The Heiress



At long last, the day Aisha had been waiting for had finally arrived. She arose from her humble, one- bedroom studio apartment and cast her bedding aside as she got up from bed. She whistled as she walked about her apartment, ensuring everything was in order before completing her morning routines and rushing to work. Everywhere she went, she sang sweetly and joyously, attracting more than the usual amount of attention she usually got while walking down the streets. Aisha ever so sweetly performed song in her native tongue; Bislama.

Aisha eventually began to dance as well. “Today is the day! It’s finally the day!” she kept echoing. She swung around on street posts as she sang and ignored the riot she had caused when some ‘loyal fans’ had began fighting each hoping to secure the position of  partner in her solo performance . She crossed the street and walked up to the building where she worked where the busty looking security guard pushed back the pursuant crowds gathered around Aisha. Aisha thanked him and give him a sweet peck on the cheek for his trouble causing Suele, the guard to lose focus and let a few of Aisha’s ‘fans’ rush into the lavish hotel lobby causing more drama which Aisha continued to ignore as she greeted the receptionists at the lobby and rushed to the female staff changing rooms to change into the only maid uniform left on a hanger by her co-workers.

Not even the muted color or the fact that the uniform was two sizes too big for her was enough to dampen Aisha’s great mood. She checked for the time in her Nexus 4 telephone that were all the rage during her time and saw she still had sometime left before ‘the event’. She’d planned for ‘the event’ for nearly two years now and finally she’d have the courage to do it. Aisha was unsure why she was so sure it would happen that day but she was no longer a trembling mess when she thought about it as had been the case in the past.

And so she put a smile on the face and did her duties to the best of her abilities as thoughts about what would happen after the event crossed her mind. They’d be the good and the bad but then again, it wouldn’t be her responsibility but others’. All the pieces seemed to fall into place and as she had planned, she was at the rooftop by midnight, ready for the event.

Aisha sat at the edge of the resort rooftop and stared below her. It was impossible not to feel almighty when everything beneath her appeared to be so small. She’d seen the nighttime before but she was suddenly reminded of how beautiful it truly was. The lights beneath her were like the stars above her- dazzling, beautiful and ethereal even. She checked her phone’s time again and decided to absorb everything a little while longer since after all, after the event, she’d never see it again.

Was she being too dramatic? Would anyone truly mourn her? Aisha was unsure. The only abundantly clear thing she knew was the importance of this event. She had been putting it off for far too long and it was a long time in the making. She sighed and was surprised at how ironically at peace she felt for someone about to take her own life. And the dramatic flair she possessed never failed to impress her…

She had seen this moment so many times in her dreams before and romanticized it more than the fictitious characters she saw in movies or read about in books. Her special Angel had appeared to her just last night and given her the courage to finally end her own misery. She had shown Aisha the Great Haven where she’d meet her real parents whom her Angel had been so kind to explain had died in the same way she had chosen to end her own life. The Angel had explained that her parents’ tale was similar to that of Romeo and Juliet and they had entrusted the Angel with the task of taking care of her. According to the Angel, her parents had leaped to their deaths together while holding hands and had been longing to see their daughter in the afterlife so that they could finally reunite and be a whole family again. Sometimes the angel would bring her parents from the other side too in her dreams together with other family members she had lost along the way and they’d speak for hours on end and recount their happy tales from the Great Haven. Oh how Aisha longed for that paradise!

Strengthened once more by the musing of her Angel that could only communicate with her at night while she slept for she was not allowed to appear to Aisha in the physical realm, Aisha stood up to meet her fate. She was just about to leap off the edge when she heard the distinctive sound of the rooftop access door being opened. She quickly resumed her seating position and was soon joined by a male co-worker who was as taken by her as everyone else seemed to be.

Her co-worker Jean then proceeded to drone on and on about this client and that and Aisha pretended to be patiently listening to him while inwardly cursing at him for prolonging her special event. By the end of it, he offered her some small bottle of vodka he had nicked from one of the tourists’ room and offered her a drink which she declined. She would not let her suicide by ruled as being as a result of her being drunk. He then suggested they go in since it was getting chilly and Aisha used all the feminine charm oozing off of her to convince him to let her stay on the rooftop  and that it was an action that she would consider very charming and sweet of him. He, while completely enthralled by her beauty and charm, obeyed her wishes and left her alone.

“My dear Angel, please hear my plea. Upon your wings, shall I fly to the Great Haven and be forever reunited to my mother, father and family,” she prayed. She then turned to the moon and muttered, “Oh Great Mother Selene, welcome thee into thy loving arms! How I love thee, precious Divine Goddess. Welcome me, dearest Goddess. I wish to be reunited with thee and thy family. Oh blessed be!”

She then stood up and opened her hands wide, looked up to the sky and shut her eyes. She smiled and ignored the screaming she thought she could hear from some people on the grounds beneath her. “Ants… Aisha. That’s all they are… Just tiny ant people,” she thought to herself. Aisha then threw herself off the resort rooftop without another moment’s notice as if she was spreading her wings and preparing to leap into the sky and enjoyed feeling the wind on her face as she began to fall to her death. Her heart was racing and some part of her was screaming too and she was ready to say goodbye to this cruel world- to the jealous, loathing female co-workers that made her life a living hell, to the men of higher authority that had taken advantage of her, to the villagers that accused her of being a witch undercover that had been ensnaring men to their dooms, to her failed dreams and to her loneliness of being an only child to a couple that had committed suicide. The event was simply a means to an end and the rewards far outweighed the consequences to her.

Everything was going according to plan until she felt a pair of strong arms scoop her up mid-air and hold her securely against what she assumed was a physical body. She smiled and even giggled a little bit. “Oh my sweet Angel, I knew you’d come. I knew you’d save me. Take me home to the Great Haven. I long to see my parents again. I want to see Pop-Pop and Maw-maw again too. I have much to learn from them and I am so eager to learn,” she said wrapping her arms around what she assumed was her Angel.

Suddenly, it was so strange for Aisha because whereas she expected that the Angel’s neck would be as soft as she’d seen her skin in her dreams, there was instead a strong, sturdy neck. The Angel’s skin was also feverishly hot as if she was coming down with a terrible disease. She ran her hand on the body of the Angel and was surprised to find defined muscle structure and strong bone density like a well trained athlete. She opened her eyes and was surprised to find that it was not her Angel carrying her towards the Great Haven but a male with ‘angelic’ wings continually descending towards the ground rather than ascending to the Great Haven as she had anticipated.

The male was astonishingly beautiful and had the appearance of one who was engulfed in flames and yet not being consumed by them. He had the most mesmerizing, ruby-red eyes and flaming red hair. His wings appeared to be on fire like the rest of his body and he was shedding some kind of  light dust that was a distinct volcanic red color on her which felt very warm as it sprinkled onto her. The male’s features were contorted with concern and worry but Aisha did not think those were for her.

He finally settled them down on the vast beach Aisha was familiar with having lived in the Island of Aneityum her whole life. The handsome stranger placed her feet gently and securely on the pearl-white sand before appearing to examine her for injuries. Aisha could felt the exact moment when some invisible force seemed to intrude upon her spirit and she jumped as if she was being physically assaulted.

“Please, do not be afraid of me, Miss. I am a Healer- I am only examining you for injuries,” he spoke in a crystal clear light tenor voice in perfect Bislama as if he were a local which only made Aisha all the more suspicious of him.

Aisha looked at him confusedly.

“I truly mean you no harm. My name is Flint. I am a Healer- I am only ensuring your safety,” said the man, speaking slowly and clearly so she could see that he was no threat to her.

“You’re- you’re not an Angel?”

“An… an angel?” he asked confusedly.

“How can you… fly?” she asked frighteningly taking steps away from the stranger.

“I’m a fairy- a fire fairy to be exact. Your people and mine have enjoyed great peace for centuries. I am here on a diplomatic mission, you see. I was on my way to a neighboring country, Fiji, you know of it, I am sure when I heard- I didn’t- I couldn’t just watch you die so I- I decided to rescue you. Please, Miss, I have friends that can help you accept who you really are. You just have to trust me,”

Aisha simply looked at him weirdly but with every step she took away from him, she began to feel dizzy and everything in her world began to spin out of focus.

“Stop- stop that,” she said accusingly at the stranger.

“I am not doing anything to you, I swear to you. You must be experiencing Vertigo. Please, let me help you. I can heal you-”

“N-no. Stay away,” she said but then began to fall over backwards before passing out into the stranger’s arms who was there quick enough to catch her. From then, she had the impression of flying again and she drifted in and out of consciousness.

Dream Catcher.jpg


When Aisha finally came to, she was in a room surrounded by beautifully colored crystals that flickered on and off like fairy lights. There were some white, lavender, blue and black candles burning near her bed too, surrounded by the glowing crystals and they made her feel secure, strong and at great peace. And the middle of the circle of crystals and candles were some sweet smelling herbs burning in a strange looking ashtray of sorts which were as aromatic as they were cathartic. However, what was caught Aisha’s attention the most was dangling from her bedpost; a singular white, artistically carved out dream catcher. Aisha sat up and touched the object and could immediately feel it vibrating in the palm of her hand where she held it and she quickly let go of it as if it had stung her.

Aisha then recalled the stranger and knew she’d been kidnapped and brought to this room of wonder by him, a kidnap none the less. She had to get out of there. She quickly shuffled through the sheets and cast them aside as she got out of bed. Before long, the self-proclaimed Healer that had kidnapped her emerged in the room with a woman dressed in white but covered with artistically crafted tattoos. Cautiously, the two approached Aisha who prepared herself to fight for her life, her heart pounding in anticipation…







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