The Prince of Wintria


Without a moment’s hesitation, Alyan and Thea rushed to give a message to the Ship’s Naval Captain of a change in their course. By the time they reached the Captain’s cabin, they’d encountered more Wintrian soldiers who had boarded the ship. Thea impressed Alyan by fighting them off even ignoring the injuries she incurred to ensure he was safe and sound.

With the Naval Captain alerted, they began to change course headed in a Southern direction. To their credit, the other battle ships diverted their courses in such a way that the Wintrian soldiers did not catch wind of their true intentions. However, they headed straight towards danger as the enemy presence in their direction was more felt.

The Captain had to turn to their last resort which exposed their ship and revealed their true intention but undoubtedly brought them closer to their goal- she communicated and received approval from her Admiral and she immediately asked Alyan and Thea to remain cautious and vigilant as she released the ship’s ‘wings’ attached at its sides. The ship immediately began to levitate once the captain performed all actions required to activate them.

The ship continued levitating and the Wintrians did everything they could think of to bring it down even as the Captain expertly evaded their attacks on her newly set destination. However, after a mere thirty minutes, the ship’s levitation ability was diminished significantly as the ship encountered heavy, direct fire. They made it on land with just a hair’s breadth of their lives, thankful they had temporary reprieve from enemy fire.

However, the ship’s inhabitants had to abandon ship quickly as the Wintrians were soon upon them and showed no mercy to the survivors on board. In the midst of the resulting chaos, Alyan grabbed hold of Thea’s hand and ran away with her towards the darkness which he had to defeat- a darkness that was so evil and so powerful, he was terrified it was beyond his scope. However, as they made it to the top of the icy Mountain where their destined mission lay, even as they stared above them to the objects they were meant to defeat, they were unable to do so because of some magical barrier of some sort.

The barrier was meant to enclose whatever or whomever was already inside it and gave nothing inside it away. Alyan thought that having the barrier made sense considering what it guarded; gigantic Blackstone pillars erected atop the mountain radiating dark energy that was no doubt the work of the Entity and its followers. The pillars’ dark energy was what had led to the weakening of the power of the Ghorma as well as the possession of the Wintrians.

Nothing Alyan tried brought the barrier down and so he and Thea were forced to hide nearby while they racked their brains for a solution to getting inside the barrier. While in hiding, they saw something even more puzzling than the barrier blocking their access to the Dark Pillars; Aurora Alison and her protector were on the scene. Alyan nearly rose up to meet them and ask them how Protector Leal had made such a miraculous recovery within such a short time but Thea caught him just in time and it was a great thing she did because he soon saw that the Aurora and Protector Leal he and Thea saw were certainly not allies of the light.

This Aurora and Leal were frantically trying to take down the barrier themselves, consorting with the possessed Wintrians that were also stumped on how to take it down. The sight was suddenly a debacle- why would the very ones that erected the barrier be stumped on how to take it down? Alyan caught his gasp before it escaped his mouth. It appeared that the barrier was the work of another party- one who was not on the Entity’s side but was undoubtedly an ally to their cause…

He wondered who this third party was and how powerful they must have been to cast a magical field so powerful, it kept everyone out. In a few more moments, there was a mighty earthquake and an avalanche forced all presently on the mountain and in its surrounding areas to cascade down with the falling ice.

Upon recovering from the sudden fall off the mountain, Thea and Alyan found themselves facing off against the Wintrians and a stunned Aurora and Leal who were miraculously unharmed besides being shocked.

“Well, well, what do we have here? I suppose proper greetings and salutations are in order for his and her majesty,” Aurora sneered at them.

Thea got on her feet first and quickly moved to protect Alyan who was still on the ground covered in snow. They were seriously outnumbered and outmatched but Thea was prepared to raise hell fire while going down if that’s what it took.

Aurora laughed at her. “It’s amazing how foolish the Protector’s Bond makes us, is it not, Protector Thea? You are ready to die for your charge even though you know you haven’t a shot in hell at winning, don’t you? Where’s your sense of self preservation then?”

“I willingly die for my Prince as my honor. You and your so called Protector are a perverted abomination of what the Protector’s Bond is meant to be. Your taunting does not affect me in any way,”

Aurora cackled gleefully. “Brave and honorable to the end. I shall remember this encounter and savor it long after you’re dead and gone,” she said.

She looked directly at Thea poised to attack but nothing happened for several moments afterwards. Aurora then looked worriedly at her Protector. They appeared to be engaged  telepathic communication until finally, in frustration, Aurora gave the order to attack to kill to the Wintrian soldiers. Alyan stood up, trembling in fear ready to go down bravely. He would right the history books right that second and go down as a great hero just as he’d read about in all the published hero ‘sagas’ since he was a fledgling.

However, the soldiers moved to capture Aurora and Leal rather than kill Alyan and Thea leaving the latter couple stunned to silence. Some warriors looked guiltily at Thea and Alyan then asked them if they were hurt. Thea nodded even as the warriors approached them cautiously.

Their eyes were no longer obsidian black and the hostility had disappeared from their faces entirely. Alyan wandered what was going on before turning to look at the mountains where the two tall dark pillars had once stood. The mountains were clear once more with no dark sightings to be seen…

“What- what is going on?” Alyan wandered aloud.

“It appears that what ailed our people has been vanquished,”

“By what or whom?” Alyan asked terrified.

“It matters not, my Prince. What truly matters is that you claim your rightful place as Prince of Wintria, your birthright,” Thea stated confidently amidst confused looks from the warriors.

“Thea, this is not the time-”

“It is the perfect time, my lord. Do not let cowardice win. Claim your rightful place. Be proud of who you are, Prince Alyan of Wintria,”


Thanks for reading… Did you have a great time? I certainly hope so. In case you missed it, please find previous entries in this story down below. Enjoy 😉

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