The Lieutenant


Nobu was horrified even as his Commander looked on waiting for him to bid his commands. After several moments of silence had elapsed and Nobu had not fulfilled his Commander’s wishes, the Commander stood up abruptly and paced about the room silently inspecting it.

Suddenly, he stopped pacing the room and asked, “Lieutenant Nobu, how many witches have you broken since joining service as a Monarch’s Hand Officer?”

“122, Sir, on my honor,” Nobu responded quickly.

“On your honor? What honor is this you claim to have, you unworthy swine? Don’t you dare lie to me! How many witches have you broken, Lieutenant Nobu?” his commander furiously barked at him.

“122, Sir!” Nobu responded bravely.

“Is that right? Then why is it impossible for you to do break Colette?”

Nobu knew that he had been had. He had no plausible excuse to offer for not being able to torture the witch hostage. He knew that in order to keep his cover intact, he would have to abandon being the person he was and embrace the darkness which he was not willing to do. He had a mission from Gaia herself to fulfill and knew that his Goddess would save him. He prayed to her before making his next course of action- engaging his Commander in battle.

“I knew it… I knew you were compromised. How could you betray your goddess? How dare you deny the call of greatness? To save these wretches? You fool. There is nothing but destruction awaiting you. I had my men search through your house and they will apprehend the hostages you kept hidden there and then you will suffer a fate worse than death for your sins,” his Commander spat at him engaging him fully in battle.

His Commander far outmatched him in skill but he was significantly slower than Nobu who was still in his prime. Nobu fought bravely, using all tools available at his disposal to engage the enraged Commander. He prayed internally as he fought for Colette; praying that Gaia bestow on him the strength he needed to smite his powerful enemy.

Nobu’s Commander did not appear to be breaking a sweat while in contrast, Nobu was sweating profusely and panting, his hand clutching the dagger he always kept hidden in his boot as a safety precaution which he used in his assault on his superior. His Commander laughed at him mockingly. “Do you really think that you can defeat me?Don’t be so naively foolish. Surrender yourself now to the will of our goddess and you shall be spared. Fighting is futile,”

“I worship only the one True Goddess, Gaia! I shall not relent in vanquishing evil from this world,”

“Gaia? You mean that obscure goddess that abandons her own children? How truly foolish are you? Do you think she cares about you? You are nothing but a single drop in an infinite ocean of men and women created to fulfill a similar purpose- entertainment for a bored, washed up, cruel goddess that sacrifices these same men and women with a subtlety of an amateur chess player. You do not truly matter to Gaia; she can easily pluck any doppelganger of yours from the multiverse and replace you with him faster than the snap of her fingers. Why then do you fight for her when you are so dispensable to her?”

“One who has known the truth cannot willingly remain blind. Gaia has never abandoned her children nor will she ever abandon me. She is here, present within me. She will save her people. Your goddess is a fake- she will get her just comeuppance. She is the Queen of lies and hatred that has caused our kind to turn into demons. I shall not partake in this perversion of morality and justice! I shall fight for the true Goddess so long as I have the breath of life in my body! With Gaia as my witness, I shall smite and purge all wickedness from this world and the Dark World shall no longer remain thus… It shall be cleansed all for Her Glory!”

His Commander laughed even as they engaged in more fierce battle. Nobu soon had the upper hand, delivering more blows to his Commander than the latter was able to match until at last, his Commander was at his wit’s end.

“Kill me now but I shall resurrect from the dead stronger than ever,” he said spitting out blood onto the floor.

“Then I shall smite the abomination that you shall become and vanquish you, on my honor!”

His Commander laughed at the irony of the statement offered by Nobu even as he was finally vanquished by Nobu’s final strike. Once he was gone, Nobu conducted a cleansing ritual and poured spirit waters from a vial he kept in his pouch at all times; pouring the holy water on his enemy’s blood spilled on the floor.

Once the proper observances were made, he unchained Colette and helped her sit up. For a few moments, he was unsure what Colette would do but she surprised him by hugging and clinging onto him tightly.

“I… I owe you my life, Officer Nobu,”

“Are you ready to leave this place, Colette? Do you think you can walk unassisted?”

Colette nodded.

He helped Colette off the bed but because circulation had been cut off from her body for so long, she was unable to stand up on her own for too long and so Nobu supported her whole weight as they left the room. He helped Colette sit down as he tried to unravel the Commander’s spells locking them in his home once they had reached the room’s den. He prayed that the witches he had rescued that were in his Tree Dome were safe and sound and had not been discovered by the Commander’s men.

Before long, the spells were overcome and he rushed to get Colette back on her feet and out the door. He scanned their immediate surroundings and sensed that there was no one there before exiting and taking the nearest path to his home, ensuring he used paths which he knew were less frequented until he got home and immediately tended to Colette’s wounds despite the dire state of his home that had been turned upside down by his colleagues who sought his survivors.

“Officer Nobu, why did you fight your Commander?” Colette asked him.

“Because I couldn’t let him hurt you anymore,”

“Why would you help me when our kind is your enemy?”

“You are not my enemy,”

“What of your goddess? Is this not sacrilegious?”

“I worship Gaia. The Monarch is an abomination that needs to be vanquished from this Earth,”


Nobu nodded. He gently placed his hands on her wounds and healed them. She sighed in relief as he healed every wound delicately and fully.

“You’re a healer?”

“I am a Warrior first but I do possess some healing powers as well,”

Colette nodded accepting his pronouncement.

“You aren’t like other dryads. You’re… kind,” Colette mused.

Nobu smiled and thanked her as he finished patching her up. He excused himself to go check on the other survivors praying for a miracle that they were still alive and undiscovered.

He walked downstairs to the secret hatch he had in the dome’s basement of sorts. Once he had ascertained that the area was secure after scanning his environment, he used the secret whistle signal he had taught the survivors as the all clear signal. At first, he thought that he would not hear back from them but then he heard a collective chorus of the signal whispered back to him and then the five witches he had rescued that were presently in his home, all came out to greet him with a hug.

“Are you all alright? I hope you weren’t discovered,”

“We heard them upstairs and we were really scared but we kept quiet and we prayed using the prayer beads you gave us. They kept passing by the hatch as if they couldn’t see it and they left after a while. Your prayer beads saved us, Protector Nobu,” responded Tamara, one of the witches he had saved.

Nobu affectionately interacted with the rest of the group he had rescued before one of the witches he had rescued, Cora, turned to face directly past him and called out, “Colette?”

Nobu turned back to see Colette as she rushed to greet Cora with tears in her eyes.

“You know Colette?” Nobu asked Cora surprised.

“She’s my big Sister,” Cora responded.

“You saved my sister’s life, Lieutenant Nobu. I’ll be forever grateful,” Colette mused.

“On my honor, my lady, think nothing of it.Well, I think you’ve suffered for long enough. Rest up while you can. Tammy, could you please help me with lunch,”

“It is my pleasure, Protector Nobu,” said Tamara, following him.

They both walked upstairs and were suddenly startled by the presence of a well dressed couple casually seated on one of the wooden couches. The couple were surrounded by Monarch’s Hand Officers.

“Ah, Protector Nobu, how are you this pleasant day? Please allow me to introduce myself, Mrs. Aurora Alison and this is my beloved husband and protector, Protector Leal Grayson. It is quite an honor to be the one to bring you in to the Monarch. She has been dying to meet you and your charge as well. Please be a dear and come with us. As a bonus, we won’t harm any of the witches you rescued if you come quietly,” spoke the woman in a gentle, syrupy voice.


A brave warrior fighting in the name of a long-forgotten goddess in the Magical Realm… Seem unfamiliar? Worry not; acquaint yourself with the incomparable Lieutenant Nobu by following the link to the previous part listed below;

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