A Thousand and One Apologies

Dear Readers,

It pains me to have to jot this down as opposed to writing the stories you all love and enjoy. I know I talked a huge game at the end of last year and I meant to keep every word of it. Unfortunately, real life happened and here we are, nearly at the end of January 2018 without continuation of  the stories of our beloved universe…

Presently, my current workload does not allow for me to post stories as I used to… I regret this very much… I do promise to write the stories you love and post as often as I can even if that means writing a word a day until the stories are completed and posted…

All I require from you, dearest readers, is your time and patience… I value each and every one of you and it’d be a real shame if I lost any one of you. I will try to deliver on my promise and keep you entertained and yearning for more as I did during the last year…

Thank you as always for your time, patience and dedication. I wish you all a wonderful time! See you next story!


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