for many reasons…

The first reason was her main concern, her son Blaize. He had buried his father and bringing Emre back into the fray was sure to be a confusing process for the rumbustious 9 year old boy but she knew that Blaize would be better off with Emre in his life rather than without him. She knew Emre would help heal his broken heart and mend it to some degree at least.

The second reason she did not want to encourage a romance with Emre was preservation of the timeline. Emre B-3 was meant to succeed his parents Ember and Anna, marry a woman from his time and produce an heiress to take over the throne as was destined in other timelines. It had been wrong for her to disrupt one timeline already by bringing Emre D-1 to her own time and thus creating other timeline branches, something her adoptive mother was not too pleased about.

However, when Princess Erabelle called for help back in the Dyson Sphere, she bid her summons and rushed to be by her side. Era was a nervous wreck having not plucked enough courage to finally come out to her family. She had decided to do so during the Yule Festivities but when it came time for her to do so, she had begun panicking and was an inconsolable mess.

“Era, I want you to take a deep breath and just breathe first, okay?” Avery asked her.

Era nodded but tears filled up her eyes. Cindy squeezed her hands gently in reassurance.

“Era, look at Cindy, would you?”

Era nodded and did so. Cindy smiled encouragingly at her and she nervously replied with a smile of her own.

“What do you feel about Cindy?”

“I- I love her,” Era responded.

“Cindy?” Avery asked her.

“I adore her. I’d die for her- I can’t believe that I fell for a fairy but here we are,”

Avery smiled and nodded. “Era, do you think that what you two share is worthwhile?”

Era nodded but blushed.

“Then fight for it, Era. Find the courage to acknowledge what you feel no matter what the outcomes,”

Erabelle nodded but held onto Avery’s hand and insisted on her tagging along to see her father and mother. They found Emre there too as well as Era’s small sisters.

“Erabelle, what is it, darling? Why do you look so distraught?”

“Mama, I- I-” Erabelle began but half-way through began weeping. Queen Anna immediately rushed to her side.

“My love, what is it? Please tell me what’s wrong?” Anna asked her daughter looking from her to Avery and Cindy.

“I feel so- so embarrassed, Mama, I feel like I- like I have failed you- like I’m a- a freak,”

Anna was stunned to hear that as was her husband and Prince Emre who distracted the younger girls.

“What is there to feel embarrassed about, sweetheart?” her father asked.

“You- you two have shown me nothing but kindness but I- I cannot- I can’t hide who I am anymore. Mama, Papa, I have tried- I have tried so hard to- to be the daughter you deserve- to marry properly and live- live a life befitting a Princess but I- I have failed. I- I am so ashamed. I did not reveal the real reason the evil Aurora and Leal were able to deceive me so easily. I- I fell for her smile and when she- she congratulated me or praised me for something I did- I felt validated, I felt- normal… And then I met Cindy and we became best friends and then I realized- oh- oh Goddess, forgive me, like with Aurora, I felt- I felt my feelings grow to more than just friendship. I- I love her, Mama and Papa, not as a friend but- but as a woman. I am so sorry to disappoint you,”

Era was terrified to even look up at her parents but when she did, there was no condemnation but loving acceptance as Avery had predicted. Anna hugged her and cried with her before stating, “That must have been hard to keep to yourself, right, my darling? I’m so sorry you have been so tormented by this. Your father and I are proud of you no matter what. We are so glad you have found love and happiness, Era, you deserve it after all what you’ve been through. Ever since you came to us, you have brought us nothing but happiness and joy. You have given me three daughters so far and now, by your admission, you have given us a fourth daughter. For what reason would your father and I find fault with you?”

“You- you aren’t mad at me?”

“At you, never, darling Princess. At Emre, most definitely, but never at you,” Ember teased.

“Hey! Why does she get a free pass and I don’t?” Emre playfully asked.

“Because she is special. She has always been special to us and always will be,” Anna responded.

Emre smiled and nodded. He exited from the room with the other girls and Avery to give Era and Cindy privacy with Anna and Ember. Avery immediately ran away from him only to run into Leal.

“Avery, hi, just the person I wanted to see. Do you know where Aurora is?” he asked her.

“Sure dad, she’s at my place, what’s wrong? Is Avery okay? Are you okay?”

“We’re fine but it’s Yule and we’d hoped to spend time with her. Would you mind asking her to come visit us?”

“I’m sure Aurora would want nothing more than to spend time with you both but things are… complicated right now,”

Leal nodded. “I know, I know but I just… I want to see her, okay? I want to at least be in the same room with her. I hate being away from her and not being able to touch her or to be near her. It hurts to be apart from her,”

“It hurts her too but for the time being, at least until you get better, please be more patient with her,” Avery stated. She then turned behind her to see Emre waiting for her. Leal thanked her and then walked away.

“Avery, how are you doing?” Emre asked her.

Avery shrugged her shoulders and prepared to run away as usual yet again but Emre would not have it. He cornered her in such a way that she couldn’t escape no matter how much she tried.

“Why do you keep running away from me, Avery? I literally came back from the dead for you,”

“This will sound harsh but I wish you’d just stayed dead,”

Several moments of silence followed that statement as they both tried to absorb it.

“You don’t mean that,”

“I do,”


“Look Emre, I have better things to do than have this conversation with you. We’ve been over this conversation a thousand times. I am not interested in you and no, you cannot meet Blaize. End of discussion,”

“I have been very patient with you, Avery but I cannot take this another second,” Emre stated before inching closer to her.

“What do you think you’re doing, Emre. Don’t you dare-”

“Dare do what? Go ahead and dare me Avery,”

“Don’t you dare come any closer! What do you think you’re doing? You know how things are. Why do you insist on this? It’s your sister’s night but of course you want to make it all about you,”

“That’s very unfair of you to say, Avery. I have been patient and understanding but I cannot bear this pain anymore. Avery, I need you and I need Blaize. I want us to be a family. Please stop resisting me- please stop pushing me away,”


Emre ignored her warning and inched so close to her that the bridges of their noses touched whilst they got lost in each other’s eyes. Emre then delicately crushed her body to his own and kissed her passionately.



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