The Traveler Chronicles 6



Prince Xerxes was very perturbed by the fact that he felt so safe in the presence of the stranger bearing his dead fiancee’s face. In fact, he felt as though the woman before him was indeed his Rhea and was astounded by that feeling.

“My Prince, how are your fairing? Are you in any kind of pain?” Rhea asked him concerned.

“Not- not at all. I have fully recovered, it appears. Who are you, my lady? Is my-my love truly dead?”

Rhea smiled and shook her head. “It is complicated to explain but I shall try my best. The woman you were with whom you dated for well over a year was nothing more than an evil creature conjured to beguile you. She was made out of the darkest of magic and it was to meet the ends of the wickedness that commissioned her conjuration. You see, your majesty, that creature that assumed my identity was created by the Entity,”

The Prince blinked several times in disbelief. He had, of course, heard of the Entity for in those days, there were many wicked deeds that had transpired as prophesied by the Seers of their age. More recently, the Prince recalled what had led to the Island of Tavueni being transformed into Mariamne…

There had been a horrific war that had culminated in the death of nearly all of Fiji’s and other neighboring countries’ populations by an Evil Sea Faerie Sage who had covered the islands of Fiji by causing tycoons and rains that the Islands unlike anything the islanders had ever experienced. The wicked Sage had commissioned the creation of Merfolk warriors through her underling Sirens who were then tortured and twisted into the dreaded tritons and sirens of the oceans. The witch population of the Islands had all been converted into Merfolk and by the time the Sage was defeated by the Mermaid heroine, the Sage of Light Ilana, there were way too many Merfolk for the ocean to sustain.

A brave witch turned Mermaid named Mariamne had convinced a large number of Merfolk faithful that had once been witches and warlocks to bravely walk into the sun and end their lives for the sake of sustainability of the oceans of the world. The Sage of the Pillars of Infinite Oceans blessed and prayed for the souls and spirits of the brave Merfolk that willingly died that the Ocean may have life and they were honored by the local populations.

So legendary was Mariamne’s sacrifice that Prince Xerxes’ own grandfather after whom he was named, had decided to name what had once been the Island of Tavueni in Fiji in her honor once the Island was gifted to him. His grandfather had commissioned the restoration of the Islands’ natural flora with many of the Prince’s own people from Ambrosia assisting to restore all the Islands affected by the Evil Sage’s wicked reign.

As a reward for all the services the dryad folk of Ambrosia did for them, the Prime Minister of Fiji gifted Mariamne to the Prince of Ambrosia who then gave it to his first born son, Prince Xander. Eventually, Prince Xander found his true mate in a Sage named Areneas and they were married and had five children; Arie, Serea,  Xerxes and Fay and Freya, the twins. Xerxes was the only male child born of Xander and Areneas.

Aside from what had led to the creation of Mariamne, there was the ever present threat the Entity had presented to his special family. His mother, Areneas, was the only known female in the recent collective history of their people to be blessed with so many children. Years before his father had finally secured Areneas’ hand in marriage, Xerxes the first’s second born son, Prince Xeophilius, had futily tried to seduce Sage Areneas of Nymphadora.

So desperate had Xeophilius been to have Areneas as a mate, that he had consorted with the Dark Mystai Priestess, Claudia, to create a trap to have Areneas forever bound to him. His Uncle had stabbed his mother with a cursed blade in the hopes of giving the dark priestess what she wanted- the soul of Areneas’ unborn love child by his half-brother (and any other children Areneas would ever bear for him) in exchange for Xeophilius having Areneas as a life-mate.

The plan had led to his mother’s hospitalization, a complicated and unprecedented exorcism ritual and a very complicated gestation period as Areneas fought the dark possession of the Entity, ultimately winning the battle. However, his family would never forget those tough months especially his father, Xander. His Uncle had refused to reform and his father had made the difficult decision to have his own half brother, whom he had been his best friend and closest companion, executed for treason.

“What does the Entity want with my family now?”

“You’re very special, Prince Xerxes. So special, in fact, that the Entity covets you joining the dark side. You see, scientifically, you possess a very unique gene that you shall later on pass to all male children you shall bear through your Y-Chromosome and when one of your male descendants finds his ideal mate, a dryad woman bearing a very important Mitochondrial DNA, the offspring they shall produce shall be the future race of dryads that are destined to inherit Gaia’s Earth with fertility and vitality comparable to that of witches,”

The Prince was stunned. “What are you saying, Rhea? What is this about genes and Mitochondria and DNA? What does this have to do with me or my family? What does it have to do with my fiancee?”

“Put simply, my liege, you are what scientists call a Y-Chromosomal Adam of our people- you are chosen to be the father of all future dryads through your Y-Chromosome that you shall pass on to all your sons and in future, one of your descendants shall find Mitochondrial Eve, the chosen mother of all future dryads and together, their offspring shall inherit the Earth as Gaia’s new race of dryads. These dryads shall, once and for all, save our dying race. That is why the Entity covets you, your majesty. She knows that you are the dryad ‘Adam’ and she is specifically hoping to possess you so that all your children shall be dark dryads. If that happens and she gets to Eve too- the ones to inherit the Earth as is Gaia’s wish, shall be evil like the dryads populating the Dark World,”

“How- how can you possibly know all this?” the Prince asked still completely in disbelief.

“I know because- because that thing- that golem- it was modeled from a future reincarnation of myself. As a result, we shared some sort of connection and I could read part of its memories. It was created to darken your soul and have the Entity possess you,”

“It was made from a future reincarnation of yourself?”

Rhea nodded. “It was very powerful and I saw it- it was made from a distant future self. My future reincarnation was captured and killed and then it was modeled after me,”

“Why you?”

Rhea sighed. “Because the Entity is vain and believes in modeling golems from the strongest of host bodies,”

“No-no- I do not mean to ask why it chose your future reincarnation. I mean to ask why the Entity chose a future reincarnation of you specifically. Surely the Entity has the means to create a golem from any person it desires. Why did it chose you particularly?”

Rhea looked away, ashamed.


Rhea shook her head and kept her mouth shut terrified of revealing the most uncomfortable truth she had to Prince Xerxes.


Looks like we’ve made it through another exciting part of this wonderful series. Didn’t catch the first part? No worries, I got you. Enjoy!

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