Who Killed Augusta Alison?

My Dear Readers and Budding Detectives,

I present to you the case of a murder most foul. I hope that you can resolve this most gruesome crime of a promising young woman known as Augusta Ashley Alison whose murder has remained unsolved to this day. I present all the facts to you about the remarkable 21 year old woman who was mysteriously murdered while working on a piece the victim herself described as her career’s defining moment. By the end of this morbidly fascinating story, please tell me who you think is to blame for such heinous murder…

  1. Who was Miss Augusta Aurora Alison?


Miss Augusta Aurora Alison was a  family member of one of the most prolifically infamous families of the Magical Realm, the Alison clan. The only child of Amabel Adeline Alison and husband Dalton Chad Blake, Augusta was born on the very cold evening of 31st October 1988 on what would later be known as one of the coldest recorded days of Earth’s history. Despite the chilly weather, however, Amabel delivered a bouncing, healthy baby girl much to the joy of friends and family.

Augusta would then grow up to receive the finest schooling money could afford. She would excel in all her studies due to the incredible gift of claircognisance that enabled members of the clan to gain knowledge easily (simply by absorbing knowledge through physical touch of the subject or object they hoped to learn). Due to her academic excellence, Augusta received numerous offers to study a variety of courses in spite of her family’s reputation. However, Augusta had always had a passion and knack for journalism and as soon as she completed her high school education, she went onto the Vera Royal School of Journalism and Mass Communication in Mialand’s capital city known as Ankhkelion becoming the valedictorian of the graduating class in the year 2008.

Even before completing her Degree in Journalism, Augusta was already working for Mialand’s most prestigious and revered newspaper, the Mialand Tribune. She was responsible for many of the newspaper’s most popular and yet controversial stories and as a result was earning nearly twice as much as veteran journalists at the Tribune, something that many were very envious of. Miss Augusta was known for her fearlessness and aggressiveness whenever she came across something she found newsworthy and would pursue a lead to the end. Perhaps her persistence and ambition was what led to her murder? Let us examine the facts:

2. Robbery gone wrong or Assassin’s doing?


The body of the deceased was discovered and brought in by a lycan named Phelan who had been hunting in the early hours of the morning of July 25th 2010 when he found the corpse of Augusta sprawled across the forest floor looking as peaceful as if she was merely taking a nap. However, being the strong lycan that he was, Phelan was able to tell that she had no pulse and was therefore dead before rushing her to the nearby mortuary and reporting the case to the law enforcement agency known as the Serjs (or the Blues as they were more popularly knows as).

The autopsy report revealed the day and time of death as at July 25th 2010, 12:58 AM, merely 3 hours before her body was discovered by Phelan and the root cause of her death was ruled as asphyxiation. A search of the area on the same day yielded that the killer had magically masked his scent so that even lycans, who possessed the strongest ability to pick up on scents, were unable to unmask it. Not even Phelan who had stumbled upon the body seemingly by accident was unable to recall any fresh scents left behind by the perpetrator. No ID, wallet or personal effects were found on the victim and she was only identified when a missing person’s report was filed on her and a search through Enforcement Database linked Augusta to the unidentified corpse in the Morgue.

Furthermore, there were no physical markings of strangulation meaning the murderer must have used magical means to kill her. Further examination of the victim’s brain, showed traces of psychic interference meaning she was asphyxiated via the means of telepathy.

What remains unclear is why it happened. The Coroner claimed that this was the work of a professional or at the very least someone who had killed in a similar manner before and therefore could not possibly be a straight forward mugging gone wrong as the murderer had wanted law enforcers to believe. Lastly, there appeared to be no signs of struggle from the victim meaning that she was either caught by surprise or most likely knew her attacker.

The news caused a media storm when they began reviewing all the possible suspects to the crime especially one Jared Blake who had the means and the motive to kill his ex-lover.One year later, the case was moved higher up in the law enforcement chain to the Bia Law Enforcement Agency.

3. A crime of Passion

Augusta often spoke to friends on her disbelief of the institution of marriage despite having parents who were very clearly in love and happy in their marriage spanning 30 years at the time of her death. However, Augusta was a very beautiful woman as was expected of their clan with their infamous wine red hair, gorgeous sea-weed green eyes and an hour-glass figure. Augusta was also a fierce fashionista who was not averse to spending a fortune on imported nymph and fairy made designs which were known for their innovative designs and quality but cost an arm and a leg.

She was also very gifted in dancing and enjoyed the partying lifestyle on the occasion she wasn’t following a story’s  lead. This earned her quite the reputation but it never bothered the gorgeous red-haired beauty. Since her clan and another infamous witch clan known as the Blake clan were almost always on the same side and even tended to inter-marry with each other, it came as no surprise when Augusta seemed to fall in love with Jared Blake, a delinquent high school drop-out who had been in and out of jail for multiple charges including criminal activities for an organized crime gang.

As is the case with so many women, Augusta fell in love with the unrepentant trouble-maker. However, since he was so often away locked up in jail, Augusta went out with a host of other men including, strangely, Rowan Rivers. The Rivers, even before the Saviour’s time were well known for their morality and overall goodness and it was quite scandalous for one to be heard of dating an Alison of all witch clans to choose from!

Despite all that, Augusta and Rowan had an explosive on again, off again romance. When Rowan decided to commit, Augusta rejected his proposal and with it, a promise of less prejudice for being an Alison witch. Augusta constantly repeated that she wanted nothing to do with marriage or settling down and only wanted to have fun which only stained their relationship until Rowan could no longer take the lack of commitment of their relationship and decided to call it quits. He was said never to have spoken to Augusta ever again out of spite.

Meanwhile, Jared Blake was furious to learn of Augusta’s perceived unfaithfulness despite her telling him severally that she wanted no formal relationship with him. He and Augusta often had explosive arguments and periods of explosive romance. People who knew their relationship status likened them to a pair of fire breathing dragons and knew to stay away from the couple when they inevitably started fighting again.

Jared often threatened to kill or injure any man foolish enough to pursue ‘his woman’. Like other Blakes, he felt entitled to Augusta and believed they were meant to get married and have a family, a sentiment Augusta detested and adamantly refused. Jared, in his fits of rage, would often threaten her and that would prompt her leaving him. He tried unsuccessfully for months to resolve their ever growing conflicts but Augusta had had enough and ended their relationship in 2008, 2 years to her untimely death.

Augusta was then known to date a series of men and never formalized any relationship. It is speculated that she had an affair with the newspaper’s director, Benny Awaya though those claims could not be substantiated. The Director denied all claims of the same although his third ex-wife, who was married to him at the time and divorced him on suspicion of having multiple affairs with what she would describe as ‘skanks like Augusta’ and a prime suspect of the case that went cold in 2020, said that she strongly believed that Augusta was a ‘shameless, scandalous woman who met her just end at the hands of a jilted wife or ex lover’ and claimed that she would have gladly paid the price of jail time to have killed the ‘skank’ herself but had not had the honor. No evidence was found linking her to the crime and so suspicion on her dropped in 2011 although she presented investigators with a new angle to look at the case…

4. Bitter Enemy?

There was no doubt that Augusta crossed invisible lines in her career. She was never one to shy away from a story simply because of death threats or because of the power of corrupt higher-ups in society, being of an upper class herself. Augusta was unafraid and broke the stories other journalists were too afraid to publish. Mialand was in awe of her bravado and her strong, unyielding spirit and resolve to get to the bottom of the story no matter what the cost.

It was well known that she was under constant threat from the many enemies she made during her short career. It is therefore, no surprise that one if not all of her enemies would want to harm her for the damage she had inflicted on them. The question remains, which one of them, who were all interviewed by the Law Enforcement agency taking over the case known as the Bia Law Enforcement Agency and who all had air-tight alibis, had perpetuated the act.

Some of the huge cases she broke included of one Cosmo named Rex Oberlin alias Rex ‘the fox’ Oberlin, an unrepentant, soulless mobster who had participated in nearly every underground activity possible from child trafficking to sale of illegal weaponry to sale of illegal narcotics and banned herbs. Augusta had uncovered exactly how Rex run his business and her speculation as to where he was actually hiding led the Bias straight to him.

Another prolific case she broke had been Jonathan Price-Rivers, a presumed philanthropist who was previously known for his caring and generous ways. Augusta had received a tip that he was not all what he seemed and was simply using his family name (in particular, the revered and respected Rivers line) to cover up his true intent. It turned out to be true because it was uncovered that Mr. Price-Rivers was using his various charities as means of extorting large sums of money from the public and embezzling them into private accounts spread out across the Realms. It was shown that Mr. Price-Rivers rarely gave any money to the purported people in distress he was saving and he also used his position in society to begin a money laundering scheme of his own that cost the government of Denary 221 million worth of its gold. Only 100 million of this gold was able to be salvaged but it would have been worse had Augusta not broken the story when she had.

However, Augusta’s most famous story was on a royal, Viscountess Meroqueline Fischer, a first cousin of the Queen of Mialand herself. The Viscountess had presented herself as a charitable person and had run a series of media campaigns to raise awareness and helped displaced people particularly after the devastating war of 1990. There were ads showing alleged beneficiaries of her charity work and the Queen had assigned her cousin a large sum of money from the Treasury to help her in her cause. Based on a confidential tip, Augusta began working on the story that exposed the lies of the Viscountess. She was proven to have lied to the Queen and people of Mialand and worse, used her charity to capture displaced people for the nefarious purpose of trafficking them as slaves. Her crimes were deemed abhorrent and she was found to have committed treason whose punishment was death.

The Queen had had to watch her own cousin perish for her treason and felt heartbroken for the Viscountess’ children that always vowed revenge upon Augusta, who was as unmoved by their threats as ever. Could they have orchestrated the events that led to her death? Or perhaps Mr. Jonathan Price-Rivers, the Cosmo ‘fox’ crime boss or another enemy she had taken down along the way have been responsible for her death?

6. The Protectors’ Agency’s Doing?

In the year 2003, one of the worst arson cases in modern history was perpetuated by one Protector Austin Keale and destroyed two of the most important monuments the world would ever know, namely, the House of Scrolls and the Halls of Prophecy. The House of Scrolls held all knowledge of the Magic of the First Plain of Existence; forbidden, dark and light alike. It was under constant threat and several documents had been stolen from the House of Scrolls that had not been recovered.

The second building lost to the arson was the Halls of Prophecy building which housed all known prophesies made by revered Seers and Scribes blessed with the power of foretelling the future who had recorded their visions in an ancient language which only they and a select few could decipher. The rest of the Magical Realm put the government of Terra Sapienta to task to explain why a revered and respected Silver Elite Protector could perpetuate such terrible destruction of intellectual property.

To some, it was very obvious… The Protectors were simply making sure such information especially of the forbidden arts could never be retrieved again while saving on the resources it took to man the two buildings. Particularly, in the year 2000, a vigilante group of sorceresses referring to themselves as the Order of the Black Coat, had successfully managed to break into the House of Scrolls five times and had retrieved several scrolls containing Forbidden spells. On each trip, they not only managed to steal the Forbidden Arts Scrolls but had killed many Protectors and incapacitated many others. Therefore, it was just a way of preventing such  knowledge from getting out though it is speculated that some knowledge was and still remains preserved by the Protectors at an undisclosed secret location. Eye witnesses to the arson also claim that some of the Scrolls contained power of their own such that they could not be destroyed and needed to be confiscated by the Protectors for safe keeping , a vast contradiction to what the law enforcement agency claimed was a one-man act of violence.

Many news outlets had covered the story but ultimately met a dead end. Augusta was one to keep pushing at the wall, especially interested in this case. She, like many others, simply wanted the truth- to force the Protectors to admit to having purposely committed arson to protect the further loss of life and theft of knowledge of the Forbidden Arts. However, Augusta knew the Agency had its reputation to protect and would never willingly admit to ordering a Silver Elite Protector and his accomplices to commit arson.

For his part, Protector Keale admitted to the crime and gave the reason everyone had hoped he would give during his hearing- he did it to save the lives of his fellow colleagues and to save the world as was his duty. He was taken to a private prison at an undisclosed location to protect him from other prisoners that would undoubtedly bay for his blood especially since he was probably behind many of them being in prison, particularly for hardened criminals. His sentence was a mere slap on the wrist reinforcing the idea that he was acting on work orders. Protector Keale’s title and status were not downgraded or revoked, another piece of evidence that his actions were secretly appraised by his fellow law enforcers.

Augusta continued to follow up on the case trying to gain enough evidence to prove the magical community right. She was said to have succeeded where others had not before and it was speculated that she uncovered some top secret things she had not anticipated and was going to break a piece about the Protector’s Agency that would forever change the way the Agency appeared in the eyes of the people. Her murder was then said to have been a way to shut her up… Forever.

Like the House of Scrolls and Halls of Prophecy, could the Protectors Agency have seen Augusta Alison as a threat that was better silenced where it could cause no harm? Was Augusta Alison onto something too deep that the Protectors didn’t want the world knowing? Was the murderer actually a Protector sent to exterminate her before she revealed their secrets which she took to her grave or was she merely getting cocky and had unsubstantiated claims not worthy of the Protectors’ Agency’s attention as they claimed? Why was the case suddenly cold? Who was bringing out the red tape?




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