Why the Banshee Wails

Wicked. Soulless. Blood-thirsty. Murderous. Vindictive… These were all words used to describe what the First Plain of Existence viewed Banshees as. History of course had shown the extent of villainy these creatures were truly capable of as they had been responsible for so many massacres particularly those during the wars that shaped both the Mortal and Magical Realms.

The reason that Banshees existed had been a fascinating subject for the Realms of the First Plane and numerous prolific authors had attempted to describe these most peculiar subjects. Some claimed that they were vengeful spirits of deceased nymphs that had somehow been converted into monsters as opposed to protective spirit guardians of nature, a claim adamantly denied by the nymphs themselves although this theory like many others such as that Banshees were just the spirits of Vila that were infamously known for their desire to seek revenge at whatever cost, were what they were.

All these reports showed the most abhorred magical spirit beings of the world. They were loathed and feared; isolated in a part of the Enchanted Forest separating Mialand from its closest neighbor to the East, Denary. There, numerous Boundary spells were cast to keep the Banshees trapped where they could not harm another soul with their fatal wail.

Banshees had been the subject of many movies and television series made by both non-magic and magic bestowed individuals especially in the horror genre. One of the most popular shows in the Magical Realm was named ‘Wail’ and as the name suggested, displayed the devastating effect of a Banshee’s wail in a very terrifying fashion; one that had earned the Witching Television Network known as the Bewitched Network, a coveted spot as the top of the Magical Realm’s television network which was a cut-throat industry. The show ‘Wail’ was described even by its harshest critics as being ‘the second most illustrious long running horror-drama television series in modern television history in the 2000s surpassed only by the Magical Realm’s most revered and beloved series of all time, the Cassandra Kyle Chronicles…’

Banshees were also known as one of the oldest monsters of the First Plane as they were said to have existed long before the Magical Realm was even formed. Even the Wise Ones, the longest living nymphs in existence had been born several years after these monsters existed. No insight seemed forthcoming about them, however, even from revered Oracles, Elemental Fairies and revered augurs and seers who all claimed that the Banshees were the only remnants of a race called the Sidhe, nephilium children of rebellious Messengers which the Magical Realm and Mortal Realm all disregarded as ‘fictional nonsense that was popular during their time’ as no evidence found on Earth backed up these claims.

A morbid fascination with the creatures had been ever-present and many adventure seekers and authors went to the Banshees’ home to investigate and document their every movement and action… They reaffirmed previously held notions that Banshees were spirits and therefore never got tired, hungry, scared or displayed any mortal emotion. The Banshees also seemed to have a language of their own which experts had been unable to decipher. The creatures also never directly addressed those that researched them and they did not appear to display any anger at being ogled at like animals in mortal zoos.

Indeed, there was more to these mysterious, abhorrent creatures than the world would ever know. These creatures were indeed Sidhes, albeit cursed ones. During the years of glory during the creation of the Magical Realm and their interactions with the first people of the Realm, they had been treated as the equivalent of goddesses alongside their fellow nephilim. They had taught their magic to the adoring masses and shared the beauties and mysteries of Creation with them as their parents before them had done. Not that anyone could remember those days; the Watchers had erased all traces of who they were because of their crimes of enslaving the peoples as the faithless Grigori had before them, forcing the masses to worship them…

The Sidhes’ ultimate sin had been to try and resurrect their parents. The Watchers, that had impersonally watched over the children of their fallen enemies, had been unable to interfere with them until prompted by their evil plan to bring their parents back to life. They had been swift and ruthless in their execution of Divine Justice in Her name. The Sidhes feared the retribution shown during 11th Century Before Common Era (BCE) when their parents’ were destroyed and wiped from the face of the Earth.

During that notorious time period known as the Years of Reckoning, the Watchers had begun to vanquish the Grigori and banish the masses that refused to reform to the One True Religion into exile in the other plains of existence. Rather than face the rightful justice their parents had met, the Sidhes had fled from the Magical Realm to escape to their own private haven- a plain of existence of their own making that would later be known as Nephilium.

The Watchers had not been able to catch up to the Sidhes, something the latter falsely believed was because of their own powerful casting of elaborate protection spells. The real reason was that the last of the stain created by Grigori had finally been expunged from Earth and the Watchers no longer needed to chase them anymore since after all, the Watchers were not blood-thirsty killers but Divine Soldiers with their own wills…

As for the Banshees, no one would ever know that they had been left behind by their own kind and accursed by their own leader, Empress Alyona. The Empress had been the most powerful of all the Sidhe having been the daughter of the leader of the Grigori herself, Ayarak. She had been the cruelest and most wicked of all the Sidhes and had used her considerable power to achieve her ends. She had managed to compel other Sidhes such as Soteira and Delpha, two Sidhes that somehow found a way to resist the Empress’ command and lead a rebellion against her.

The Banshee Soteira would never forget the day when she and many others challenged the Empress as this memory would forever live in the infamy of her kind. The Empress knew that Soteira was impartial to witch-folk and some other races the Sidhe deemed weak. She had known that Soteira herself was with child by a ‘lowly’ warlock and that she desired to marry and settle down wit, an abomination the Empress could not stomach…

In a rage, the Empress and her troops vanquished many of Soteira’s kind before she unleashed the most powerful darkest spell the world would ever know- the Sidhe Banishment Curse. This curse was designed in such a way that a Banshee would never be able to ensnare living beings by their natural, angelic beauty again by sight or sound. The banned Sidhe’s voice which was once used to bring hope, light and joy into the world would bring  nothing but death and sorrow. Any time the Banshee tried to speak to a non-Sidhe, she would wail instead and that sound would kill anyone in the vicinity.

As the other Sidhes fled from the Magical Realm, the Banshees were created of a malevolent spell and had remained like that for millennia. Soteira killed her love by trying to explain to him all that had transpired. Rather than give him the gory and unfortunate details of what had happened, when she opened her mouth, a loud, fatal wailing sound escaped from her lips  and the ghastly sound killed him and everyone within the vicinity for several miles instantly. Soteira also discovered that she was no longer with child as she had been reduced to a spirit.

However, something strange happened when Soteira first wailed other than kill so many innocents and lose her love child with her fallen love. The fallen witches of age all arose from their deaths as if they had merely fallen asleep and joined their ranks. The Banshees; created from the curse and what had been fresh corpses, could speak with and to each other and understand one another perfectly. They also realized that they had entered a limbo-like state where they existed in all known plains of existence, save for the eternal lands of the sixth and seven plains of existence all at once.

It was this plane of existence that the Banshees would forever remain trapped in. There was no escape for the original Banshees although the after-life was kinder to the new Banshees and they could be transported to the Realm of the Furies, in the Fifth Plane of Existence where they could repent and atone for their past sins and be accepted in the paradise lands of the 7th Plane…

Soteira and the other Sidhes, however, would know no such peace. For millennia, they saw generation after generation rise; saw Queens crowned and battles lost; watched the children of the blessed and cursed alike grow up; observed as new magic was discovered of the benign and malignant varieties alike but none offered a solution.

The Banshees watched as the masses they sought to protect from the cruelty of their Empress turn against them in ire and loathing. They grew desperate in their attempt to escape their prison limbo-state, doing anything they could think of even using their own magic to try and escape but nothing worked…

They put their trust in magical folk willing to resolve their case by any means even the forbidden arts to no avail. They killed for villains in the hopes that the world, which already loathed them, would find ways to vanquish them; a futile task that only increased the people’s loathing and did nothing to help them.

And so Soteira, who blamed herself for what they experienced, remained a bitter, inconsolable mess. She would weep regularly as would her kind for peace that would never come. She cursed the day she was born and begged and pleaded for judgement- even for the hellish lands; anything to escape this pitiable existence, to no avail. And so she and her colleagues remain to this day, wandering through the small patch of Forest they called home and would call home forevermore in despair and unfilled longing.


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4 thoughts on “Why the Banshee Wails

  1. Hello.I have gone through your posts and you have a great unique way of writing.I would like to give you some suggestions;use photos to break paragraphs this will give your writings a beautiful look and maybe you could consider writing short posts.At this length it’s unlikely to read to the end.You can break them into parts and post separately.Otherwise good work and keep writing.

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    • Thanks so much for your feedback! I am more of a novelist so writing short stories is a bit difficult for me but I’ll definitely try. As for the images, I’ll also try but it may prove challenging since there are not very many good free stock imagery for the subject matters my posts touch upon but again, I’ll try. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and like my posts! I truly appreciate it!


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