The Four Corners of the Magical Realm



1st December 2017 was a historic day in the Magical Realm’s truest North nation of Nymphadora. The new Queen of the land of nymphs appended her signature on a law amending the Nymphadoran law proclaiming that any reigning Monarchs needed to have all public records pertaining to them purged from all systems with true copies only being accessible to the Royals themselves. Further, for as long as the nation had existed, the true face of the direct heir to the Throne including the Queen and King that had ruled the Kingdom for millennia, was never revealed to the general populace.

It had been argued that the tradition was warranted given the great danger knowing the true identity of the heir or heiress of the throne posed to their lives and thus stability of the nation. However, there had been public outcry in latter years demanding a change in the law because it made the royal subjects of the Kingdom feel far removed from their Queen.

The Queen was meant to be a symbol of national unity and as such, her subjects needed to feel that they were united despite their varying nature-based gifts. It was difficult to feel united when the Queen herself felt so unattainable to the people. Rarely did the Queen of Nymphadora or her direct descendants make direct contact with the people or  even represent them to the rest of the Magical Realm. Therefore, when news reached the people of Nymphadora of the sudden death of the reigning Monarch, they moaned her but it was easier for them to accept the new Queen, daughter to the Former Queen’s first cousin and second in line to the throne, Princess Laurel.

In contrast to the deceased Queen, part of Princess Laurel’s public records were partially available to the general public and her image was well known and perceived by the people. She had been a darling of the nation, redeeming the image of the Royal Family with Grace, tending to the ailing people’s needs by visiting the sick and aged, tending to the poor by donating to charities and representing Nymphadora to their allies far and wide as a State- appointed Ambassador.

Being second in line to the throne, the sudden death of her second cousin with no other Royal heiress or heirs to ascend to the throne, the people had rejoiced as she was finally appointed their Queen earlier in the year. The thoughts of her second cousin, Queen Daphne, had been easily replaced by the happy memories Queen Laurel had accrued in the people’s eyes.

She finally appended her signature and the past practice of the Queen and Royal Family having their public records sealed was no more. The Queen’s face would no longer shrouded with mystery and Nymphadora was once more a unified nation under the Queen they loved, Laurel.

There was jubilation and celebration where the people of Nymphadora showed the Magical Realm what partying truly meant. Queen Laurel, however, left the festivities soon to be with her new husband, King Pan. Her husband was waiting for her in her room and clapped for her sarcastically as she walked into the room and shut the door firmly behind herself.

“Aren’t you heroic and oh-so-adorable, darling life-mate, to have fooled all the gullible Nymphs in this great nation into thinking you are the greatest thing to have ever graced this nation since the first Ivy sprig sprouted from the Earth,” he patronizingly applauded her.

“I am the best thing they have right now. I am a far better Queen than Daphne could ever hope to be. I hope you did your job and found her incessant cur-of-a bodyguard and promptly ended his menial but troublesome existence,”

“He has yet to be found but that is of no consequence. You won by the grace of our goddess and you must pay her homage,”

“I am well aware of my obligations. You need not remind me so incessantly, I am not a fledgling,”

“You most certainly are, dear life-mate. Must I remind you that you have not attained the ripe old age of 50 to be considered a true adult? Don’t be so arrogant,”

“Is there any other reason for your presence in my bedchamber other than upsetting me?”

“I am here as a revered servant of the Goddess of Enlightenment, to ensure you uphold your end of the bargain or else lose everything she has so generously bestowed on you,”

Queen Laurel rolled her eyes at his threat.

“Construction of a Shrine over the false goddess largest National shrine must be instituted as soon as possible, Laurel. Our goddess demands it,”

“I shall get on with it, now if you’ll please leave from my room, I would much prefer to be alone,”

“Very well but before I leave, I bought my Queen Laurel a gift to adorn her beautiful body marking this auspicious occasion,”

“You didn’t have to,”

“Oh but I did. Let every male in this nation envy King Pan for having such a beautiful mate,”

Laurel sighed irritably accepted his gift, opening the jewelry box to reveal brightly shining Emerald jewel pieces including a tiara, earrings, a necklace, bracelets and anklets.

“Is this it? Emeralds I could have so easily obtained by myself even on a bad day?”

“The jewels used to make that jewelry only come from the glorious Enlightened World from whence your mate is from. As such, these jewels have been charmed by the goddess herself. They shall enhance your natural abilities ten-fold; even hundredfold given time! Be grateful that your goddess has deemed you worthy of yielding such great power,”

“The- the goddess charmed them herself, you say?” Laurel asked worriedly.

“Indeed. She did so to ensure her loyal servant Laurel,  shall have more than enough power to lead your great nation on the right path,”

Laurel knew that the goddess wished to do more than grant her power. She knew that the goddess hoped to possess her soul and based on cases she had witnessed with her own eyes on such possession, Laurel knew that the goddess would destroy her.

“Thank you and thank the goddess,”

“Why don’t you try them on?”

“As I have already explained to you, I  need to be alone for I am weary and need rest. I shall try out the jewelry tomorrow morning,”

“Very well, my Queen. I bid you good night,” spoke King Pan with a gentle bow before he left her room.

Queen Laura sighed, preparing herself for bed but slept poorly with thoughts of the Monarch possessing her keeping her up all night. She tried to put off wearing the jewelry as much as she could even though her husband brought it up severally during the next few days. Eventually, she had a jeweler make exact replicas of the jewels and wore those instead hoping to fool her husband.

However, King Pan was soon onto her and he demanded that she pay back the benevolence of the Monarch by wearing the jewels reprimanding her for being disrespectful to the Monarch that had charmed the jewels herself.

“Laurel, remember the circumstances that led to your ascension to the Throne. Remember that there was a price to pay for that- the death of your cousin. Remember that the Monarch is the most powerful goddess to have ever lived and she can easily unseat you from the throne. Then accept the gift she has given you and resolve to serve her alone,”

Queen Laurel, however, was adamant in refusing to accept the so called generosity of the Monarch. At one point, just as she had so easily betrayed her cousin by having her die, she betrayed her life-mate, Pan, and he was promptly apprehended for the death of the Queen and promptly executed once the Queen revealed ‘with a broken heart’ that she had discovered that the death of her second cousin, Daphne, had not been of natural causes as had been purported to be and that her own husband had been involved. It was determined that the former Queen had been poisoned and her body had been discovered after it had already severely decomposed although the Queen claimed that her husband had admitted his wrong-doing to her in private and she had been compelled by justice to see her cousin’s murderer brought to justice even if it was her own beloved mate.

Anyone even vaguely related involved in the murder including all Chefs present on that  fateful day,  all wine- tasters, all maids in waiting that had attended to the Queen Daphne on that day and even the Warriors assigned to keep watch of the Queen, were also sentenced to death by execution. The search for the Warrior, Sod, was currently ongoing with his name being implicated in the murder case as a Co-conspirator.

Laurel hoped that everything she had done to finally seat upon the throne of Nymphadora was enough to secure her legacy. She knew that the Monarch would one day come seeking revenge and sincerely hoped that when that day came, she’d be ready for it.








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