The Prince of Wintria


Alyan stepped off the bridge first onto the floating land mass encased in a sphere like dome and then helped Thea step onto the mass on the other side of the bridge. Thea thanked him and followed his lead trusting that he would instinctively know where to go. Her intuition was right as Alyan led them right where they needed to go; Axis Mundi, the world between worlds that would lead them to the Paradise Lands they wished to visit.

While on their way to reaching the center, Thea could not help but admire the scenery in the strange floating land mass. All the trees in the eerie forest were intertwined with large branching roots spread-out across the land as if they were all part of a gigantic tree with the trees operating as branches of the whole rather than being independent of the land mass and unseen tree that conjoined them.

It was eerily cold and quiet save for the sound of their breathing and of their footsteps on the ground. The forest of sorts was alive and it seemed to be breathing even as they walked towards the center. There were no birds or insects but the forest seemed to have a pulse beating and echoing all of Creation.

Finally, they made it to the center and the forest suddenly disappeared and they were entrapped and surrounded on all sides by darkness. There appeared to be no life beyond the darkness and they could not see a thing save for a singular creature coming towards them. The creature was surrounded by ethereal light and wore the Creator’s Glory like its coat of armor- proudly and majestically.

Thea and Alyan both bowed in reverence. The creature, was after all, the fabled Gate Keeper of the world between worlds. According to religion, one should never face the Messenger directly but it was so tall that doing so was technically impossible. It appeared to be dressed in the  a long cloak mimicking the universe and the cosmos; a beautiful,live presentation of the universe with its stars, heavenly bodies and the sun itself. This was the fabled Hekate, the Gatekeeper Messenger and for their journey to proceed, they would have to appease her.

“Alyan son of Stilbe and Lilea; Thea daughter of Kalsa and Nan, for what purpose do you come to this most sacred place?” Hekate inquired. Her voice echoed across every corner of the enclosure frightening them both.

“We- we seek to enter the Paradise Lands to- to speak to my parents,”Alyan responded timidly turning to face Thea who timidly nodded reassuring him that it was going to be alright.

“Praised Be! The Creator has deemed you worthy of visiting the Paradise Lands but be warned- if you stay there longer than it was destined, you shall remain there for all eternity,” Hekate pronounced.

“Th-Thank you. Praised be to- to Gaia,”

Hekate then waved her hand and a path emerged from the darkness leading directly to the Paradise Lands they sought. Alyan and Thea walked quickly without turning back as was written- none should face the Messenger directly in the face and none may turn back once the path has been set or else risk facing the judgement of Hekate and remaining trapped in the world between worlds for all time…

The moment they made it through to where the trail ended, they were welcomed by the most glorious of lights, the light of which filled them with a joy that they had never experienced before that time. They turned to face each other smiling and skipping into the Paradise Lands.

Alyan wondered how he’d ever be able to leave Heaven considering how wonderful he felt. For the first time, he was no longer burdened by his cowardly disposition or by the cares and worries of the world. He no longer feared death or illness or strive. He was not exhausted, nor hungry or thirsty. He did not feel any wrath, fear, worry or any negative feeling. It was as if he was a new-born. Everything had such wonder and  endless joy. He felt a love for all living things he had never felt before then and on looking at Thea, he realized she must be feeling the same. There was a look of childlike exuberance on her face and he happily echoed her exact sentiments.

There were more Messengers in Heaven than he could count and though they were as intimidating as Hekate had been, they did not scare him at all. They observed both he and Thea curiously as they practically skipped around each place in Heaven searching for the Mountains of Glory where it was said good spirits of the Ice Nymphs resided. They made it in no time and were surprised to find not only Prince Stilbe and Protector Lilea but every one of the friends and family they had lost.

“Mother? Father?” asked Alyan.

The spirits of his deceased parents both nodded before approaching him and embracing their beloved son.


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