The Traveler Chronicles 2


Ember was still more than a little bemused by all the events that had come to pass since the events of the Wednesday, the 12th of July 2017, the date of the infamous Wednesday War of Wintria. In particular, one event truly stood out to the proud King of Medula that he had been unable to wrap his thoughts around it several days later.

Nothing truly shook Ember more than whilst reflecting on the unexplained events that had occurred during the war when he had, at one point felt chills run down his spine when he psychically sensed a presence he had thought could not possibly exist in the realm of reality. Ordinarily, he’d have consoled himself by thinking perhaps in the thick of war, he might have mistakenly profiled the presence he thought he had felt but there was simply no way he could have made a mistake of that magnitude.

That presence he had felt worried him and kept him wide awake at night despite his best efforts not to think too much of it. If truly he had sensed the presence of the impossible being that day, he was terrified that the end was nigh. It was, however, ludicrous for him to assume that what he’d felt was even possible.

And so as he lovingly observed his wife Anna caring for their newly adopted children with the loving grace she was so naturally blessed with and even as his sister Emilie playfully teased him in her natural sporting jest, it was hard to ignore the impossible feeling he had experienced that day.

In hindsight, Ember should have known better than to think he could keep anything from his hawk-eyed sister and she soon ushered him away into another room, skillfully providing a believable excuse to an already happily distracted Anna before their sudden exit, thus erasing any traces of suspicion. Emilie then promptly badgered him to explain what was bothering him the moment she was assured that they were out of earshot.

“I do not wish to trouble you with my assumptions,” Ember simply explained. He’d only wish his sister was not as persistent as she usually was. One look from her was enough for him to sigh and reveal, “The day of the Wednesday War, while we were atop the Mountain of Death, we were unable to reach the dark pillars for a while. The Magic that held us back was very powerful- too powerful even for me to handle despite having  nephilium blood,”

Emilie nodded intently listening to her brother.

“The thing is, for sometime, I felt the impossible- a presence I haven’t felt in a long time and it has distressed me,”

“A ghastly presence, I presume?”

“Yes but Emilie, the thing is, I am terrified if this presence was truly present on that day. If it- if she was present on that day, I fear the war against the Entity is as good as lost,”

Emilie was bewildered by her brother’s proclamation.

“What- what makes you say that, Ember? Whose presence did you feel on that day?”

“I felt- Emilie, I felt the Sidhe Empress Alyona,”

Emilie gasped unbelieving of her brother’s answer.

“No-no, brother, that simply cannot be. The time of the Sidhes- they- they were destroyed by the Watchers- they no longer exist or else they were lost for all eternity after they disappeared- it could only mean that they- they were destroyed. The- the Entity is by itself part of the dark energy left by- by the rebellious Messengers and their wayward children- it cannot be,”

“I know that, Emilie. That is why I hope that I just imagined it. But- but I knew that feeling- I felt her, Emilie. You- you are a Chosen one too and you know that such a thing cannot be- be mistaken,”

“But how- how can it be her? She- she is long forgotten from this time. No one in the whole world even remembers of the Sidhes but-but a few of us. How could this be?”

Ember shook his head. His sister was terrified as she should have been. The return of the Sidhes especially one as powerful as their leader who was known as the Empress Alyona was astronomically terrible especially if the Sidhes joined the side of the Entity. There was no doubt in his mind that should he be correct, then there was no need to keep fighting in the war… Nothing on Earth’s physical planes of existence was as powerful as a Sidhe. Not even all the Chosen Ones on Earth combined could defeat a Sidhe as powerful as Alyona.

“Ember, have you told anyone else your suspicions?”

“No. I’ve confided in just you, Emilie,”

“Good. I think for now, it is best if we keep it to ourselves, at least until we can find a- a way to see if it is possible,”

Ember nodded.

“I pray you’re wrong, Ember. This- this could be the end of the world as we know it,”

Ember nodded. After his revelation, there was not much left to say. He simply returned to pretending everything was alright. His whole world, his family, every person he loved and cared about was endangered and there was nothing he could do about it. When Alyona finally came for them all, there was nothing that could save them.

Was this second chance he’d been given at life all for naught? Was the Creator truly so cruel that she would have him have it all only to cruelly take it all away from him? What was the point of anything, anyway? Were the wages of his sins so great that even all the people he loved would be made to suffer for them? What had his beloved Anna done to warrant such cruelty? Was it better for him not to have interfered with her life and left her be?

Ember held onto hope that he had been wrong because the alternative was simply too horrifying to accept…


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