The Prince of Wintria


The sudden death of Ismead haunted Alyan even as Wintria began to pull itself back together from the Wednesday War. For several weeks after the events of the infamous war, the Prince took up the identity of Prince Ismead by using a shape-shifting mirror to take on his exact semblance. He ensured that Ismead’s body was  magically preserved in secret at least until they could get to the bottom of what transpired on the fated night when their lives were irrevocably changed forever.

Orchestrating such a feat such as successfully switching the child of the most powerful Seer in the entire Third Plane of Existence for another child, no matter how gifted the latter child was; was nothing short of miraculous. The incident which would later become the most prolific case of child switching in Wintrian history, had the most elite investigators from the land working solely on the case. The investigators were sworn and magically bound to secrecy and reported directly to Thea.

The investigators went down the path of seeking and interrogating all those involved in the processes of birthing Ismead and Alyan hoping to unearth clues as to who was behind the whole thing based off what Alyan’s Retro-cognizant gift was able to reveal. It therefore came as no surprise when the investigators interrogated the woman whom Alyan had called mother his entire life; Cleodora, Daughter of Faris and Valan commonly referred in her home village as Cleo.

Cleodora gave her account of things that raised some red flags about the nature of the strange case. Cleo explained during her pregnancy she had received crystal clear visions of her Alyan. She had known that her son would be a seer and that he would be a very beautiful boy. He would be obedient but very cowardly. In fact, the inspiration for her baby boy’s name came to her in a dream…

It was not the first time a mother expecting a seer baby had had visions despite not being a seer themselves but usually the visions were not as crystal clear as Cleo described hers as being. Many details would often be left out of premonitions and sometimes it would be hard to make sense of the often jumbled up happenings one would receive during such experiences. However, Cleo was clearly an exception and it was strange to say the least.

When asked to reveal whether there was something special added into her routines when she was expectant, Cleo declared that she had vigilantly followed the Healers’ instructions to the t. She had been cautious to ensure that her Alyan was born as healthy as could possibly be as any first time mother would.

She gave details of the healers that had attended to her but nothing particularly stood out to investigators. The healers owned a private practice that had been popular for centuries. There were no signs of any dark magic or foul play in their practice for the many years they had served the subjects of Wintria.

Other than visiting the healers, Cleo frequented the Temple of Gaia frequently to pray for a safe pregnancy and delivery. She devoutly followed all spiritual observances at the time to ensure her especially gifted son would be of the light and to get rid of any evil influences before her son was born into the world.

Investigators went as far as to check out the Temple for possible clues but their investigations did not yield any solid results. Therefore, after six months of chasing leads concluding with dead ends, it appeared that their progress was halted and they were ready to throw in the towel when Alyan thought of something that terrified him but that which may finally bring clarity to the investigators once and for all.

In sooth, Alyan had thought a lot about contacting his deceased parents but anxiety kept his wishes at bay. He still felt guilty following the death of Ismead and was terrified that his parents would judge him harshly for it. He was terrified to face them then feeling ashamed for being unable to fit into the shoes Ismead had so easily fitted into following their demise.

Yet it appeared the only way to get to the bottom of how the switch was able to happen in the first place lay at the end of his fear of meeting his parents. He therefore informed Thea of his intentions and she of course insisted on taking a journey to the Spirit World with him and so they walked to the highest room of the Royal Palace- the Astronomy Room which was covered in powerful runes and had all they would require to embark on their quest.

As Thea prepared the candles and crystals around the white circle which they’d use to travel to the Spirit world, Alyan poured over some books to ensure he correctly anchored their bodies to Earth or else risk losing his spirit and Thea’s in the spirit world. He informed Thea of the risks of traveling with him but as predicted, it did not deter her from tagging along.

Alyan then sat in the middle of the circle and faced Thea who sat directly facing him in the circle. He held her hands gently and could not resist smiling at her. For a few moments, he just admired her, grateful to have such a beautiful and strong woman by his side. He asked Thea if she was ready and she nodded, immediately shutting her eyes and abandoning everything within her- body, mind and spirit to Alyan without hesitation.

The last thought he had was of how much Thea’s total trust and faith in him touched him before he sunk deep into meditation and then he felt his spirit depart from his body and observed Thea’s join him too in spirit form. For a while, he quietly observed their lifeless bodies that had remained in the meditative postures but had frozen over. Then he felt his spirit and Thea’s ascend until they were completely out of the physical world and into the Spirit World.

He and Thea held hands as they walked across a bridge with a blindingly thick fog making visibility further than a few miles ahead of them impossible. The bridge was stable and did not sway despite the sharp winds and sound of waves crushing beneath them from the Lake of the Dead, Lake Tuoni. It did not take them long to completely finish crossing the bridge and emerging on the other side…


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