The Traveler Chronicles 2



King Ember peered through the window overlooking the vast plains of Medula while thoughts of the Sidhe Empress plagued his mind. He had been operating on less hours of sleep than he would have wished but he really could not help but dread and assume the very worst wondering when his family would be no more.

His wife Queen Anna came to his side and placed her head on his right shoulder leaning into him and hugging him affectionately. He sighed and brought her hands to his lips, kissing them tenderly. Ember could hardly believe that the world would lose such a perfect creature as his Anna. What sins had he yet to atone for? Why was she going to die for mistakes he had made?

“Our children are finally settled in for the night,” Anna announced.

Ember smiled and turned to face his beloved wife. “You’re the best mother our children could have ever asked for,” he proudly proclaimed.

“Maybe I am, but it appears I am hardly the wife you deserve,”

“Darling, what are you talking about? You are more than I deserve. I thank the Creator every day for bestowing such an honor on me,”

“Then why is it that you sometimes hide things from me? I may not be as powerful as you are but I am your wife and as such, I deserve to know all things that worry you including things that are beyond us both,”

“Anna, I do not like hiding things from you but I also wish to prevent you from suffering needlessly especially when there is nothing you can do about it,”

“Be that as it may, I would still like to know, as your partner. Do you not trust me? Have I failed in any duty? Why then do you think me so fragile that I cannot handle the truth?”

Ember sighed. How had she found out? He had thought himself to be a master secret keeper and yet Anna was onto him already.

“I am sorry for keeping secrets from you. You’re right, of course. You are far stronger than even I give you credit for. I shall tell you everything I know and perhaps this burden shall be that less cumbersome to carry,” he said. He then revealed everything that kept him up at night and Anna patiently listened and then hugged him tightly.

“It will all be well, my love. The Creator’s Will always prevails, one way or another. If such a malevolent creature still exists in this world, then there must be a way that she can be vanquished. No matter how powerful the Sidhes are, they cannot surpass the power of the Creator. I have faith that we shall survive whatever trials are ahead of us,”

Ember smiled feebly. He wished that he could be as spiritual as Anna was but having once lived during the time of the Sidhes, he knew just how devastating the Empress’ power truly was.

“Hmm, I wonder whether this news is also what burdens our son, my love,”

“You mean Emre? I do not believe so. I haven’t told anyone else of Alyona but you and  Emilie,”

“Is that right? Are you certain that our son knows nothing of this?”

“Very certain. What makes you think that Emre is burdened?”

“He has been very distant of late; he spends all day, every day indoors pouring over books in the study. He does not eat properly or even rest as he should and whenever I speak to him, it is as if I am speaking to a complete stranger. Sometimes I feel like he is not even my son,”

“Anna! When did you first start noticing these things about Emre?”

“A few weeks ago. At first I thought it was nothing but then I noticed that Emre began being increasingly distant and nothing like himself. I thought that perhaps the demands of the Kingdom were weighing on him but after much contemplation, it is my fearful conclusion that our son is simply not himself,”

“Anna, in the wake of everything we’ve faced, I do not take your words lightly. If truly you feel that he has changed so much- I believe we need to truly find out if there is more than meets the eye about the change in his personality. He might have become possessed by the Entity or else- perhaps the Empress is targeting us through our son,” Ember said fearfully.

Anna was equally terrified and they could barely sleep that night. The following morning, a whole team of experts were called upon by the King to examine his son including a healer, a pure spiritualist, a Mystai priestess and a Shaman. The healer reported no signs of any physical illness or detrimental abnormalities and announced that Emre was at his peak physical form.

The pure spiritualist, however noted that Emre had a lot of spiritual energy, so much in fact, that he had to ask whether his parents whether they were sure that he was not a chosen one like his Father and Aunt. His parents were stunned to hear her pronouncement but insisted that Emre was not a chosen one.

The Mystai and Shaman’s assessments gave further insight into the nature of Emre’s spiritual state. They noted that it did appear that Emre was possessed but not by the malevolent Entity but by something else entirely. The King and Queen then commissioned a thorough inspection of what ailed their son terrified by what the analysis of that inspection would reveal…


Just what is going on anymore? Don’t remember where this madness began? Worry not. Please find your bookmark to the other entry in this intriguing story. You won’t want to miss out, after all. Enjoy…

  1. The Traveler Chronicles 2; Part Three




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