The Prince of Wintria


A lot had happened since Alyan had escaped certain death at the hands of the maddened Prince Ismead of Wintria. He had been saved by an unlikely savior and brought to a land that existed outside the normal boundaries of time and it became his home. During the six months he had become a permanent resident of the Dyson sphere he then called home, Alyan had experienced a happiness he had not known was possible to a poor farmer’s son much less a coward like he was…

His hosts, King Ember and his lovely wife Queen Anna, had not only understood his and his Protector Thea’s need to separate themselves from the larger group gathered in the Dyson Sphere, but had encouraged it and so they had been allowed to explore other sections of the Sphere in their own free time as well as finding a home that was far away from the larger structures most occupants of the Sphere like Ember and his family occupied.

Alyan and Thea had favored the Dyson Sphere’s artificially generated mountainous region where the star that powered the Sphere’s light was less effective thus making it cooler. To it’s credit, the Sphere even gave the illusion of snow with individual artistically carved snow flakes pouring over the mountain Alyan and Thea chose to be their home base as mates.

Everything was seemingly perfect for the couple until on one peculiar night almost four months into living the dream, there had been a sudden change in the Dyson Sphere that echoed throughout every structure. For a few hours, magic which he could not perform while in the Sphere, which was, to him, a small price to pay for the happiness he felt, had returned and with it that night, came the nightmares.

Thea had made contact with King Ember immediately after the ‘magic switch’ had been turned on and he had confirmed to her that there had been an attack that had seriously wounded one of their own but that the perpetrators had escaped and he had then used his own magic to restore the Dyson Sphere’s protections, turning ‘the switch’ back off again.

However, as Alyan would soon discover, that little bit of magic that had slipped in caused him to have nightmarish visions of Wintria and as much as he tried to hide from it, he was terrified for the land of his birth and above all, for the people he had failed by his cowardice and unwillingness to claim his rightful place at the throne.

Alyan tried to focus on his happiness- Thea was everything to him and being with her was worth enduring an eternity of nightmares but how could he just turn away? Something sinister was looming on the people of his land and as much as he liked to pretend that it wasn’t his concern anymore, he simply did not have the luxury of it anymore.

He loved to wake up each morning and smile as he observed his beautiful mate Thea so blissfully sleeping beside him. In no time, Thea awoke within seconds of him awakening, smiling brightly at him and he pretended to still be asleep though he could sense her staring right at his face as she smiled. He would then playfully open his eyes- one after the other and chuckle along with Thea before holding her in his arms. If only the nightmares did not torment him so. He would be content living there in their perfect little world alone forever.

Thea could tell he was troubled from his uneven breathing. As she always did, she asked Alyan if he had had the nightmares again. His response was a grim nod. She sat up, prepared to fight and she urged him to go tell Ember and the rest. As always, he hesitated. How could he ask Ember to help him after everything the king had done for him? Besides, he knew the King had more important things to worry about than just one nation in the Third Plane of Existence. However, on that day, he decided to go back to the capitol as the Dyson Sphere inhabitants named it, to see the King.

The King, as always, put on a brave face in spite of all circumstances including the attack just four months ago. His wife Queen Anna, Ember explained, was attending to their newly adopted children- three girls that had been rescued along with a few others from another timeline. Apparently, the three girls were children of their doppelgangers in that other timeline and the King and his Queen could simply not turn them away. The girls, Ember explained, had no place to call home as did their people who were happily resettled in King Ember and Anna’s timeline by their beloved son, Prince Emre.

Alyan learned that there was very sad news concerning one Protector Leal Grayson. He had been gravely wounded during the attack on their land and it had reduced his wife to a mere shell of the woman she had once been. Despite the fact that King Ember’s adopted daughter Erabelle, periodically suspended his condition in time until when he received proper healing care when she’d lift the suspension for a time, his mental state had seriously deteriorated following irreparable damage to his neurological systems. That his brain still functioned was a miracle by itself and the knowledge of just how grave his situation was had repercussions on his charge Aurora, who refused to leave the room and required healing care of her own. Queen Anna helped to raise Avery, their daughter, along with her other adopted children.

Since the veil had been lifted, little Avery’s age had rapidly accelerated and she was then a toddler capable of speech and fending for herself with little assistance despite the fact that no one had taught her such things. It appeared that Avery had the ability to rapidly age things in addition to rapidly aging herself, something King Ember found nothing short of fascinating.

It appeared that anything little Avery came into contact with while the veil of magic was lifted from the Dyson Sphere, had aged considerably as well. Alyan was fascinated but not very well distracted from what was happening back at home. He described his nightmares that he was certain were actually visions and the King surprised him by wholeheartedly agreeing that something sinister was going on.

The Sage of the Undine Pillars had visited not two days ago, telling him of some kind of disturbance in the power of the Ghorma, a powerful undine race that she was psychically connected to. Her linkage to the race had been weakening each day and the Sage was understandably very concerned. Desperate to get to the bottom of what was going on, the Sage had sent spies in the guise of good will ambassadors to the Ghorma. The spies, however, had not made it to the land of the Ghorma as they were suddenly ambushed and killed by Wintrian soldiers.

The soldiers left one spy alive to tell the tale. The Sage had been flabbergasted by the news of the absolute ferocity and mercilessness the Wintrians had used on the spies she had sent. The spy that was spared was very shaken and horrified beyond belief and was immediately attend to by healers.

Following the ferocious ambush on the Sage’s spies, the Wintrians had declared war on any other race stupid enough to cross the border linking the Second Plane of Existence to the Third and would treat any attempts to access the Plane as an act of open aggression.

Alyan was horrified to hear of the Sage’s account and understood why the Sage had not wanted to see him or Thea when she had visited the Dyson Sphere. He wondered what had become of his people that were renown for their kindness and hospitality.

What was the meaning of all the nightmares he had endured? How would he be able to save his people if no one could reach that land and find the cause of their uncommon hostility? And most importantly, could he, a coward, truly be the Prince and Savior Wintria needed?


Hi there, thanks for reading. Haven’t meet Prince Alyan yet? No problem, please meet him right here… He is admittedly shy and weary of strangers (on account of his cowardice) but I’m sure he wouldn’t mind meeting you, beloved reader. Just please don’t tell Thea I introduced you 😉

  1. The Seer’s Nightmare: Alyan’s Tale: Part One.
  2. Part Two: Alyan’s Tale



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    • Hi there… I am so sorry… I didn’t realize your message wasn’t approved. Thanks so much for saying this. I am so happy that you enjoy my stories… Hope you stick around for more Magic because Creator knows we all need a little more of it in our World. Thank you.

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  3. That bit about the little girl, with the magic to age whatever she comes into contact with…whew, gave me some shivers. I will be reading the next soon! A lot of elements to work with and I’m excited to see where the story leads!


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