The Order of the Black Coat

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The 5th Strike

August 23rd 2003 was a cold day in Terra Sapienta. By 4 P. M dark grey, clouds had already rolled in and settled in the sky and by the time 7 P.M hit the clock, the cold weather had escalated into light rain with harsh winds coming in seemingly from every direction. Some residents of Marigold town, at the heart of the country’s capital city, Fayetown, were lucky enough to escape unscathed by the rain that perpetually picked up since 7 P.M but for some unlucky folk, such as the Protectors guarding the Halls of Prophecy and House of Scrolls buildings which held some of the Magical Realm’s most powerful secrets, they had to suck it up.

The Halls of Prophecy and House of Scrolls had collectively been robbed four times prior to that night and it was no secret who had done so either.Referring to themselves as the Order of the Black Coat, the ruthless, all female terror group had been formed in 1790 by one of the brightest sorceresses of her time named Aleena, but had truly gained infamy after the war in 1995 ended and powerful witch- girls almost at the brink of maturity had began disappearing. By the year 2000, it was discovered that the Order was behind the kidnapping incidents of the late 90s and early 2000s.

For the first time since its inception, the Protectors’ Agency was under intense scrutiny of their ability to protect such precious assets and many wondered whether they truly deserved the privilege of doing so over other renowned security agencies including the army of Terra Sapienta. How could the Protectors claim to be the best security agency in all the known Realms and yet colossally fail to protect the most important assets of the known Magical Realm not once or twice but four times? The Chief Protector (C.P) had the military top brass constantly breathing down her neck to explain how and why the Protectors’ Agency failed and to come up with possible solutions to their failures.

By the night in question, the military had intervened and guarded the two buildings along with their Protector counterparts and more security agents were also called in to assist including armed guards from several renowned private security firms such as the White Horn Agency and some Justice and Legal Department Agencies such as the Bia Law Enforcement Agency and the Magical Law Enforcement Force known as the Serjantia or Serjs/Blues in short.

The government ensured that latest in logical security systems were put in place to ensure no penetration of the physical sites using any means- magical or otherwise were more than adequately invested in. The guards from the multiple law enforcement agencies were highly trained and specialized in virtually all types of magical offensive and defensive magic and Protectors of as great a status as Silver Elite level manned the buildings. Several guards were even camouflaged in invisibility shields and all guards wore specialized clothing designed to protect against all manner of attacks particularly from the mysterious poisonous ‘clouds’ the Order were infamous for using that killed instantly upon any contact with the body or inhalation of even the smallest amounts of the nefarious gas.

There were also guards on stand-by in various undisclosed locations all over the town of Marigold in case the worst case scenario occurred and their instructions were to shoot to kill but capture a few enemy combatants for questioning. The guards on the ground were on edge even when continuously streamed surveillance reports of the entire town proved that no threats were eminent. They knew all that could change in an instant and it frightened them like nothing else would…

By 9 P.M, the rain was heavier than before and Marigold’s residents were almost all home and away from the rain. The constant security checks continued to reveal no signs of unusual activities and there was no sight or sound out of the ordinary but it did nothing to alleviate the growing sense of gloom and foreboding in the guards.

Come 11 P.M , the heavy rain was a utter nuisance and visibility became a problem. The security agents, however, were more vigilant than ever seeking for signs of any disturbance. Nothing but the sound of the rain hitting the pavements and flowing into drainage systems was registered and Marigold’s streets were nearly deserted by then.

By a few minutes to midnight, the rain continued to pour in buckets and then the first signs of trouble were equipment beginning to go wonky while security systems began to temporarily went offline. While back-up systems were being  activated, a singular split second sight appeared near the entrance to the House of Scrolls building. It was something that if they’d blinked, they would have missed it but the guards of the building had been prepared and did not fail to notice the brief flash of light as if someone had taken a photograph of them.

The alarm signal was about to be raised by a vigilant security officer in the watchtower when all of a sudden, his entire body froze up and he couldn’t move anything but his eyes. He tried turning to alert his colleague to raise the alarm but noticed his colleague appeared to be frozen too. The two exchanged terrified looks and suddenly, two women appeared right before them in the unmistakable clothing worn by the Order that was their uniform of sorts.

The women’s faces were concealed by their black hoods pulled over their faces with only their lips being visible. The rest of their attire bore the raven black color of their hoods and echoed their every movement as if living and sentient beings of their own.Their clothing did justice to the attractive and enticing figures of the women, clinging onto them and highlighting their silhouettes and their feminine curves but their attractiveness meant nothing in the face of certain death.

One woman opened up her arms as if she was preparing to embrace them but instead, the mysterious black clouds of death emerged from her hands floating in the air in a partially suspended motion. The ‘clouds’ dispersed to every discernible corner of that room and penetrated the guards’ protective clothing as if they were merely wearing clothes made out of cotton. The two guards were powerless as the poison came into contact with their skin causing it to melt away like an ice-cream cone on a hot Summer’s day until there was nothing but the protective uniforms lying on the ground where the two guards  were previously standing.

Once disposed of, the women unraveled more logical security measures including the Non-Magic interference protective field and before the alarm was raised from other security checkpoints in the building that were slowly coming back online, more of their kind had incapacitated them and disposed of them in a similar manner as the watchtower guards.

Scroll 1.jpgIn a matter of seconds, the women were in the main hall headed straight for the secret storage of the building where they made quick work of the guards within the building as they’d done four times prior to that night. They input the codes required to open the secret bunker storage which they’d had for weeks leading to this event and entered into the cache of secret scrolls hidden safely within a supposed impenetrable safe. Their team leader who had facilitated teleportation into the building after carefully assisting in orchestrating the security systems going offline by using astral projection to carefully relay real time information to one of their hacking agents while she and her team remained carefully concealed under their own impenetrable invisibility field, approached their desired target for that night and carefully examined the document presumably harmless in its little box.

eye of horus.jpg

She examined it a while using one of the special abilities of the collective power she shared with all her fellow Black Coats known as the Eye. The Eye showed her the document was heavily protected by magical shields and she carefully began to unravel them with the members of her team watching her back and ensuring no guard was left alive to stop them.

Once done, Dawn Broker, the team leader of Team Artemis of the Black Coats picked up the scroll and it glowed an ethereal black as if coming alive, floating on its own in mid-air at Dawn’s height. The Scroll then began to vibrate and what sounded like whispers of several disembodied voices began to speak all at once and then horrified screaming and pleading and what sounded like gnashing and clattering of teeth.

The Scroll then unraveled itself showing Dawn its contents which she could not interpret even using the Eye. The only thing the Eye could pick up were two runic symbols- one which was most definitely the Black Sun Rune and the other some kind of dark rune even the Eye could not interpret that appeared as a mashing of two letter Ys. Dawn could deduce that the contents of the scroll were very dark magical instructions and assumed that it must have been a dark curse at the very least or most probably, instructions on conducting a dark ritual of sorts. After a while, the scroll then rolled itself back to its original state and fell into Dawn’s hands as she had willed it to and she and the others left the House of Scrolls, victorious once more.

Dawn was proud to hand over the scroll to their overall leader and daughter of the founder named after her mother Aleena but was sure to praise her team’s efforts as well immediately after the mission was through. She was curious as to what was so important about that particular scroll that had required the most elite team of the Order to retrieve but her training had taught her not to question her leaders.

“Excellent job as always, Dawn. Our client will be very pleased,” Mistress Aleena said with a bright smile.

Dawn gave a shadow of a smile and nodded.

“Are you still keen on leaving us, Dawn? You have such great potential,” said Aleena.

“Yes, Mistress. I- I meant what I said. This was my final mission,”

“Your memories of your time with us must be erased and replaced; all your life’s worth of achievement, gone and replaced with false ones of an unremarkable life, and you shall lead a mundane life. Are you certain that this is the life you want? Is a daughter you have never met worth all that? Isn’t she much better off without knowing you?”

Dawn smiled as she replied, “My daughter Alyssa is worth every suffering and burden I encounter in my new journey.”

“Very well. I am saddened to see such a talented leader leave but… do as you must for your daughter,”

“Thank you, Mistress,”

“You are dismissed. Go see Mistress Feya to begin your journey to your new chosen life,”

“Thank you, Mistress,” she said with a final bow to Aleena and she left the room and in her haste to get to Mistress Feya, bumped into someone on the nearest hallway.

“Pardon me, Miss,” she said apologetically to the woman she had bumped into taking a good look at her. The woman was regally dressed in an elegant nymph made dress of silk and had long, diamond drooping earrings that complimented her dress. The woman had long, flowing red hair and gorgeous sea-weed green eyes. By her side was a handsome gentleman flanking her protectively and perhaps a little possessively too. He had auburn hair and honey brown eyes. He too was impeccably dressed in what was undoubtedly a nymph made suit complete with a tie and embellished the look with dragon hide shoes- a very expensive and rare material for clothing. Their clothing gave away their stature in society.

“Oh it’s no problem,” the woman said and smiled at her. For some reason, that smile chilled Dawn to the core.

“Congratulations on your successful final mission. And good luck with your daughter,” the woman said.

Dawn caught herself before she gasped in shock. The woman seemed to have privileged information about Dawn and yet Dawn knew nothing about the woman or the intimidating, dashing gentleman besides her. After a pregnant pause, the woman lovingly held the gentleman’s hand in her own and walked away from Dawn without further ado.

Curiosity got the better of her and she followed them behind cautiously. They entered the room and received the scroll she and her team had retrieved from Mistress Aleena. Aleena smiled brightly on receiving what was undoubtedly a large sum of payment in gold, she presumed. The woman opened up the scroll and read through it- it appeared that she could understand its contents that were written in the ancient and mysterious language of the Scribes which was said to mimic angelic language.  The woman’s smile broadened and it was easy to gleam that she was indeed, very impressed that Dawn and her team had managed to retrieve the scroll. For some reason, Dawn started regretting acquiring the scroll for her.

However, she’d already done the deed and there was no turning back from it. She left her Mistress and the mysterious man and woman talking and walked to Mistress Feya to begin her new life with her daughter. She had been with the Order for 14 years and during that time, when she was 20 years old, she had chosen a mate in the form of a handsome young man from the neighboring city known as Bloom City .He had been easy to manipulate and her training in feminine charm and seduction tactics had been no match for the young man’s natural defenses and better judgement. A year later, she had conceived their first and only child and convinced the young man, that did not know her true identity but instead thought her to be a special agent working for the Protectors’ Agency, to care for their daughter. The tradition of the Order dictated that once her daughter was a certain age, she’d be expected to join the terror group and become an honorary Black Coat.

However, Dawn had done so many evil things that she could not imagine subjecting her daughter to such a life. She had managed to secure Mistress Aleena’s promise to not only keep her daughter away from that life but also a promise of leaving the group for good and adopting a new alias and raising her daughter well provided that she was successful in her missions and lead her team effectively before her time elapsed. Dawn had done so for ten more years and yearned to raise her daughter the right way. Dawn had no intention of settling down with the young man that had raised Alyssa- to her, he was simply a means to an end. She would erase his memory of her and poison her daughter’s mind and heart to detest him and depend only on her…

Dawn took a deep breath before knocking on the door to Mistress Feya’s office. She was politely ushered in and told that she had been expected. After confirming that Dawn was sure of the life she wanted outside the Order, Mistress Feya instructed her to lie down on the only hospital bed in the office and as her memories were examined and modified, undesirable memories were plucked out and disposed of as the Mistress had done countless times before.

Mistress Feya instructed Dawn to get to sleep and by morning, report back to her of how she felt. Dawn did as she was told and reported back to her. She had no recollection of having met the young man from Bloom City or the year afterwards they had occasionally met and spent together or the fact that she even had a daughter. All she recalled was life with the Order and had a strong resolution in mind that she was forever indebted and loyal to the group for all time. Dawn was emboldened in her calling to the cause. She was and would always be a Black Coat.


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